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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
Feb 23 2017 1:00pm
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Last week, I talked about how I love to win in draft with, er, less than optimal decks. Here's something else I really enjoy: building great decks, filled with synergy, and end up overcoming seemingly unsurmountable odds.

This is precisely what I bring you today. It's probably the best Aether Revolt draft I've played so far, and every single game features the awesome card interactions (mine and my opponents'!) that make the 'be an inventor' feel of this format so incredibly fun. If you only have time to watch one match, go for Round 2 - that's the best match of limited Magic I've played in quite some time, filled with back and forth and requiring a lot of math and thinking multiple turns ahead.

I still think this could have been a much easier event - after all, my deck could have steamrolled lesser decks. My opponents were more than up for the challenge, though, and that's what made this one so memorable.

Thanks for watching, and see you next time.

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