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By: ricklongo, Rick Longo
May 11 2017 12:00pm
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One thing Amonkhet has certainly done is remind me just how insanely satisfying a mechanic cycling is.

I started playing the game during Tempest block, so by the time cycling rolled around for the first time in Urza's Saga I was a pretty inexperienced, strictly casual player.  When I first saw the mechanic, I couldn't really understand it - why am I going to even include a card in my deck if I mean to cycle it away?

By the time it came back during Onslaught, I was winning local tournaments and qualifying for Nationals for the first time, meaning I had a much different outlook on pure value mechanics. As a casual player, I didn't really care about mana curves, or having a versatile and efficient game plan. Cycling obviously helps with all of that.

Now, this doesn't mean cycling is entirely a freeroll. Amonkhet draft can be fast enough to punish you big time if all you do is cycle stuff early on just for value. One way to remedy that is by having cycling-matters haymakers in your deck. And boy, do I have some of those today. Let's get to it!

I've had some pretty sweet draft decks in the format so far, but this one has to take the cake. It's incredibly greedy in its three-colored good stuff approach, and it looks like it's especially susceptible to bad draws. Luckily, the main theme of the deck is cycling, which is also a great way to combat those same bad draws, all but ensuring I got to my different-colored basic lands and big bombs much faster than usual.

This is all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed it, and see you soon.

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