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By: Lord Erman, Nafiz Erman
Oct 11 2011 10:05am
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Horror Lurks Within Block
by Nafiz Erman

Hello dear readers and welcome back to Rogue Play. We talked about the new set in detail during the last two weeks. And now it's time to put all those information into practice.

Even though Standard looks very interesting to me after many years, I have no desire to brew decks for that format. After all, we have all those pro players who will build our decks for us during the coming weeks and months. I know I will play Solar Flare in Standard but I don't know which cards I'm going to play and how many of them. Actually I do know but our "pro friends" know those things better than me and they will tell me what I should do. They'll do the testing and will come up with the best possible deck.

But Block is a different story.

Block doesn't get the attention of pro players and that means that deckbuilding is still a required skill for players. And that's why I like Block. That's the thing I like the most about Block. Surely after some time the best decks reveal themselves and it comes down to two -or three the most- decks. But that's also okay for me because building rogue decks in an established meta is much easier.

And now with these thoughts in my mind, I find myself at the beginning of a new era; an era that will last approximately ten months. I did very well in ALA Block, I was miserable in ZEN and was okay (okay = above average) in SOM Block. And now let's see how well I will do this time.



The first look can be deceiving and I know that is also true for ISD Block. At first, without testing anything, the only playable decks seem to be those tribal ones; Werewolves and  Vampires. Humans come after them but sadly there seems to be no hope for Zombies and Spirits; especially Spirits.

Of course I can understand if one wishes to play a two allied colored Werewolves or Vampires deck. But upon closer examination and some amount of testing, you will see for yourself that mana fixing for allied colored decks is terrible (maybe except Humans). Surely there is that Traveler's Amulet and Green decks also have Caravan Vigil, but I don't think any Aggro deck would like to spend their turns with those slow mana fixing spells.

Those tribes can be a huge beating in formats with lots of mana fixing options (fetchlands, duals...), but I just can't see how successful they will be in ISD Block.

Surely there will be times when the Werewolves player will have the "turn one Reckless Waif into turn two Mayor of Avabruck" start, but consistency will be the issue here. How often will that player have that start? One other time he will have those creatures in his starting hand but not the lands, and one other time it will be vice versa.

And that's the reason why I think three strategies will succeed in ISD Block which are:

1- Mono colored decks.
2- Three (enemy) colored decks.
3- Two (enemy) colored decks.

And this week and next week, those decks will be the ones I will be focusing on. 



Before I start with the decks, I have one other section right here. Just as I do always before I start building decks for an unknown format, I will first look at the cards which are worthy of building decks around. Those will be the cards I will going to put into my decks and most probably they also will be the cards I will constantly have to deal with.

And the first such card is Mayor of Avabruck.

He will be the most heavily played card of Block.

The Mayor is insane no matter in which deck you put him. Surely he can be flipped back to his Human side or be killed easily but that's not the point; Dark Confidant is for example another creature that can be killed easily but I assume that we all know how powerful he is. So the Mayor is one of the most important cards of ISD Block; perhaps even the most important one.

And next we have two planeswalkers; Liliana of the Veil and Garruk Relentless. They both have their uses but an unanswered Garruk is a bit more dangerous than Lily in this format.

A neverending supply of tokens is what Garruk is best at (since his first appearance in Magic) and unless you can fly over those tokens, killing Garruk will be very hard. Liliana on the other hand is easier to kill but she causes different problems; her +1 most of the time means a Skaab Ruinator next turn or even a reanimated Reaper from the Abyss, and her middle ability is as scary as her first one.

Even though these are the superstars of the format, there are many more highly playable ones. Such as Snapcaster Mage because of reasons we all know. Such as Think Twice, Dissipate, Forbidden Alchemy, Bloodgift Demon or Unburial Rites.

Other more aggressive strategies also have nice cards. Daybreak Ranger is incredible especially when flipped, Brimstone Volley and Devil's Play are "clean" cards that always do their job, Mentor of the Meek is a threat that must be answered as soon as he hits the table, Mikaeus, the Lunarch is huge in a format without Doom Blade and finally Kessig Wolf Run ends games out of nowhere all by itself.

So these are the cards we should keep in our minds when building decks. These cards will win games for us. In other words, if we are not using any one of those cards above (or only one or two) we are simply doing something wrong.

And now that I'm finished with this part as well, let me finally move to the "meat" of the article.


Black/Green Rock

This is the easiest deck to build in my opinion. Those two are the only colors which have planeswalkers, and those two are also the colors which have the best creatures along with the best removal suit. So the moment you start looking at ISD Block options, this Rock deck appears as the first and the most logical option.

So how about something like this:

Block Rock(s), an ISD Block deck by Nafiz Erman

25 Lands

4x Woodland Cemetery
12x Swamp
9x Forest 

11 Creatures

4x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Bloodgift Demon
3x Reaper from the Abyss

24 Other Spells

4x Moan of the Unhallowed
4x Dead Weight
3x Liliana of the Veil
3x Garruk Relentless
3x Tribute to Hunger
2x Sever the Bloodline
2x Bramblecrush
2x Altar's Reap
1x Army of the Damned

15 Cards Sideboard

4x Victim of Night
4x Night Terrors
2x Tree of Redemption
1x Liliana of the Veil
1x Garruk Relentless
1x Tribute to Hunger
1x Bramblecrush
1x Naturalize 

Let's take a look at what we have here. First and foremost, we have our dual land. Four copies are not as good as eight of course, but they are still better than zero. Then we have one of the best possible creature packages of Block in here: Mayor of Avabruck, Bloodgift Demon, Reaper from the Abyss plus those Zombie tokens we get with Moan of the Unhallowed.

We support our creature package with two planeswalkers and a good amount of removal. Tribute to Hunger, Sever the Bloodline and the new Black Shock called Dead Weight are all in. But as you also know, both our planeswalkers work as removal as well.

Bramblecrush may surprise you a bit but after testing ISD Block I realized two things:

1) Those lands with an activated ability (such as Kessig Wolf Run) are boring and they must be destroyed.
2) Planeswalkers are there and killing them with combat damage is not that easy; especially with a deck such as the above one which already has fewer creatures than normal.

And that's the reason why I have Bramblecrush in the deck. All decks without any exception have a target for it. At first it was a full playset in the sideboard but then I realized that two copies in the main deck were needed. Three were too much and one was too few, and testing revealed that two is the perfect number.

Our sideboard also has some interesting cards: Tree of Redemption is life gain against Aggro, Victim of Night hunts down those pesky(!) Humans, the fourth copies of our planeswalkers are against decks that also play them, and Night Terrors comes in against slow Control decks such as Solar Flare.

And how does this deck play? Well, most of the time we play our Mayor, one of our planeswalkers, remove unwanted guests with our nice removal spells, create a small army of blockers with our Moan of the Unhallowed and then win with either Bloodgift Demon or with our Reaper from the Abyss. But most of the time we simply win with our army of Wolves created by the Mayor and Garruk.

So yes, this Rock deck is a good starting point in my opinion. It has (almost) everything a Block deck should have and I'm sure it will do great with a little bit of tweaking. It just needs a bit of mana ramping; even something as simple as Rampant Growth would do. Some decks out there are very fast and it would be nice to cast our four mana removal on turn three. Other than that, it's a solid midrange deck that I like a lot.


DECK #2 & #3
Green/White Humans & Mono White Humans

Just above I said that playing a two -allied- colored deck in Block doesn't make sense. That's true of course but Humans are an exception. They are an exception only because of this one:

This new Llanowar Elves variant is custom tailored for Humans and with his help it is perfectly possible to play them as a  deck. A first turn Avacyn's Pilgrim may mean a second turn Mentor of the Meek or a Fiend Hunter (exiling their Reckless Waif for example) or a 2/2 Mikaeus, the Lunarch. So yes, Humans are very lucky to have their pilgrim with them!

Actually Humans do also work very well without Green (as you will see in a moment), but there are some nice additions Green offers us here. And without doubt, the most important one is Mayor of Avabruck... NOT

Mayor of Avabruck at first seems like a perfect Human lord for this deck; which isn't wrong actually. And just like anyone, I started testing Humans with a full playset of the Mayor. But then I realized how awkward it was to have him on table together with Mentor of the Meek. So after some intense testing I realized that one of them had to go and I decided to keep the Mentor in and left the Mayor out.

Actually Green's most important addition to the deck is something that looks very harmless at first but can be devastating in time; it is this one:

Of course Hamlet Captain in numbers is ridiculous.

Considering all those things, I believe that this below would be a nice start for a  Humans deck.

GW Humans, an ISD Block deck by Nafiz Erman

23 Lands

3x Gavony Township
11x Plains
9x Forest 

30 Creatures

4x Avacyn's Pilgrim
4x Champion of the Parish
4x Mentor of the Meek
4x Fiend Hunter
4x Hamlet Captain
3x Elite Inquisitor
2x Mikaeus, the Lunarch
2x Slayer of the Wicked
2x Geist-Honored Monk
1x Elder of Laurels

7 Other Spells

4x Garruk Relentless
3x Travel Preparations

15 Cards Sideboard

3x Bramblecrush 
3x Purify the Grave
3x Nevermore
2x Slayer of the Wicked
2x Divine Reckoning
1x Elite Inquisitor
1x Smite the Monstrous

I know that it looks like that this deck lacks removal but that isn't completely true dear readers. Fiend Hunter is removal. Slayer of the Wicked is removal. Garruk Relentless is removal. And besides, it's not us who should think about removal when playing this deck. We have thirty creatures here and thanks to Mentor of the Meek, we never run out of ammo!

Anyway, there is also one other reason why Humans of Innistrad love Green in their decks and that is Gavony Township without doubt. Apart from the lovely art, this land is very useful and I personally witnessed first-hand how devastating it can get over time.

And finally two things: I chose Geist-Honored Monk over Angelic Overseer because she can really get huge and because she comes down with her tokens and thus gives me cards with Mentor of the Meek. And that lone copy of Elder of Laurels is an experimental card there. I wanted to test it and see if it really works or not (haven't decided yet).

And now let's talk a bit about the mono White version. The first and the most important advantage of playing mono colored decks is consistency. You will never get color screwed and that is extremely important if you're playing Aggro; double important if the format lacks color fixing for allied color pairs (as it is the case in ISD Block).

But the downside of playing mono White is the fact that we can't play those great cards like Hamlet Captain and Gavony Township in our deck.

So in order to have a consistent deck without any color problems, we are giving up some power. This sacrifice may pay off if we're building our deck correctly.

So we just took Green out of our deck and we have now "holes" to fill. Let's go over the remaining White cards and try to find some playable cards. The first one I'm going to add to this deck is this: 

Elder Cathar is nothing too fancy but you really should watch him in action. You block their attacker with him, let him die (maybe even killing the attacker in the meantime) and then +2/+2 your other human. This isn't bad at all. So even though he isn't the Hamlet Captain, he still have his uses. And remember; we are doing all this for the sake of consistency!

The next card I have to replace is Avacyn's Pilgrim. And for that I have the perfect candidate; I have Selfless Cathar in mind. He wouldn't be that interesting if he gave +1/+1 only to one single creature. But he says "to all" and that's make him a very interesting card in my opinion.

There are also some other differences with the  version but let's take a look at the deck first:

Mono White Humans, an ISD Block deck by Nafiz Erman

22 Lands

2x Ghost Quarter
20x Plains

31 Creatures

4x Selfless Cathar
4x Champion of the Parish
4x Elder Cathar
4x Fiend Hunter
4x Mentor of the Meek
3x Angelic Overseer
3x Elite Inquisitor
3x Mikaeus, the Lunarch
2x Slayer of the Wicked 

7 Other Spells

4x Spare from Evil
3x Sharpened Pitchfork

15 Cards Sideboard

4x Rebuke
3x Voiceless Spirit
3x Purify the Grave
2x Urgent Exorcism
2x Slayer of the Wicked
1x Elite Inquisitor

As I said above a couple of times, the reason why we're playing some subpar cards is because we don't want to get color screwed and because we want consistency. When those two decks above play against each other and considering none of them gets any mana problems, the  version will almost always win because it's a better deck with better cards.

But that's the Wonderland and here down on Earth life is a bit harder!

Imagine a starting hand with five cards and two Plains'. That starting hand is perfectly acceptable for the mono White version. But the same opening hand will most probably mean mulligan for the  version. And that's the best part of playing a mono colored deck. Hamlet Captain is nice, Gavony Township is also nice but playing a deck that can consistently play its threats and execute its game plan is nicer in my opinion.

There is one final thing I must explain about this deck and that is the sideboard. While testing I came across that other Humans player and lost the first game. Then I started sideboarding and saw that I had nothing useful against Humans in my sideboard. Elite Inquisitor, Slayer of the Wicked and mainly Spare from Evil were totally useless cards against Humans. Back then I had Butcher's Cleaver in my sideboard but it was absolutely not enough. I needed more. I needed more effective cards.

And after playing two more mirror matches, I decided to do something about this match-up. And therefore I added four Rebuke and three Voiceless Spirit to the side. Spare from Evil goes out and Rebuke comes in and then I side out two Slayer of the Wicked and one Elite Inquisitor. Voiceless Spirit may not look like much but at least it triggers Mentor of the Meek and it flies. Oh and it also has first strike which comes in handy.


Mono Red Vampires Aggro

Vampires should actually be a Black/Red deck. But sadly for them, they don't have their Llanowar Elves and this means one thing: Color screw! And we don't like that, do we dear readers?

And then there is one other thing: What good cards does Black offer us here? Bloodline Keeper? Too slow. Olivia Voldaren? Nice but also too slow. Dead Weight? Tribute to Hunger? No, we won't be needing them. Brimstone Volley and Devil's Play will just do fine. So yes, why bother with Black? Why should we add it to our deck and make things complicated?

Red actually gives us everything we need. I'm sure the next two sets of this block will make this deck even better because as of now, this deck only has one "real" one drop (Stromkirk Noble that is). And this is the reason why I'm calling this "mono Red Aggro" and not "mono Red Vampires". Because here I also have Reckless Waif as another one drop. I don't care too much about my creatures' races; all I care is how fast I can finish the game.

Having said that, I actually know that I should be playing as many Vampires in this deck as possible because of one single reason:

Rakish Heir demands we play Vampires. He pumps our Stromkirk Noble but doesn't care about our Reckless Waif. So we really should try to stay away from those angry Red Werewolves. As much as possible of course.

I say that, because there is one very interesting Werewolf I'm seriously considering for this deck and as you can guess, he's this one:

Instigator Gang may cost four and that may seem a bit high for an Aggro deck but I personally don't think that this will be a problem. Standard Red decks also play four drops (Hero of Oxid Ridge as well as Koth of the Hammer) and they are still very fast. So I don't see any reason to be worried.

And having said all those things, maybe it's now time to show you what I have in mind:

Red Deck (always) Wins, an ISD Block deck by Nafiz Erman

22 Lands

2x Ghost Quarter
20 Mountain

24 Creatures

4x Reckless Waif
4x Stromkirk Noble
4x Bloodcrazed Neonate
3x Rakish Heir
3x Kruin Outlaw
3x Crossway Vampire
3x Instigator Gang

14 Other Spells

4x Curse of Stalked Prey
4x Brimstone Volley
4x Geistflame
2x Devil's Play

15 Cards Sideboard

4x Curse of the Pierced Heart
3x Falkenrath Marauders
3x Traitorous Blood
2x Rolling Temblor
2x Blazing Torch
1x Devil's Play

Pretty straightforward, no? There is one thing I want to add though, and that is how to use the burn spells while playing this deck.

Normally a standard RDW deck deals about ten to twelve damage as soon as possible with its fast creatures and then finishes the rest of the job with its burn spells. This, however, is NOT how this above deck should be played! This deck is a bit different. While testing, I had the "pleasure" of attacking my opponent with a 9/9 Stromkirk Noble and in order to do that I used all my burn spells on opposing blockers. Our creatures, mainly our Vampires, need a clear path to the opponent so that they get bigger, and those burn spells are there ONLY to provide that safe and clear path.

So basically you will play your Stromkirk Noble, play your Curse of Stalked Prey the next turn and attack with your Vampire (he's 3/3 now), then use your burn spell to kill that blocker the next turn and attack once again (Stromkirk Noble is a 5/5 now) and will continue like that. Add a Rakish Heir or an Instigator Gang to the mix and watch the slaughter!

He's much more than a mere 1/1.

Oh and you do know that Humans can't block Stromkirk Noble, right? Just saying in case you wish to play Humans in ISD Block.

The sideboard may look like it's a bit random but in reality it is not. I use Curse of the Pierced Heart against slow decks that also happen to have planeswalkers (so that I can ping them with my enchantment), I use Falkenrath Marauders in times when the ground is too crowded, use Traitorous Blood to steal that 9/9 Mikaeus, the Lunarch and kill the Humans player with him and use those Blazing Torches against Zombies and other Vampires so that my equipped Stromkirk Noble deals his damage uninterrupted.

So as I said, Vampires in ISD Block definitely don't need Black. Black offers nothing interesting and it also slows down the deck in the meantime. Trust me dear readers on that, I tried it and I know what I'm saying. Just mix those fast Vampires with those furious Werewolves of Red and you will have yourself a good deck.

And now for the final deck of the article, I have something different.


Counter Wolves

First of all I must say this: The name "Counter Wolves" is out there since people realized that Mayor of Avabruck with Snapcaster Mage leads to an interesting Aggro/Control deck. People have different ideas about this deck and below you'll see mine.

I was actually thinking of saving this for my next article but then changed my mind and decided to share it with you this week. So what I'm going to show you now dear readers is the deck I'm going to play as soon as ISD Block comes to MTGO. This will be my deck. I tried many things, all of the decks above and all of the ones you'll see next week, and decided to play this one.

So, what exactly is "Counter Wolves"?

Well, it's basically the known Werewolves deck plus Blue. It's an Aggro/Control deck that plays cheap creatures (mana-wise) with removal and counterspells back up. It's not a typical Aggro deck but it's also not a regular Control deck either. In my opinion Aggro/Control is the best and most powerful deck style of Magic and this Counter Wolves is another such deck.

Okay, at the beginning of the article there was a section where I talked about the best cards of this set. Well, if you look at that section once again you'll see this:

1- Green has the Mayor who is clearly one of the most important creatures of Block. The planeswalker Garruk is also there.
2- Blue, as always, is the color of utility. Card drawing, countering spells, bouncing, snapcasting(!) etc...
3- Red has the best removal spells available in Block. Five damage for three? Oh yes please!

So as you see, it's perfectly possible to build a very powerful Aggro/Control deck for ISD Block. And without further ado, here's what I ended up with:

Counter Wolves, an ISD deck by Nafiz Erman

24 Lands

4x Sulfur Falls
4x Hinterland Harbor
1x Kessig Wolf Run
5x Island
5x Mountain
5x Forest 

13 Creatures

4x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Daybreak Ranger
3x Snapcaster Mage
2x Delver of Secrets

23 Other Spells

4x Dissipate
4x Brimstone Volley
4x Think Twice
3x Geistflame
3x Garruk Relentless
3x Devil's Play
2x Bramblecrush

15 Cards Sideboard

4x Rolling Temblor
2x Lost in the Mist
2x Silent Departure
2x Delver of Secrets
1x Bramblecrush
1x Naturalize
1x Geistflame
1x Devil's Play
1x Garruk Relentless

So what's going on here? Well, the first thing you'll notice is that I'm playing relatively smaller creatures. Snapcaster Mage, Delver of Secrets, Daybreak Ranger and Mayor of Avabruck are all cheap creatures in terms of mana cost. As I said above, this is an Aggro/Control deck. So my game plan is to play one or two of those creatures, start hitting with them as hard as possible, and play the Control role from there.

By the way, my removal package is not only those burn spells you see in the list. Please do remember dear readers that Garruk Relentless is also removal. Daybreak Ranger is also a removal; a perfect one even!

Perfect removal, solid beater!

I tested this deck more than I did the other decks I'm showing you in this article. And all I can say is that it's a perfect one. I even dare to say it's the best deck I tested so far. But this doesn't mean that it's 100% finished. There is always room for more testing and tweaking. The sideboard could use some serious tweaking and the numbers in the maindeck may change a bit as well.

By the way in case you have doubts about Geistflame, all I can say you is this: Don't! Don't have any doubts because it's a great spell in this format where most of the important creatures are X/1. Snapcaster Mage, Mayor of Avabruck, Stromkirk Noble, Avacyn's Pilgrim... so many targets. Also do not forget dear readers that it can also target players and thus planeswalkers as well. If Lily comes down and makes you sacrifice a creature, you can at least have your revenge by Geistflame'ing her and get rid of her for just one mana.

There is only one weird thing about this deck which is also the core of the deck: The Mayor / Snapcaster duo. This deck is based around those two creatures but in reality this is a weird pair. And why do I say that? Well, you do know that playing Snapcaster Mage and flashback'ing a spell on your opponent's turn causes Howlpack Alpha to flip back, right?

Still this is an excellent deck and I just can't wait to play it on MTGO.



Okay dear readers, the first part of my Block article ends here. I showed you five decks here and all were very nice. But as you can also guess, my favorite here is the Counter Wolves one. It's such a powerful deck and once Innistrad becomes online, that'll be the first deck I'm going to play.

The mono Red deck on the other hand, is a different deck. It's very aggressive. Once those Vampires get their Slith abilities going, there's little one can do to stop them. Those two Humans decks are also nice and they can swarm the opponent without too much effort in no time. Just watch out for that Mentor of the Meek if you're playing against Humans because he's your biggest enemy in those match ups.

The first  Rock deck is also one of my favorites. It plays the set's both planeswalkers and even that fact alone makes it "charming" for me. It's a midrange deck, which isn't the same as Aggro/Control, but it's very consistent. Bloodgift Demon is a very powerful creature that gives you cards while killing the opponent in four short turns.

So we talked about five decks this weeks. And what will we talk about next week? Well...


Horror Lurks Within Block, Part II

Next week first I will show you my "Ghostfire" deck. You will find out next week what "Ghostfire" means. Then I will show you two Solar Flare decks; one will be a bit different which I'm calling as "Crimson Solar Flare". Then I will show you a  tokens deck which can do some really amazing things. That is also a deck I'm looking forward to play in the coming days and weeks. I have also one other final deck in progress and if I can test it until next week, then I'm going to show it to you as well.

So that's the menu of next week!

Thanks for reading.

See you online
Nafiz Erman, aka Lord Erman


Fantastic article! Seriously, by WShadow at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 10:22
WShadow's picture

Fantastic article! Seriously, I might begin playing block: these decklists shooked my interest. Keep up the good work.

Love the Mayor by apaulogy at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 11:25
apaulogy's picture

I think I might give the Counter Wolves list a try

I've been playing GW Humans by Raddman at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 11:54
Raddman's picture

I've been playing GW Humans for standard and I gotta say I am sorely unhappy with Geist-Honored Monk. So unhappy in fact, I took the card competely out. A 5 drop in standard in an aggro deck made me feel dirty unless of course it was Gideon and that is what I ended up doing. I realize this isn't standard, but I think in block you will feel the same about the Monk as I did. In other news, Mentor is pretty freaking good 80), would of been much better as a 2 drop!

Those are pretty much my by Westane at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 13:47
Westane's picture

Those are pretty much my exact thoughts on the Block format... except I petition the change of "Counter WOlf" to "Dogfish"... I'll be playing Dogfish...

Canine Control? Welcome back by Paul Leicht at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 17:07
Paul Leicht's picture

Canine Control? Welcome back West :)

PupNo by walkerdog at Tue, 10/11/2011 - 23:34
walkerdog's picture

PupNo seems fine until the first time you Snapcaster with one active and flip him back over.

Canine Control... by StealthBadger at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 05:49
StealthBadger's picture

Canine Control... meh
DogFish... weeeeelll
PupNo.... ummm


Thanks for the comments by Lord Erman at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 01:17
Lord Erman's picture

Thanks for the comments everyone. Please do not forget that next week I'll also show you some very nice decks. So I'd suggest you to wait one more week to prepare your ISD Block shopping list. There are at least two decks in next week's article which I'm sure you'll find interesing.

Westane, Dogfish sounds nice too!

Thanks again for the comments.


heh by apaulogy at Wed, 10/12/2011 - 11:01
apaulogy's picture

Dogfish FTW

Tokens-alive! by Phroggie at Fri, 10/14/2011 - 01:55
Phroggie's picture

Great read...

Been spending time on the faux-drafters, and one deck I put together was the W/G/U tokens (blue for homunculus critters). Lots to pump up and double the tokens with... really looking forward to building decks around the concept. Black is another obvious colour for the theme.

I'm also loving the look of Humans, they appear the most versatile tribe to me and they exist in every single colour. Can't wait :)