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By: neckfire, Eddie Davenport
Apr 16 2018 12:00pm
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Hello, my fellow Magicians! The last time I graced these pages was way back in August. Since then I have I have taken a break from Magic: The Gathering going as far to sell my complete collection and not think about Magic. Honestly, the break was a good thing and it was very needed. If you’re reading this then you know how fun Magic is but we also know just how frustrating this game is at times. Like many of you out there, I couldn’t stay away.  I decided to dive back in with Pauper. While I was away a lot has happened in Pauper and the top dog is now UR Delver backed up by the power of cheap cantrips and Skred as the removal spell of choice. I knew for a fact I did not want to play that deck as I never enjoyed Delver before I stopped playing. I then Discovered Mono-Blue Tribe. I fell in love with the deck as it functioned very similar to the Modern Splinter Twin decks. I’ll be honest I had success with the deck in leagues but I was not enjoying myself. One of the reasons I quit playing originally was I just was not enjoying myself. Which brings me to the deck I want to talk about today. UB Zuberas, this deck is the pinnacle of what I like to do in a game of Magic. Let me introduce you to one of the most fun Pauper decks I think I have ever played.


For those who are unaware of the Zubera mechanic let me introduce you to this awesome line of creatures. The Zuberas are a line of creatures from Champions of Kamigawa. Each color was given a specific Zubera that when it dies has a certain effect that triggers for each Zubera that died this turn. This mechanic makes the Zuberas perfect for an aristocrat strategy, that is a deck focused on sacrificing for gain.



The Zuberas: Four of both Ashen-Skin Zubera and Floating-Dream Zubera. While some versions of the Zubera decks try to play more than just the Blue or the Black Zuberas, those decks tend to be clunky or more all in on a combo. For that reason, this deck just plays the Blue one (which draws cards) and the black one (which makes your opponent discard cards).

Mulldrifter: One of the best blue creatures in Pauper. If you’ve ever played the format you know how good Mulldrifter is. In this deck through the seldom used for advantage Evoke mechanic actually gains you an advantage. Between all the reanimation effects and sacrifice outlets, you can easily get multiple draws from your Mulldrifters.

Crypt Rats: Not only does this card allow you to kill your own Zuberas it’s one of the best board wipes in Pauper. When the top deck is full of 1 and 2 toughness creatures having a way to clear the board is key.

Sacrifice outlets: The various aristocrat decks out there run different creature suites this deck focuses on 1-mana cost outlets. Carrion Feeder is one of the main kill conditions in the deck and is how the deck is able to act as a combo kill. Plagued Rusalka on the other hand, while costing mana to activate it, allows you to kill multiple creatures in the format.  It fills more than one role for the deck.

The Regeneration package: Undying Evil, Supernatural Stamina & Undying Evil. These cards are the core of the deck. Allowing you to sacrifice multiple Zuberas on the same turn to generate multiple effects of discard or card draw. It is possible to draw upwards of 6 cards in a single turn or completely strip your opponent of cards.

The removal: Tragic Slip The best removal spell for a sacrifice themed deck. Nothing in Pauper, short of Hexproof dorks and Protection: from Black critters, can survive this card. Doom Blade is there because sometimes you need to remove creatures when you are behind. Chainer's Edict is a nod to Hexproof being a deck in Pauper.

Sideboard Standouts:

Sylvok Lifestaff: Burn and other hyper-aggressive strategies tend are an issue for a value based deck like Zuberas. Sylvok Lifestaff is a great answer to keep you in the game against those strategies.

Serrated Arrows: If there is one thing that I learned while Playing Tribe combo, it is the power of this card. Being able to single-handedly stop Tribe from winning. Serrated Arrows also allows you to keep Delver strategies in check.

Stormbound Geist: The sideboard is constructed in a way to allow you to grind out in post-board games. Thorn of the Black Rose and Reaping the Graves fills similar roles in this deck allowing you to constantly refill when you are in grindy matchups.

Tips and tricks.

This deck functions differently from other Aristocrat decks that have existed in Pauper past. While this deck has a combo element of stripping your opponent of all his cards that is not the focus of the deck. With that said it is very easy to set up the combo turn and if you can play for it then do it. It’s not hard to completely strip your opponent of cards by turn 3 or 4. Also, realize that the “combo” can be done at instant speed so you can do so on your opponents draw step to strip all the cards from them in the case of Ashen-Skin Zubera or avoid discarding in the case of Floating-Dream Zubera. Speaking of the Zuberas. having a firm grasp of the stack is key to this deck. Make sure you stack your effects in the correct way to gain the greatest effect for your creatures. Each Zubera triggers for each other Zubera that died this turn so don’t let them trigger individually if you are planning on sacrificing multiple in a turn.

One of the best plays you can play with this deck is to evoke a Mulldrifter and then give it one of these effects and sacrifice it to your aristocrats for some gain. The result is you are up 4 cards instead of just the normal 2 for less mana than just hard casting Mulldrifter.

Lastly, this deck is a blast to play and in the past 3 weeks it has put up three 5-0’s and who knows how many 4-1’s as they are not published. So, the deck is putting up results that is worth considering. So, if you are looking for a fun cool new Pauper deck to try out in leagues or if you are lucky enough to have a paper Pauper event near you then pick this deck up and give it a spin.

Eddie Davenport
Neckfire on MTGO 


I like the idea of Zuberas! by JXClaytor at Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:56
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I like the idea of Zuberas!