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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Jul 07 2016 11:00am
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Sealed Success!  As I said last week, this week is just going to be wrapping up projects that I've had for a few weeks now.  Currently I'm 0-3 in a Shadows over Innistrad and I have no plans on continuing in that league.  At this point there's no way I can earn prizes and I already know how good/bad my pool is, so consider that league done for now.

Next week is the Eldritch Moon set review, so all I have this week is my LGS league, EMA league, and Shards of Alara draft.  Let's get to it!

LGS Sealed League

For the first week of the league I ended up going 3-2, which meant that my overall record was 3-0.  We play up to 5 matches and use the best 3 results for standings.  Despite a 3-0 record, I wasn't feeling too great about it.  2 of my wins came against opponents who misplayed, and even then I had to get lucky to win.  My 2 losses were blowouts that had me feeling like it was going to be difficult to win games with my UB control deck.  I decided for the second week to change it up and see if playing green would help, so I went with GB for my first two matches of week 2 after opening the pack that I would add to my pool:

Not a great pack, but I did manage to open a card that I thought I would: Misthoof Kirin.  Now, the problem with adding packs if you have a bad pool is that you're not adding enough cards to fix your problems.  The cards are random and you're adding 3-6 cards into your colors, which isn't much when you think about it.  If my red was playable then this pack would be great since I can add Twin Bolt, Guardian Shield-Bearer, Volcanic Rush, Press the Advantage, and Atarka's Command to a RG deck.  Sadly I don't live in that world.  This is the GB deck I played to a 1-1 split in my first two matches:

I made a small splash for Monastery Loremaster because I wanted a way to recur my Ultimate Price in case I had to use it early.  With Elvish Visionary and Read the Bones I should be able to find my blue source a good amount of the time, and the Loremaster itself can be used as a morph if need be.  I split 1-1 but I should have gone 0-2.  My first opponent flooded both games I won and had a much stronger deck than mine, and in my loss my opponent had Nahiri and actual cards game 1, and in game 2 I got run over quickly.  My creatures aren't good, they're mostly 2/2s that don't do anything special, so I'm behind when my opponent plays something better than a 2/2.  I decided to try out GW for my next match since I know I have better white creatures than black ones:

Turn 2 Lieutenant is a bit ambitious, but other than that I think I have a decent aggro curve that should catch someone by surprise.  My 3rd round opponent stumbled a bit in game 1 and I managed to take it by curving out and dumping my hand, but the next two games I couldn't beat Thunderbreak Regent and Atarka Pummeler and lost.  My creatures as they stand aren't equipped to deal with anything bigger than a 3/3, and that's not where you want to be.  If something big comes into play I'm very much likely to die to it, my best recourse is to prevent it from happening, so maybe I need to go back to UB?  What do you think?  UB or perhaps this build that my friend suggested (although when he made the deck he thought I had 2 copies of Twin Bolt and Boggart Brute, not just 1 each):

EMA Sealed League

I did it!  I went 3-2 in the league and got prizes, which was the goal from the start.  Now I don't feel as bad as I did when I opened my pool and wished I didn't sell my Wasteland in order to open basically nothing.  I'm glad I didn't play with GR splash white because I think the white splash might have slowed me down in games where I needed to curve out and take initiative in order to win.  I did play against some decks that were clearly better than mine and it didn't matter what I was playing, but in the games I won I think RB would win whereas GR/w would not.  The Wakedancers over performed in this build while the Sulfuric Vortex was sided out almost every game.  Perhaps this wasn't the right deck for it?

Shards of Alara Draft

 I didn't intend to force Jund when I entered the draft, but I did plan on picking a shard and drafting that shard.  I've already mentioned how difficult it is to draft multicolored sets when you don't have much experience doing so and I didn't expect this set to be any different.  I do think I picked the right shard to draft as I managed to get 2 Jund Charms, which I suspect only happens if the people passing to me aren't in Jund.  I think my deck was decent, but my mana was horrendous.  I had a lot of gold cards, which meant I couldn't just play 2 colors and have the third be a splash, I was a hard three color deck.  When you don't have adequate mana fixing and have to play 3 colors you're going to have a mulligan at a higher rate than normal just to get working hands.  In the end I lost my first round due to a combination of bad mana and play errors.


Like I said this week was going to be a short week, but that'll end with the emergence of Eldritch Moon.  Next week will be the set review and I'll also be drafting Shards/Conflux.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading/watching!