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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Aug 11 2016 12:00pm
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Sealed Success!  This past weekend Pro Tour Eldritch Moon happened and I was all set to watch the limited portion of the event and then it didn't happen. 

Well it happened, I just didn't watch it.  You see there were some issues with glare, and I could not stand it.  I have a degree in Theatre Arts and I've taken classes in lighting design and I know how to light a venue.  I also know that I need to check for any possible issues that may arise during a show/broadcast in regards to how it looks.  So the glare should not have happened, there's no reason for it to have been missed at any point while planning for the Pro Tour.

Heck, glare comes off the cards while at my shop and it bothers me there and I'm sure glare has been in an issue in prior broadcasts, so why let it still happen?  As a practitioner of theatre arts it offended me that should never have come up actually still be there in the final product.  I'm sure others will soldier on and deal with it, but I'm too informed to watch something that for me was painful to watch.

As a result of the glare I did not watch the drafts or the draft rounds, so I don't have much to say about how the pros tackled the new format.  I'm sure others will have words to say about Eldritch Moon draft and they're more than likely better equipped to give advice than I am.  I focus more on Sealed Deck and that's a different animal.  I know my strengths and weaknesses and for this Pro Tour I'll just play to my strengths.  This week I have an 8-4 draft and I've joined not one, but two Eldritch Moon leagues.  Let's get started!

Eldritch Moon Draft

I think moving into white for Subjugator Angel was the right call for my deck early on in the draft.  It's such a powerful effect that it's quite difficult to pass up on that, especially if you think you might get into board stalls.  The worst case scenario is that you add a flier to the board and that's never not relevant to any game of Limited.  Hedging towards red likely saved me this draft since black was not open in pack 1, therefore making it unlikely for me to see much black in pack 3.  My Dark Salvation is good, but it's not good enough to force a color.   If it had been a Liliana, the Last Hope I might have considered just staying in black, but I felt it was best to give myself another option.

In the end I drafted an okay deck that was a little short on hard removal but had enough card quality that hopefully it would make up for that. Round 1 was very much in my favor as the games show, with me pulling off a sick play in casting Long Road Home on a Vildin-Pack Outcast that my opponent got from my graveyard using Rise from the Grave. Sadly for me it was my opponent in round 2 who had all the sick plays as I was destroyed by excellent blue/red deck that I had no answer for. 

Eldritch Moon Competitive Sealed

This pool has options, which is normally good but for me right now I don't like having options.  I'm committed to playing white with this pool but I have three options as to what I should play as my second color.  Either of white/green, white/red, and white/blue is a viable option to play with.  For white/blue I get Spell Queller and more spirits to make Drogskol Cavalry a more powerful card.  I also get Wretched Gryff, Advanced Stitchwing, and Reckless Scholar but I'm not playing as many blue cards as I would like.  When you get right down to it, my biggest draw to blue is Spell Queller since Wretched Gryff can be cast in any deck with Terrarion.

White/red gives me the most removal I can get: Incendiary Flow, Alchemist's Greeting, Choking Restraints, and Savage Alliance.  Sin Prodder and Tormenting Voice give me card advantage and I'm still able to play Wretched Gryff off of a Terrarion if I want to cast it with emerge.  It's also more aggressive than the white/blue deck because it's not playing Geist of the Lonely Vigil.  Instead I get Brazen Wolves and Howlpack Wolf as good attackers to follow up a turn 2 Selfless Spirit/Guardian of Pilgrims.

My last option is white/green.  Green offers Gnarlwood Dryad, Grapple with the Past, and Sage of Ancient Lore but not much outside of that.  I do have a good emerge target/value creature in Primal Druid, but I'm having the same issue with green as I did with blue.  Both colors feel like I'm splashing them as opposed to fully playing them.  Red is the only color that I'm playing that makes me feel like I'm actually playing that color.

What do you think?  What color pair should I be?  Right now I'm leaning toward white/red but I'm willing to listen to arguments for either white/blue or white/green.

Eldritch Moon Friendly Sealed

You don't always get a pool that builds itself but for this pool we were gifted a pretty easy one.  With 6 of the 7 rares being in black it was fairly easy to surmise that we would end up in black.  The only question we had was what color to pair black with and it didn't take too long to find green.  Mournwillow is a great start to a G/B deck but it's not the reason we went green.  Prey Upon, Somberwald Stag, and Grapple with the Past are all excellent cards that are not to be dismissed.  We also incidentally got two Ulvenwald Captive that function as mana ramp and a mana sink at the same time.  For me it felt like there were too many good things going on in green to not pair it with black.

I do wonder if it's worth playing the Stromkirk Mentor given than I'm not playing Stromkirk Condemned in the deck.  I think the Mentor has a better floor than the Stromkirk Condemned, but I could also be playing with Boon of Emrakul.  It's a cheap removal spell and it's also a card type that works for Delirium.  I don't necessarily need Delirium, but it's nice to be able to fully turn on my To the Slaughter.  Moving forward it's a change I'm willing to consider.  I'm 1-0 in the league as of right now so we'll see what happens moving forward.


I have high hopes for both leagues as I think both of them have pools that have the tools to excel and be competitive.  Right now I'm going to be learning Eldritch Moon draft and it's going to be a tough road ahead but I do like the format so it'll be fun even if we lose.  I'm leaning towards playing white/red in the competitive sealed and will likely do so unless I hear compelling arguments otherwise.

We lost to blue/red spells and that deck looked quite good so that's something I want to keep my eye out on.  I should have taken at least one of the Uncaged Fury they played, and if perhaps I had both things could have turned out differently.  I think I still lose, but maybe I have a better shot if they don't have those two cards.

Next week I'll be back with both leagues and drafts!  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comments section below.  

Thanks for reading/watching!