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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Mar 30 2017 12:00pm
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Hello and welcome to a short edition of Sealed Success!  I'm going to be taking a short hiatus from this column for a week or two after this article goes up.  It's come to my attention that my laptop is starting to be unable to both record and play Magic Online at the same time as it is putting too much stress on my machine.  In the past I would have to record a match, turn off my laptop for 10 minutes, then continue to record.  Now I am struggling to even record a match due to lag, and the replay system as its own issues as well.  In the end I don't think I can avoid buying a new laptop given that my current one is 7 years old.  At some point using a Windows 7 laptop is going to be a risky proposition, so I might as well bite the bullet now rather than later.

I'll most assuredly be back for the Amonkhet Sealed Set Review at the latest.  I'll have to catchup to make up any of the missed content I have planned.  Today I'll be able to present my first Modern Masters draft and the first video in Aether Revolt Sealed League #5, but that's all I'll be doing. With that said let's begin!

Modern Masters Draft #1

I went into this draft looking to force 5 colors and I liked where I ended up even if I only ended up playing 4 colors.  The deck isn't going to do too great against an aggressive start but if I'm able to have a good blocker on turn 3 and turn 4, I should be able to stabilize and pull ahead from there.  The early turns are critical as I'm going to be on the back foot more than I'd like and if I can't answer early aggression I'm going to lose no matter how powerful my deck is.  Now, against more midrange/slow decks I'm able to leverage my powerful spells and the Mystical Teachings package I have to overpower whatever they're trying to do.  Simic Sky Swallower isn't the best top end but it does let me tap out for a threat that I know they can't kill unless they have a Damnation or edict effect.

Rounds 1 and 3 went exactly as I thought they'd go with me stabilizing and using a wide variety to spells to pull ahead and win those games.  Round 2 showed what can happen if you're too slow while your opponent attacks you and is able to present threats on both the ground and in the air.  This is why I like Mist Raven as it gives you a blocker and sets your opponent back a turn so you have a little more time to set up shop and blunt their assault.  Wall of Denial is likely your best turn 3 blocker since they have to go around it in order to actually deal damage.  Lifelink/lifegain works as well in certain situations, but really you want to present blockers that can actually kill creatures more so than just gaining life.  Lone Missionary is okay but Rhox War Monk is amazing.

2-1 record isn't bad and it lets me get another phantom draft in for free.  I don't see the point in paying actual money when a lot of the staples you're getting are going to decline in value quickly, whereas that's less likely to happen in paper.  I also don't need the cards, so it's better to save money and draft for fun in this instance.  If you're interested in me going over 5c in a little more detail check out the video below:

Aether Revolt Sealed League #5

This pool isn't the worst pool I've seen but I'm not too excited about it.  I definitely have to play black as that's my best color and I think that's pretty clear.  Blue is pretty mediocre so I eliminate that pretty quickly so I have white, red, and green to work with.  White gives me (Aerial Responder) and (Fumigate) which are both pretty strong cards but tails off after that.  (Propeller Pioneer) and (Countless Gears Renegade) are fine cards but they're easily replaceable in other colors.  Green ends up being a bunch of (Aetherstream Leopard) and (Aether Herder), none of which can win games on their own.  Red isn't too great either but I do have double (Chandra's Revolution) and a Shock to add to my removal suite if I choose to go that route.  Each color has its merits to be included in the deck alongside black, but you can find flaws with each color.  Is (Fumigate) worth playing even though I can't deal with Vehicles too well?  If all red does is give me removal, should I just splash it and play green so I can play (Natural Obsolescence) and (Attune with Aether)?  I have enough energy sinks that I can use the extra energy while making my mana better.  What would you build?


Like I said I'm going to be taking a short hiatus while I get my new laptop up and running.  Ideally I miss nothing, but more than likely I have to miss a week.  When I do return I'll make sure to catch up on my schedule so we wrap everything up before the Amonkhet Sealed Set Review.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comments section below.  As always you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here where you'll find all of my content plus exclusive videos I do just for the channel.

Thanks for reading/watching!