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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Dec 18 2013 12:16pm
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Well, DE's are back, but I am a sad panda.  At first I didn't think much of the 8 person Theros Sealed queues, but when I realized how much better the prize payout was compared to DE's I was all over them!  I did a few for the website and some others that I didn't record.  My worst record was 1-2 and I generally averaged 2 wins, which is a net loss of 2 tix a queue if you disregard anything rares/mythics I open.  For those that were unaware, this was the payout of the 8 man queues:

1 win = 3 packs
2 wins = 6 packs
3 wins = 9 packs + 1 QP

Compare that to the prize payout of DE's:

1 win = 0 packs
2 wins = 3 packs
3 wins = 6 packs + 1 QP
4 wins  = 11 packs + 3 QPs

In the 8 man queue, 1 win was worth 3 packs no matter what.  Every match win gets you 3 packs even.  In the DE, if you go 4-0, each win is worth 2.75 packs, but since you really can't get 3/4ths of a pack, we'll say it's 3 packs per win.  If you win 3 matches, each win is worth 2 packs at that point. If you win 2 matches, each win is worth 1.5 packs and if you win nothing then you get nothing.  So unless you were able to consistently 4-0 a Theros Daily, you had much better chances of getting value by playing in the 8 man queues, not to mention the queues ran faster than the Daily Events*.  Had I known this in advance, I probably would've jammed more 8 mans and have more Theros packs to my name.  However there is no use complaining, so we'll move forward with DE's for now.  This being said, let's crack some packs!


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


Either I undervalue the Heroic mechanic, or the pool I got over performed because I didn't think I was actually going to go 3-0 with this pool.  I was expecting a 1-2, maybe a 2-1 if I got good draws, but not the 3-0.  I'm willing to believe that I'm still undervaluing Heroic.  In the majority of Theros drafts I've done I've stayed away from the mechanic, preferring to draft Black/Green or Black/Blue or Blue/Green.

In Game 2 of Round 1, I should have started attacking with my Wavecrash Triton a turn before I did.  I was thinking at the time that it just attacks for one, but I forgot about Scry 1, and it could have given me a better draw if I did.  The attack is free since I can just block the Nessian Courser with my Omenspeaker so I definitely should've attacked there.

Game 2 Round 2, keeping that 7 is very risky, being on the draw helps but there are a of of things that could go wrong with that hand.  It was probably a mistake to keep it.  I played that game very aggressively because I couldn't win if my opponent manages to monstrosity his Nessian Asp and have it on defense, or if he's in a good spot, start attacking with it.  Our best offense was through the air, and keeping that Asp tapped down was the only way we were going to win.

Overall, I think I played pretty well in this 8 man queue.  There is certainly room for improvement, but thinking about lines I can take before playing my cards and trying to figure out how to win/what I lose to is only something I've begun to do consistently.  I'll be mixing things up a bit for my next article, but until then, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading/watching! 

*By better EV, I'm only referencing to how much packs each win is worth.  I'm disregarding the value of QPs since some people value them whereas others don't.