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By: MarcosPMA, Marcos Rodriguez
Aug 17 2017 12:00pm
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Sealed Success!  Today's videos are going to be replays with commentary since my recording time was inconsistent to what it usually is and the only way for me to guarantee all the content done in time was to play the games on my own and then record over the replay.  It made for a very productive afternoon, so if nothing else there's that.  I don't use the replay option often, but if it's necessary I will do it in order to get everything done on time.  I drafted in paper again last week and you can tell how the draft when after my first three picks of Hour of Promise, Hour of Revelation, and Hour of Glory in a ten person pod.  The signals were all over the place as I was trying to be in red with the person to my left fighting me for it and abandoning it for black, while the person to my right ended up in mono green and the person next to him had a four color Nicol Bolas deck with Djeru being the reason for white.  With one match ending in a draw in round 1 we only played three rounds to cut to an undefeated and I went 2-1 after dropping the first round.  I had a Mardu concoction that hard splashed Hour of Glory off three swamps.  I'm lucky to have won a game, let along 2 matches.  What can we do this week?  Let's find out after looking at the upcoming schedule:

  • Today - HOU Draft League #6, HOU Sealed League #3 videos, HOU Sealed League #4 videos
  • 8/24 - HOU Draft League #7, HOU Sealed League #3 video, HOU Sealed League #4 videos 
  • 8/31 - HOU Draft League #8, HOU Sealed League #3 videos, HOU Sealed League #4 videos
  • 9/7 - ??????

As I said last week September is a bit of an oddball since there's only 2 weeks that I have with Hour in mind before I do the Ixalan set review, and that's not enough time to do more sealed leagues.  I might do phantom sealed leagues; I'm not sure at the moment.  What would you like to see in the beginning of September?

Hour of Devastation Draft #6

I messed this draft up and most of it is just not knowing what signals are which and when to adjust as they come.  I've had a few drafts where I know a color is open, but I'm focused on two other colors so badly that I miss an opportunity to have a good deck because of that.  In pack 1 had I taken Spellweaver Eternal or Unquenchable Thirst I could have taken Hour of Eternity in pack 2, or had a been a bit more keen on black after Torment of Scarabs came to be I could have taken Bontu's Last Reckoning.  I got a little star struck by Appeal/Authority and drafted two mediocre colors instead of looking for the open color.  I don't know if this is something I can fix myself, or just a bad draft format.  The easy way out is to say I'm terrible at Hour of Devastation draft, but I don't want to do that.  I'll keep drafting and if I don't get anywhere soon I might have to not draft it anymore.

The games themselves showed the ineffectiveness of the deck I drafted.  I couldn't really topdeck anything since I had little removal and very few threats to pressure my opponent with.  I was all in on Appeal/Authority and I even sided it out once because it wasn't going to do anything for me given how bad my creatures were.  After losing the second match I decided to end my misery and not play the last round, a simple 0-2 is enough here.

Hour of Devastation Sealed League #3

The 0-2 record was not surprising here unfortunately even with all the removal that my pool gave to me.  The problem with both decks I played (mana issues aside), is that they don't have a good creature base.  They're just not that strong unless I'm playing either Ammit Eternal or Winged Shepherd, which makes my Hazoret's Undying Fury a lot less powerful than it should be.  I have thoughts of just playing a hard three color deck similar to the Temur deck I built last week, but I'm not sure what colors would be in it.  I have no confidence in my RB and WR deck, and they were my best options out of what I had available at the time.  This just might be a pool where I can't buy a match win to save my life, I'm not sure yet.  I'm going to give it some thought and see what I can pull off for the third match next week.  What do you think?  What colors should I be playing?

Hour of Devastation Sealed League #4

Going into the games I had to decide whether I wanted to play Nest of Scarabs or not.  I felt the card had both upside and downside, and would certainly make my deck if I didn't have 23 cards already that I wanted to play.  In the end I decided that the downside of the card was greater than the ability to make a couple of 1/1 creatures every game.  For what it's worth I didn't miss it at all and the card that would have been taken out for it (either Frilled Sandwalla or Struggle/Survive) were much better than a Nest of Scarabs would have been.

I went 3-0 for the first stage of this sealed league, and that's something that I surprised myself with.  I even have a trophy for the 3-0 record, so if nothing else I can say I have that if I get no other trophy throughout Hour of Devastation.  Mirage Mirror was quite excellent, allowing me to be advantaged in combat and single handedly winning me games (especially when it took down my Rhonas opponent in round 2).  The card is just that good.  Sunset Pyramid was as good as it always is.  It allows you to not only see more raw cards, but the scry ability also increases the possibility that you see relevant cards throughout a game.  I did make a slight blunder in not putting Desert of the Glorified in the deck, and that's something I'll definitely fix before I play the next three matches.

The pack I added had a couple of good cards, including a Sand Strangler that I could splash off of Oasis Ritualist and Manalith, which if I up my desert count up by adding Desert of the Glorified then we have better odds of getting good value of it.  Ambuscade is definitely going into the deck as well, everything else is up for debate.  What do you think should go into the deck for the next stage?


A 3-0 in the first stage of the 4th sealed league is the only bright spot here, but at least we have a bright spot to even talk about.  I'm expecting more of the same in the next stage, so hopefully we can continue to do well and win matches in that sealed league.  As for the other sealed league, I don't have any hopes for that one at all, and it may be that if I lose the third round I quit that league and start a new one to see if we can do something with a different pool.  

Next week I'll be back with another draft and updates to my sealed leagues.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comments section below.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here were you can see all the videos here early along with content exclusive to the channel.  Right now I've just finished up a Standard league with Grixis Bolas, so go check it out if you're interested.  

Thanks for reading/watching!