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By: Gardevi, Lee McLeod
Sep 19 2011 11:28pm
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I'm not immune to mistakes, so bear that in mind as you watch these videos. Hope you enjoy!

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Bad timing with the article - by GainsBanding at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 00:34
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Bad timing with the article - Ponder and Preordain just got banned.

yeah by JXClaytor at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 01:51
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we're well aware that ponder and preordain were banned. However while the rest of the world was reading about the bannings, I was the one caught unawares while managing the site. With the news of the bannings, let's just take a while and see what could have been :D

-4 Ponder -4 Preordain +4 by bread expert at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 02:39
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-4 Ponder -4 Preordain +4 Sleight of Hand +4 Serum Visions?

Exactly. Ponder and Preordain by Gardevi at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 09:15
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Exactly. Ponder and Preordain are central to the deck in a way, but that doesn't mean they aren't replaceable. Sleight and Serum Visions should work fine since everyone else's card selection goes down as well.

The difference between 1 mana card selection and two mana (like Telling Time) is huge because 1 mana spells are incorporated into every turn fairly easily. The 2 mana card needs to be pretty amazing to be played over a similar 1-mana one. Like Impulse.

I'd go with Telling Time over by Dreager_Ex at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 02:53
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I'd go with Telling Time over one of those cards personally, the dig cards don't HAVE to be 1 mana :P

It is amusing to me that I by Paul Leicht at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 05:00
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It is amusing to me that I was just thinking that ponder/preordain weren't so ubiquitous that they deserved a banning and here is yet another combo deck with them in it. I stand corrected. ;p

I'm actually glad that they by Gardevi at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 09:16
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I'm actually glad that they were banned, and while this deck gets worse, every other deck gets worse as well, so it's fine by me.

While for once I actually by Ivo at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 10:24
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While for once I actually agree on the cards banned to address UR combo given the philosophy (i.e. I would also go for Rite, Ponder and Preordain), I am extremely disappointed that WotC is sticking to this slippery slope philosophy. They should have unbanned control cards instead (or at least, on top of banning less of the combo cards).

It is sort of funny that they actually went for Green Zenith (something from Zoo gets hit - the one that was also used by 12-post and Melira though... Funny, no?)... That is at least somewhat consistent given the power level of some other cards banned at the outset of the format. Although it is ridiculous that Tarmogoyf is still in the format. Talk about diversity...

I had high hopes for Modern. I'll keep looking every 3 months to see what WotC is doing with it.


I just read the b/r list. I by smack8001 at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 10:27
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I just read the b/r list. I feel like it's Wizards way of saying "PLAY MORE ZOO G. DAMMIT"

The lack of any super by Gardevi at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 11:25
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The lack of any super powerful consistency in combo and the banning of cloudpost makes control more viable by itself. While I wish they had unbanned Ancestral Visions to give control a little more oomph, control can _actually_ exist now. The format looks better than before. I look forward to seeing how the format shapes up.

Do you think Jace Beleren has a shot? by apaulogy at Tue, 09/20/2011 - 12:05
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I mean, the discussion on Sebastian's B&R article illuminated the fact that control has a hard time due to needing to 1-for-1 and not being able to draw out of it. Seems like banning cloudpost MIGHT have made Baby Jace playable which means that there is a slightly better card draw engine than Thirst/Compulsive Research....

Love this deck, BTW.