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By: BlippyTheSlug, Volker Kirstein
Apr 23 2015 12:00pm
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No Pressure

*cue scratchy Robert Foster-esque banjo playing 'Old Kentucky Home'*
The sun shines bright on the rolling Saskatchewan prairie...

Yeah, yeah. I don't play banjo, and this ain't Suwanee River, baby!

Missy's sleeping (again) so I thought I'd get a few words, maybe even paragraphs, in before we're... well... you know.

She's sleeping a lot these days. Do I really drain her energy that much? I understand that we're both over fifty. Even if we act like a couple of schoolkids discovering what goes where with our boy/girl legos, we're not kids. Far from it.

Let's face it. In relative terms, we're ancient, with over a century between us. We both have creaking bones, and the aches and pains that come with getting older, and a lifetime of living behind us. We're set in our ways; which makes it a good thing that so many of the ways we're on are so similar. 

Some of the ways we're set on are changing, too. For example, I'm used to waking up around six am, with or without an alarm. I've been that way for the past four decades or so. These days, I'm sleeping till seven thirty, sometimes even nine. (And I'm loving it)

Last night, at Overdrive! - How's that for an abrupt subject change? - Josh, our intrepid editor, played. And did quite well, to boot! Needless to say, that put the pressure on me to produce something this week, rather than slough it off again, like I did last week. I warned him it might be nothing but boy/girl lego shenanigans, and I'm trying! *waggles eyebrows* You know how that goes. I shan't titillate you with the details.




Overdrive!, which started on July 4th, 2011, is the original Modern format Player-Run Event! In fact, Overdrive! is even older than Modern, having started out as an event in the Overextended format. Overdrive! is a single elimination event: two men enter, one man leaves. Registration is done via Gatherling. You can find more information at the main event thread here



Overdrive! #179
Players: 16
Champion: JXClaytor / Living End
Runner up: benne433 / Jeskai Control
Decklists and results from all Overdrive! events can be found here.  


JXClaytor brought this delightful Living End concoction to the shindig, and proceeded to kick in the shins of Assault Formation, U/w Gifts Tron, UW Control, and Jeski Control to come out on top as Overdrive! #179 Champion!

Mr. Claytor also recorded his battles, and you can catch those below.

benne433 brought this controlly Jeskai build to the party, and spoiled the plans of Jeskai Delver, Collected Elves, and RDW White Lightning before succumbing to Living End.


Round 1 vs Assault Formation

Round 2 vs U/w Gifts Tron

Round 3 vs UW Control

Round 4 vs Jeskai Control

 Terra Incognita

It has been said of Modern: "The most important thing about Modern is [its] diversity. It's by and far the most open format right now, there are huge tracts of land no one has explored. It's the new frontier of competitive Magic.", and "The nice thing about Modern is that the format is very open. There's a lot of room to explore and find decks that can work".

To hammer home this point, here are maps from some recent explorations:




There's nothing really special about this Scapeshift deck, other than being a sixty-one (61) card deck.

The win condition is still ramp up lands and go boom, with plenty of tempo/countermagic to keep your opponent on his/her toes.

I'm looking hard thought the list, and I don't see any super secret tech, or even anything unusual. Am I missing something? Or it this "plain ol' Scapeshift", other than having 61 cards?





Ham on Wry IV ~ The Erik Friborg Celebration Classic

It's time to pull this strange rocket out of the storage shed and take it for a ride once again. What started as a kneejerk response to morbid trolling has turned into an annual celebration of the life and contributions of Erik Friborg, and a celebration of the MTGO community as a whole.

Join me for the fourth running of Ham on Wry!

Time: Sunday, May 3th 2015 Noon EST/1600 UTC
(May 4th is a Monday)

0800 1200 1700 2000

Format: Constructed Vintage, X Rounds Swiss, T8

Players 8-16 17-32 33-64 65-128 129-226 227+
Rounds 4 5 6 7 8 9

Announcements and game chat: channel #HAM
Registration is open on Gatherling. Decklists are required.
Intentional Draws are allowed.

Players, pairings, and standings for this Event, along with the current Prize Pool, can be seen here.
Note the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for easy navigation. You can review past events, as well.

Tempest Remastered

You know that I always try to get you guys wazoo prizes. This year is no exception.

From the Tempest Remastered announcement:

"When Vintage Masters released, there was a huge outpouring of enthusiasm from the Magic Online community. People could finally obtain hard-to-find Vintage cards—including the Power Nine—for the first time online. Not only that, but we heard time and again that the set was a ton of fun for Limited play. Our goal with Tempest Remastered is to recreate those great play experiences and get sought-after cards into the hands of players—this time, making Legacy play more accessible to folks who are new to the format."

Since the Tempest Remastered events start the Wednesday following (May 6) this event, I thought that TPR would be a good fit. The good folks at Wizards of the Coast agreed, and have generously kicked in 75 (75!Tempest Remastered boosters!  (30-15-9-9-3-3-3-3)

Any boosters won will be awarded to accounts during the May 6th downtime, so you'll be able to use them in the release events! Woo hoo!

The Slug's looking out for y'all.

Projected Payout:

T58/$5 Bot Credit

10 x $5 Bot Credit Door Prizes

With this much chum in the waters, I expect a large turnout, with a great many sharks. Erik was no carebear when it came to gameplay. In fact, I'd call him downright cut-throat. I expect a significant percentage of players showing up to not be carebears, either.

Once again, to be clear: There will be sharks.

Oh yes, there will be sharks.


The Twitterverse

Magic Online

Other MTG/Wotc


Contact me if you wish to add your event.



Hey man, since getting into by Joe Fiorini at Thu, 04/23/2015 - 15:44
Joe Fiorini's picture

Hey man, since getting into Vintage, I've been checking out The Mana Drain forums a lot. They have forums for decks, strategy, the whole nine yards. They also have forums for Tournament Announcements!

So, I'm going to start a Ham on Wry thread on the Mana Drain, if that's ok with you. I already have an account, so it's easy. If you wanted to do it yourself, that is also an option.

There are a decent amount of MTGO players using the Mana Drain these days, I even post links to my articles there and get good feedback, so I think that this is a good idea.

Thanks for letting me be a by JXClaytor at Thu, 04/23/2015 - 20:42
JXClaytor's picture

Thanks for letting me be a part of the article today blippy, if I ever win another one I'll have videos for you then too :D