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In The Wild?

Here I am again, a Wednesday afternoon, and still no puppy biscuit for the lupine beast lounging outside my metaphorical bedroom door. Nor do I have a biscuit for the actual beast lounging at my feet. Every time I look down, he looks back up at me with those big puppy dog eyes (He's almost four) wanting me to give some attention. But I have to send him away; I have to write this thing, and I only have so much time. Then Missy walks behind me and brushes my shoulder, and what was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah. Writing this thing on Wednesday afternoon. This seems to be par for the course, anymore. I know I'm supposed to be writing about Magic and MTGO, too. But, as you may have gathered last week, my thoughts are far from those little pieces of cardboard that we love so well. I had sleeved up Soul Kisses for the inaugural Modern FNM over at Comic Readers. John had other plans for the evening, so Riddles and I took Little John, and off we trundled.

I did keep notes, but I don't have them here, for reasons that will soon become apparent. I did so-so, racking up a 2-2 record. My mind was on other things, and my play was horrendous. It was Little John that was the star, though: Little John went 3-1, and came in 3rd, on his first solo FNM! Woo hoo!

Come Saturday, I was on the phone with Missy again, chatting up a storm. During the course of all our talks, it was agreed that I'd come out here and visit for a while. Missy lives in a tiny flyspeck of a town, even smaller than Wolseley was. I could bus it to a "nearby" town, but nothing closer than another hour's drive from Tinyville. Anyway, Missy had friends that were coming in from one of those nearby town, and were willing to give me a ride, and whoomp! There it is. Somehow, in the frenzy of packing, I managed to leave my laptop at home, despite packing my speakers and the power adapter. I'm writing this on Missy's tower system, listening to the clack of a full sized keyboard, feeling the resilience of the keys. It's something my fingers haven't experienced in a long time.

Since my arrival here on Sunday night, I've been experiencing a lot of things I haven't in a long time. It's a strange feeling, and I cannot fully explain just how pleasant it is. For example, doing the dishes. Sure, I did the dishes everywhere I've lived. But it was always because it needed to be done, not because I wanted to do it. It feels different clearing the table from a meal that was cooked just for me, chattering away about nothing. Making the bed, another thing that 'needs to be done', is an absolute pleasure when I can smell her on the sheets. I don't have to smoke outside, but I find I enjoy sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette watching the dogs romp about the yard.

Or like a few minutes ago, when Missy asked me to help her with the muffins. Normally, when I'm in the midst of a flurry of words, and my thought train gets interrupted, it irks me somewhat. And I get snappy. Here, it was simply sure!, and now it's a few minutes later, and I'm serenely typing away again.

Every day, I'm constantly amazed at how quickly I'm becoming "re-domesticated." All the daily rituals that I do every day suddenly have a framework to operate in again, and don't feel so empty. A compliment on how clean I got the roaster makes me feel like a million bucks. I'm realizing again why I do the things I do, and it feels good. Things like waking up and making coffee, and seeing her sleepy smile when she comes out and sees it already made. Things like finishing up last night's dishes while she goes to the post office, and hearing the happy "oh!" upon her return. Hanging up pictures while she points and directs. Re-arranging furniture. Cleaning dog poop out of the yard. Tightening the dog run. Doing little "hubby things" about the house and garden.

It's not like this is unreciprocated, either. Missy, too, seems to have very quickly settled into this "domestication," as well! She keeps telling me she's surprised at how comfortable she is with me already, like a well-worn glove, to use her words. It's very easy to be the center of her attention. 

And that is exactly the part that scares me: just how quickly we've grown to be so comfortable around each other. She's out in the yard, cleaning the porch, I'm sitting here in my underwear, clattering at her computer, monitoring the kitchen. A large Rottweiler, named Kat(mandu), is laying on my left. A medium Lab/Boxer/?? mix is on my right, begging for either attention, or to be let out w/Missy. I give his head a stroke and ignore him.

I'm looking out the window, seeing the blue sky, and almost no snow anymore. I can hear Missy clattering on the back porch. I still have some things I want to accomplish before dinner. (We're having meat loaf tonight) Boston, the mix, is whining at me that he needs to go outside. Yep, I can already tell what Boston wants by his whine/snorfle/grunt, most of the time.

Oh, I spoke too soon! Missy's back in from her porch cleaning, and I want kisses.



Overdrive!, which started on July 4th, 2011, is the original Modern format Player-Run Event! In fact, Overdrive! is even older than Modern, having started out as an event in the Overextended format. Overdrive! is a single elimination event: two men enter, one man leaves. Registration is done via Gatherling. You can find more information at the main event thread here



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There was only dial-up internet access here until this past Tuesday, so Overdrive! did not happen this week

Overdrive! will resume on Monday, March 16.




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