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By: BlastodermMan, Carl E Wilt
Jul 30 2015 11:00am
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Sometimes, things come to an end. Not due to any fault on any of the involved parties, but rather, just naturally and organically. We've all either seen this, or will soon see this, in our lives. That friend from grade school? Sure, you were pals, maybe all the way through middle school or even high school. But then life happened. Perhaps one of you stayed in your home town, while the other left for an out of state college, or even a stint in the military. Sure, you always intended to keep in touch, but the new chapter in your life and new responsibilities just got in the way. You will always have those fond memories of your time together. Hell, you may even occasionally see each other during class reunions or random visits back to the old Stomping Grounds. Both of you have moved on. It doesn't just happen with old grade school and high school friends, either. There will be former co-workers, military friends, and lovers that this will happen with throughout life. Sure, there is always the awesome story about that weird psycho guy/gal that you dated and it blew up in spectacular fashion, or that friend/roommate who just completely lost it one day and cops were called and stuff, but that is usually not the norm. 

I've reached that point with Gold Guys. Before I continue, let me give everyone what my final list was:  


As you can see, there were a few modifications and changes. Yes, I did add a couple more expensive cards to the list, but overall, it's still not completely outrageous to put together. I played this at another FNM, and managed to go 4-0-1, with an ID in the finals against the only other undefeated player. Along the way, I got past Goblins, Kuldoltha Rebirth, Zoo, and a Living Twin deck, and overall, I was very happy with the way the deck played. 

I ran the same deck back at a PPTQ the following Sunday. Unfortunately, I can't tell you of amazing tales of victory and glory, as I managed a meager 1-3, DROP from the event. While the PPTQ didn't go as well as I had hoped, I'm still happy overall with the deck. I lost games due to poor mulligan choices, where I kept 2-landers, and bad ones at that since they were both Razorverge Thicket, and failed to draw more lands. While I could chalk it up to simply bad luck in not getting an important third land in a relevant amount of time with my 25-land deck, realistically, I kept a hand with two lands, a Champion of the Parish, Experiment One and a bunch of uncastables, like Mantis Rider and Siege Rhino, both of which required at least two more lands off the top to be playable. And this choice was made on the play in the second game, so I knew what my opponent was playing and was already down a game to boot. And, yes, sometimes you just lose. I played against U/R Twin, and after splitting the first two games, we went on to a third. It was a good game, and well played by my opponent, who was down to chumping near the end, and playing off the top. I was looking for a Siege Rhino to drain him out, or Linvala, Keeper of Silence to prevent his combo, but only got the Qasali Pridemage instead, the worst of my three creature-based answers, to which he had the required Electrolyze at my end step to answer and ran the combo the following turn. It was close, and actually a lot of fun. But match points aren't awarded for fun. 

I would run this again at an FNM, or even another local PPTQ. The deck really is that much fun, and something I enjoy playing with. Alas, though, I feel I've reached the end of any major milestones with it. So, for the time being, it's time to de-sleeve and move on to something new and different. Yes, it's still creature based, and still makes use of Cavern of Souls, but on the affordability scale, both on MTGO and in paper, it is an amazingly cheap deck to build given the usual costs of the format. With a minor amount of searching, there are a lot of Sliver decks out there to be found, with varying degrees of playability. Before I go on, I would like to share a few of the, possibly, better lists I've stumbled upon:  




The top two lists are both decks that got very good results. Going 7-1-1 in day one of a Grand Prix and making Top 8 of an SCG Premier IQ, respectively, are not the type of results to sneeze at. It is also fairly obvious that these two decks have very different constructions and patterns of play. I will get to more of that in a bit. The third deck was purely listed as a test deck. What got me started down this path most recently was a conversation I had with another Magic playing friend. He had seen the Gold Guys deck I was playing, and immediately went to the, "You know, I bet you would like this Slivers deck I've been working on. It's 5-color as well." He did send me his list, although I have not shared it here. 

One of the reasons that Slivers so appeal to me is for the same reason that I have a deep seeded appreciation for Merfolk. Regardless of the colors, it is still basically a Green beatdown deck at heart. Much like the Merfolk decks, Slivers also has the full complement of eight 2-drop Lords to pump up the team. While Islandwalk is not given, so many of the other slivers give such advantages that it is rarely missed. Couple that with the fact that Galerider Sliver grants flying to the team, and it's kinda like Islandwalk. Most of these lists run very few cards other than the creatures, which differs slightly from Merfolk. I'm not convinced that Slivers can't be slightly changed to add more spells and still be effective. 

Before they start diverging from each other, there is a base set of cards that are seen across all the lists, both posted here and others that I found and chose not to post. The non-negotiables are as follows: 

So, starting out, you have 40 - 42 cards spoken for, which includes 15-16 of the creatures. The path you choose from that point is up to you. I'm usually one to err on the side of consistency over diversity, which may or may not be a good thing. I can definitely see where it is a drawback in some cases, as I have fewer answers. But I've always been drawn to knowing how my deck will play out, and what the numbers work out to be. 

One sliver that I think is tragically underplayed from the lists is Diffusion Sliver. In a setting dominated by spot removal, I can think of no card I would want more than that one. The fact that the ability stacks, so things like Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile cost five total mana rather than one with two out can be really obnoxious for many decks. Sure, it doesn't get around Abrupt Decay, but nothing is perfect. I'm still more than willing to run a set of these guys as protection. 

Right now, my online sliver deck is a work in progress. It's not perfect, and more closely resembles my Gold Guys deck than a Merfolk deck. For reference, here is that list:  


I've only had the chance to play a handful of games with the deck in this configuration. I already know I need more white mana sources if I keep the sideboard as is. When this works, it's unreal. When it doesn't, you can almost hear the chuckles from across the globe and your opponent quickly gets the 2-0. Regardless, my next Modern FNM is still a couple Friday's away, so I have a little time to dink around. Who knows, maybe I'll end up with something reminiscent of the old school Counter Sliver decks from long ago Extended seasons:  

Counter Sliver
Extended Sliver Deck, circa 2004
4 Crystalline Sliver
4 Hibernation Sliver
3 Metallic Sliver
4 Muscle Sliver
4 Wall of Blossoms
4 Winged Sliver
23 cards

Other Spells
4 Counterspell
2 Disenchant
4 Force of Will
2 Mana Leak
2 Swords to Plowshares
1 Worship
15 cards
2 City of Brass
3 Flood Plain
4 Island
1 Reflecting Pool
4 Savannah
4 Tropical Island
4 Tundra
22 cards
Crystalline Sliver


No matter how this turns out, or where I end up, I'm sure to have fun. With luck, this will be a successful foray into another deck option. And when it comes to an end, and the run is over, I certainly hope it's because we (me and the meathooks) reach the natural conclusion, and not the psycho deck-throwing kind.

Carl E Wilt



LOVE IT! by mr_roskam at Thu, 07/30/2015 - 14:32
mr_roskam's picture

I've always had a love of Slivers and love seeing all the different lists. Dont forget that Slivers are also Legacy-playable! I took a Slivers list to Day 2 of Grand Prix New Jersey last year! Went 7-2 on Day 1. This is back when Treasure Cruise was legal in Legacy and UR Delver reigned supreme.

I've also got an Anafenza Slivers Tiny Leaders deck.

Anyhoo, I enjoy seeing people still trying new things in Modern. So much untapped potential and FUN decks still out there!

Nice article! I've seen the by olaw at Fri, 07/31/2015 - 07:42
olaw's picture

Nice article!

I've seen the Gold Guys deck around but haven't actually had the chance to put it together. It seems like a lot of fun.

I covered Slivers some time ago but haven't revisited since:
The deck is fun but I also found it quite frustrating. Removal is a real nightmare for the deck and as most of your creatures are 2 mana 1/1s your really need your 2-mana Lords to make your Slivers sizeable. Diffusion Sliver didn't not turn out to be an impressive solution to the removal problem in my experience either.

Collected Company seems like a nice addition to the deck, which seems worth a try. I look forward to hearing your experience with the deck.