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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
May 30 2018 12:00pm
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Dominaria is now in full swing and a lot of folk seem excited. This set had a lot of hype and it appears it was for good reason. Something about Dominaria makes it feel like you are playing Magic like it was almost 18 years ago. I started playing when Invasion came out and I jumped into the previous sets as well. Dominaria has that kind of feel for me and I love it. I even played there Pre Release leagues which I would never do but I had some much fun with the set. This set was even responsible for a friend of mine getting back into magic. We bought a box last night and cracked packs, excited to play again. All of that to say this is a really good set and I like what it has to offer Standard. 

There were a couple paper tournaments and a bunch of other results online. Let's take a look at the metagame and what Dominaria cards are showing up in the top lists. 

First up we have a pretty sweet Blue White Control list. UW has been greatly improved with the addition of Dominaria. This deck has plenty of the new set in both the main deck and the board. First thing we have is not one but two powerful planeswalkers.

Both of these cards provide great things for control. The first is card advantage and the second is a way to take over the game. Let's start with Teferi. His plus one is pretty great and many have compared him to (Ob Nixilis Reignited). There are some similarities but the fact that you get to untap two lands is very good. Being able to play him on turn 5, draw a card, and hold up mana to (Negate), or cast Seal Away sounds like a great turn. His minus three ability is a temporary removal spell and can go very well with Field of Ruin. Then there is his ultimate. You may never need to get there but if you do it can be lights out. You will at least be drawing two cards per turn and removing your opponent’s board. 

Karn is drawing you a card as well, though it is the one your opponent chooses. The good part is that you can get it back if you really need it. His negative two might not be used too often but there are times you can turn those tokens into a win con. He can just tick up to six loyalty the turn you play him and  keep safe due to just having a high amount of loyalty. 

I already mentioned Seal Away but this card is exactly what UW Control wants. A clean 2 mana removal spell that is not easily dealt with when you have a grip full of counterspells.

The rest of the Dominaria cards make their appearance in the sideboard. Pretty much a Historic package. Bringing in History of Benalia, Lyra Dawnbringer, and Raff Capashan, Ship's Mage. The fact that Raff gives all of those cards flash is very sweet and having a 5/5 flyer with lifelink and first strike ambush an attacker is a great surprise for your opponent. History of Benalia is a powerful card giving you extra blockers or even another way to win the game. 

This deck has a lot of action and a good amount of Dominaria cards. The best part of playing a control deck is that you can change it depending on what decks gain popularity in the metagame. So what else do you have to worry about?

As I write this, this deck sits as the most popular deck on MTGO. There is not much to say and even though this deck may not be as popular in paper magic, it still sees a lot of play online. There is no denying the power level of the deck. There are so many times you can steal wins just by getting great hands. The creatures and spells are solid and you still have access to Hazoret. Even with all the white removal a resolved Hazoret can still take over the game. The deck also has no Dominaria cards in it. So, if it is what you like to play and do not have any of the new cards, then have at it. 

Personally, if I had my way, I would play this last deck.

Now this is a deck that I can get behind. There are already a few different lists going around. This one is from the most recent SCG open but this deck is already top 3 in popularity on MTGO. It is pretty much Mardu Vehicles but cuts the red for a much better mana base and to make room for a lot of double white cards.  

                                                               History_of_Benalia  Lyra_Dawnbringer



These 2 are the main players from Dominaria. Both cards are extremely powerful and can take over the game on their own.  Karn also makes an appearance in this deck. Providing card advantage and artifacts that can help turn on your Toolcraft ExemplarScrapheap Scrounger is also along for the ride not only giving Exemplar his buff but also able to crew Heart of Kiran.



This guy is also fantastic. He is usually a 3/2 in this deck and can't be hit by any of the good white removal like Cast Out and the like. With the buff from having a white permanent he can also crew the Heart and he gets the pump from the last lore counter from History of Benalia. 

The rest of the deck is nothing new but together in this shell the cards work so well together. Having access to both black and white also gives you great options for the sideboard.

There are a lot of other great Standard decks out there and I can't wait to see what continues to develop. I will be doing my best to stay on top of the format and bringing you the current meta and latest development. Thanks for reading!