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May 14 2012 12:39pm
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I. Introduction

Welcome to another special edition of Standard Pauper Deck Tech. This series, which originally ran during Season 9 of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, took the winning decklist from each week's tournament and offered an analysis of the components, a quick run-down of the deck's strategy and Sideboard, and a video-cast of a sample match showcasing the deck. While it eventually proved to be too time-consuming to prepare that level of information each and every week, it was also one of my greatest successes as a writer, and one that I enjoy returning to from time to time. For today, I want to present you with a little known archetype that recently took 1st place in SPDC, the sister PRE to Monday Pauper Deck Challenge: Black Green Morbid.

As always in my articles, let me remind you that the goal of this series is to highlight relevant information about the Standard Pauper format from the results of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, commonly referred to as MPDC. MPDC is a weekly PRE featuring a Swiss tournament in the Standard Pauper format, with prizes awarded for the Top 8 finishers thanks to the sponsorship of MTGOTraders. As always, if you've never checked out MPDC, I encourage you to browse over to for all the information and then come join us at 2:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT in the /join MPDC room. Season 16 is quickly drawing to a close, and with the release of Avacyn Restored this upcoming season would be a great chance to experience the spectacular format that is Standard Pauper.

BG Morbid takes its name from the key synergy that the deck revolves around, namely Morbid. For the sake of being thorough, Morbid is an ability word that checks whether or not a creature has died in a given turn and applies a certain bonus if the condition is met. These bonuses are often quite strong, even at Common, and thus worth the extra effort to fulfill the condition. Fortunately, creatures entering the Graveyard is a fairly normal event in this format. Additionally, there are several good means of controlling when this takes place, including removal spells and certain sacrifice effects. Thus, this particular decklist seeks to not only squeeze as much advantage out of creature death as possible, it also employs several different means to ensure this happens. I ended up making a few tweak from the version linked above. Let's take a look at what my decklist looked like.

II. The Decklist

III. Deck Strategies

This deck plays out aggressively, using its early creatures like Fume Spitter and Young Wolf to push in for damage and trade with other creatures. As your opponent begins to stabilize the board, one then uses the deck's suite of combat tricks and removal to keep the damage coming. The average casting cost of the deck is quite low, allowing you to cast both a creature and a spell on almost every turn. Hunger of the Howlpack is definitely an all-star in this deck, allowing you to create a permanent Giant Growth on a creature, effectively transforming it into a very strong threat. Undying Evil also can generate significant advantage when used to bring back Ulvenwald Bear, Gravedigger, or Phyrexian Rager. While one certainly can simply wait for a creature to die to generate the needed Morbid ability condition, one can also sacrifice Fume Spitter (even to itself!) or use Altar's Reap to generate card advantage in addition to fulfilling the condition. Fume Spitter is also quite strong when paired with Sylvok Lifestaff, allowing you to gain Life while also taking advantage of the -1 / -1 counter. And thanks to both Gravedigger and Haunted Fengraf, even when your own creatures die to little gain, it usually does not take long for them to make their way back to the virtual Battlefield.

The Sideboard is currently configured to specifically combat Infect, White Weenie, Mono Blue Delver, and Kuldotha style decks. Ezuri's Archers are quite strong against Delver and WW, providing a blocker that can trade with any of their flyers and an otherwise relevant 1/2 body for . Geth's Verdict and Dead Weight provide additional removal to combat Infect or other creature-heavy decks. Brindle Boar not only helps keep your Life high against decks packing lots of direct damage, but also is an excellent way to trigger Morbid. Finally, Nihil Spellbomb is useful both against Graveyard-recursion decks and as a way of sidestepping Undying triggers, since once can remove the creature from the Graveyard before it returns to the Battlefield.

IV. The Matches

To get a good feel for this deck, I played out two matches in the Just For Fun Room. Unfortunately I was unable to record the audio for the games live, so the video below was created using replays. Nonetheless, I believe these two matches do a good job of showcasing what the deck is capable of.





V. Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this Standard Pauper Deck Tech on BG Morbid. In closing, let me remind you that if you would like a sneak peak at my video content before it goes live here at, you can always browse over to, search for "gwyned42," select one of my video-casts, and click the Subscribe button. You can also follow me on Twitter at the username gwyned42; check out my profile here and click on Follow. Let me extend my gratitude for the great community of Standard Pauper players on Magic Online. More than anything else, it is this great community that keeps me in the game. See you next time!


The introduction is really by evangeline at Thu, 12/12/2013 - 20:50
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The introduction is really great. It sets the tone of what the whole game is all about. - Richard E. Dover