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By: JXClaytor, Joshua Claytor
Jul 19 2019 11:00am

State of the Program for July 18th, 2019
In the News

Throne of Eldraine SDCC:  While the panel isn't being streamed, invitiations to party for the set talk have gone out at SDCC.  The invite featured faeries, and Twitter was excited about that, Mark Rosewater made sure to mention on his Tumblr that the set is not set on Lorwyn and that the creature type isn't as important as people have made it seem.  Prerelease for the set is set for late September.  We'll have more information on it after the panel at SDCC.

Arena takes a Plane-cation: 
Much like with the F.I.R.E Festival going on in Hearthstone, the Plane-cation is a long term event for Arena.  There will be different formats, Guild Battle, Standard Shake-Up and Landfall themed.  Full art basic land styles seem to be the reward for this free event.

Commander themes revealed: 
A distributor in Europe made a product listing for the newest Commander themes.  If the listing is correct, Commander players can expect sweet new decks built around flashback, morph, populate and madness.  As of writing this, the product listing on Blackfire's page has been edited to remove that detail. 

The Timeline

This is a list of things we have been promised, or we just want to see coming back. Another good source for dates and times is the calendar and the weekly blog, while the best source for known bugs is the bug blog which appears sporadically on MTGO.com. Not listed, but important: Wizards offers either one or two online MCQs each weekend, with qualifiers for limited MCQs running the days immediately prior to the MCQ.
Upcoming Events
Scheduled Downtimes
August 14th, 2019
Constructed Leagues End
September 25, 2019
Sealed Leagues End
September 30, 2019
Next B&R Announcement
August 26, 2019

Modern Horizons Ends
August 14th, 2019
Throne of Eldraine
September 2019
January, 2020
Spring, 2020
2018 Magic Online Championship Series and other events
Complete details, including schedule, rules, and which online events qualify you for which online or paper events is here. In addition, Wizards will be offering these special formats:

Limited MOCS Prelim - July 20
Standard MCQ Final - July 21
Magic Online Format Challenges
These are high stakes events that happen every weekend. They cost 25 Tix / 250 play points, and last a number of rounds based on participation (assume 5-8), plus a single elimination Top 8. Details, including prize payouts, are here. Start times are:
Event Type
Start Time
Saturday, 8:00 am PT 
Saturday, 10:00 am PT
Sunday, 8:00 am PT
Sunday, 10:00 am PT
The Hot Take Corner

After playing so much World of Warcraft the past few weeks, I would give almost anything for Wizards of the Coast to come up with a sweet MMORPG with Magic and Dungeons and Dragons properties.  It would probably be easier for it to be based on D&D, what with the establishes classes and all.  There are 12, but I could imagine starting off with 8 or so, and when the massive worlds of D&D were done in the game world, one could open a portal and find themselves in Dominaria.  I think this just expanding Neverwinter though.  Does anyone actually play that game?  I guess enough do, I'm not entirely sure.

So maybe an MMORPG with D&D stuff has already been done.   I do believe that there is enough material for Magic to have their own.  Could start off on Dominaria, then hop to Ravnica for the next expansion, then to Ixalan, Amonkhet, Fiora.  There are for sure enough planes and characters to make for interesting settings.  What would the classes be?  Just basic creature types right?  Then at max levels the players get their spark?  The races could be Human, Merfolk, Goblin, Vampire, Angel, Elf, just the iconic ones, you know?  Hopefully the fine people at Cryptic Studios will get a chance for this to shine. 

So yeah an MMORPG based in Magic would be great!  Has anyone heard about the game that was being tested in the Nordic countries earlier this year? It was supposed to be what Arena couldn't be on mobile devices.  Valor's Reach is what it was called. Is that still a thing?  Has anything else been said about the game that was being made for Mobile battle arena market?  Project M is what I belive it was called?  What about the Magic movie?  Did the Magic movie make a pivot to Netflix?  Gosh, I mean what even happened to the Portal App

It looks like the things WotC is doing, outside of making card sets, Arena and MTGO are all either to new to have much news on, or stuck in development hell, which is unfortunate. 

Cutting Edge Tech

Standard: I enjoy the evolution of the Land deck in Standard. It started off as a Guildgate powered monster, and has now moved on to something with much more consistency with the temples.  Risen Reef sure is a heck of a Magic card, and so is Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

:  Nothing like looking at a classic right?

Modern: I figured that this was at least topical, considering the new set name and such.

Pauper:  Nearly everything in the format is playing snow-covered lands and Arcum's Astrolabe.  I love how Fling is a card in Bogles now. 

Vintage:  I don't think this is a real deck, but it went 5-0, and I am almost sure that win trading is a thing that is happening in the Vintage queues now.
Change my mind.

Winner's Circle

The Winner's Circle is where I will recognize winners of the past events on MTGO.

Legacy Challenge:  Baku_91 won the challenge with Temur Delver
Modern Challenge:  SoftCrew took it down with Humans.
Modern MOCS:  I am not sure who won this, but ZachAttack 23 went 8-0 with Colorless Tron
Pauper Challenge:  Pascal3000 won with Tron.
Sealed MCQ:  IwillCRUSHyou won the event
Standard MOCS:  Matti won with Esper Hero
Vintage Challenge:  JdPhoenix won with Workshops

Around the Web

MTGOTraders YouTube:  Did you know that MTGOTraders.com has a YouTube page with videos added Monday, Wednesday and Friday?  Well if not, now you do, and you can find it here

Card Prices
Note: all my prices come from the fine folks at MTGOTraders.com. These are retail prices, and generally the price of the lowest priced, actively traded version. (Prices for some rare promo versions are not updated when not in stock, so I skip those.) You can get these cards at MTGOTraders.com web store, or from their bots: MTGOTradersBot(#) (they have bots 1-10), CardCaddy and CardWareHouse, or sell cards to MTGOTradersBuyBot(#) (they have buybots 1-4). I have bought cards from MTGOTraders for a decade and a half now, and have never been overcharged or disappointed.
Standard Staples:  War of the Spark cards outside of the ones tracked here are pretty stable at least.  These key rares and mythics are important across many formats, and it's been opened less than what sets used to be opened.    

Standard Cards Price Last Week Change % Change
Arclight Phoenix $24.49 $28.77 ($4.28) -15%
Teferi, Time Raveler $19.13 $16.98 $2.15 13%
Hydroid Krasis $15.86 $18.88 ($3.02) -16%
Kaya, Orzhov Usurper $13.26 $15.67 ($2.41) -15%
Prime Speaker Vannifer $6.55 $7.49 ($0.94) -13%
Seraph of the Scales $7.24 $8.20 ($0.96) -12%
Firesong and Sunspeaker $5.67 $5.67 $0.00 0%
Finale of Devastation $17.31 $19.13 ($1.82) -10%
Karn, the Great Creator $22.41 $17.44 $4.97 28%
Finale of Promise $39.37 $31.36 $8.01 26%
Aggressive Mammoth $5.46 $5.46 $0.00 0%
Dreadhorde Arcanist $16.68 $15.73 $0.95 6%
Skarrgan Hellkite $6.83 $7.46 ($0.63) -8%
Assassin's Trophy $5.30 $4.79 $0.51 11%
Chandra, Awakened Inferno $15.61 $16.75 ($1.14) -7%
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord $20.31 $6.27 $14.04 224%
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer $6.21 $7.23 ($1.02) -14%
Leyline of the Void $7.29 $7.64 ($0.35) -5%
Yarok, the Desecrated $6.72 $3.77 $2.95 78%
Omnath, Locus of the Roil $7.46 $17.82 ($10.36) -58%
Cavalier of Thorns $5.76 $13.17 ($7.41) -56%
Blast Zone $6.63 $5.66 $0.97 17%
Eternal staples:  I am struggling with the best way to split the Eternal staples table.  I think I want to present Modern cards on their own, but that really takes up space, maybe I should limit Modern to ten dollars or more instead of fives dollars.  What do you all think of me splitting Modern cards at ten or more, and adding Pauper at five or more to the Eternal staples table?  Anyways here is this week's Eternal table. 

Eternal Format Cards Price Last Week Change % Change
Back to Basics $7.39 $6.66 $0.73 11%
Cavern of Souls $20.94 $20.10 $0.84 4%
Chalice of the Void $27.08 $23.25 $3.83 16%
City of Traitors $25.83 $25.66 $0.17 1%
Engineered Explosives $11.40 $11.06 $0.34 3%
Ensnaring Bridge $20.38 $21.59 ($1.21) -6%
Force of Will $17.58 $18.62 ($1.04) -6%
Gemstone Mine $18.52 $17.21 $1.31 8%
Horizon Canopy $16.78 $16.71 $0.07 0%
Jace, the Mind Sculptor $27.51 $28.50 ($0.99) -3%
Karn Liberated $14.76 $14.37 $0.39 3%
Liliana of the Veil $24.00 $26.05 ($2.05) -8%
Liliana, the Last Hope $10.25 $10.48 ($0.23) -2%
Auriok Champion $13.37 $9.97 $3.40 34%
Mox Opal $38.28 $36.78 $1.50 4%
Scalding Tarn $14.39 $14.66 ($0.27) -2%
Surgical Extraction $37.39 $42.16 ($4.77) -11%
True-Name Nemesis $31.92 $33.52 ($1.60) -5%
Underground Sea $7.10 $7.91 ($0.81) -10%
Wasteland $17.85 $16.03 $1.82 11%
Mishra's Bauble $18.26 $15.53 $2.73 18%
Snapcaster Mage $8.47 $7.53 $0.94 12%
Trinisphere $5.59 $5.86 ($0.27) -5%
Mox Diamond $17.52 $17.76 ($0.24) -1%
Force of Negation $36.70 $35.67 $1.03 3%
Wrenn and Six $78.88 $88.52 ($9.64) -11%
Prismatic Vista $9.18 $6.12 $3.06 50%
Sunbaked Canyon $4.97 $5.43 ($0.46) -8%
Seasoned Pyromancer $33.83 $28.98 $4.85 17%
Fiery Islet $5.43 $6.21 ($0.78) -13%
Urza, Lord High Artificer $11.11 $13.62 ($2.51) -18%
Ranger-Captain of Eos $6.77 $8.15 ($1.38) -17%
Hexdrinker $8.69 $14.38 ($5.69) -40%
Plague Engineer $15.53 $8.88 $6.65 75%
Standard Legal Sets: This table tracks the cost of a single copy of every card in each Standard legal set, plus Treasure Chests and the current booster pack. I’ll keep tracking these because they are interesting (at least to me).  This is being kept as a small tribute to Pete!  A full week of tracking Modern Horizons has been interesting to me as well.  Between it and War of the Spark, I remain concerned about prices of cards from those sets for players that eventually enter MTGO. 

Complete Set Price Last Week Change % Change
Core Set 2019 $104.74 $101.19 $3.55 4%
Dominaria $24.46 $25.01 ($0.55) -2%
Guilds of Ravnica $61.94 $66.98 ($5.04) -8%
Ixalan $14.03 $16.73 ($2.70) -16%
Ravnica Allegiances $113.08 $118.78 ($5.70) -5%
Rivals of Ixalan $15.65 $15.94 ($0.29) -2%
Treasure Chest $2.39 $2.45 ($0.06) -2%
War of the Spark $177.97 $163.85 $14.12 9%
Core Set 2020 Booster $2.78 $3.31 ($0.53) -16%
Core Set 2020 $142.84 $133.72 $9.12 7%
Modern Horizons $274.95 $273.06 $1.89 1%

The Good Stuff
The following is a list of all the non-promo, non-foil cards on MTGO that retail for more than $25 per card. These are the big ticket items in the world of MTGO.  The list is interesting, at the least. This is interesting to me because a lot of these cards have been reprinted more than once, and they are still commanding a high price.

Name Set Rarity Price
Black Lotus 1E Rare 322.24
Mox Sapphire 1E Rare 166.73
Mox Ruby 1E Rare 116.24
Mox Emerald 1E Rare 115.75
Ancestral Recall 1E Rare 101.18
Mox Jet 1E Rare 95.53
Mox Pearl 1E Rare 84.04
Wrenn and Six MH1 Mythic 78.88
Time Walk 1E Rare 71.6
Liliana of the Veil PRM Mythic 69.38
Lord Windgrace PZ2 Mythic 62.48
Karn Liberated UBT Mythic 57.63
Timetwister 1E Rare 49.08
Liliana of the Veil UMA Mythic 46.38
Dark Depths V16 Mythic 42.49
Liliana of the Veil UBT Mythic 41.17
Engineered Explosives UBT Mythic 40.67
Surgical Extraction PRM Rare 40.05
Finale of Promise WAR Mythic 39.37
Mox Opal MS2 Bonus 38.78
Mox Opal SOM Mythic 38.28
Mox Opal MM2 Mythic 38.12
Surgical Extraction NPH Rare 37.39
Unmask V16 Mythic 36.74
Force of Negation MH1 Rare 36.7
Surgical Extraction MM2 Rare 35.95
Narset, Parter of Veils PRM Uncommon 35.62
Black Lotus PRM Rare 34
Seasoned Pyromancer MH1 Mythic 33.83
Dark Depths UBT Mythic 33.63
True-Name Nemesis PZ1 Mythic 31.92
Liliana, the Last Hope MS4 Mythic 31.27
Noble Hierarch UBT Mythic 30.8
Cavern of Souls UMA Mythic 30.39
Karn Liberated UMA Mythic 30.31
Mox Sapphire PRM Rare 30
Jace, the Mind Sculptor A25 Mythic 28.78
Jace, the Mind Sculptor WWK Mythic 27.51
Jace, the Mind Sculptor EMA Mythic 27.09
Jace, the Mind Sculptor VMA Mythic 26.97
True-Name Nemesis C13 Rare 26.69
Liliana of the Veil MM3 Mythic 26.64
Chalice of the Void MS2 Bonus 26.29
Avatar - Aeon Chronicler VAN Rare 26.28
Chalice of the Void A25 Mythic 26.23
Snapcaster Mage UMA Mythic 26.23
Chalice of the Void MMA Rare 26.07
Force of Will MED Rare 25.95
Expropriate PZ2 Mythic 25.91
City of Traitors EX Rare 25.83
Chalice of the Void PRM Mythic 25.72
Ensnaring Bridge A25 Mythic 25.71
Chalice of the Void MRD Rare 25.54
Wasteland TE Uncommon 25.07
Ancestral Recall PRM Rare 25

The big number is the retail price of a playset (4 copies) of every card available on MTGO. Assuming you bought the least expensive versions available, the cost of owning a playset of every card on MTGO is approximately a number that I cannot figure out still. I have actually asked Pete to do this for me, because Open Office is weird, and I have no idea what I am doing, and I am pretty close to just being a dog in a labcoat.

Nevermind, ignore all of that, Pete got it done for me, because he is just the dang best. The big number this week is 16350.  Last week it was 16187.  Like The Jeffersons, the prices continue to move on up.  It's just a shame that 163 isn't enough for a deluxe apartment in the sky. 
In Closing

Still playing a lot of WoW.  I have really fallen in love with the Mechagon zone.  It's my favorite place since the Timeless Isle, or Island of Giants.  I am playing as a Dwarf Hunter, but have mogged my character to have Zandalari armor, and my pets and armored dinosaurs, with Oondasta and Thok acting as tanks for me.  I'm also streaming more Magic, my prententious goal is to add culture to streams, so I've streamed The Firebird Suite and The Planets recently. 

By the number of viewers I am getting, no one cares about the culture! 

This series is an ongoing tribute to Erik “Hamtastic” Friborg.