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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Dec 01 2011 5:56am
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Here's the decklist:


I decided to try out the Kessig Ramp deck but not the version that won Worlds. I wanted to maximize the number of Primeval Titans so I play 4 Zeniths. Also the Glimmerposts are just insane against any aggro deck, specially Monored. It actually makes Primeval Titan better than Wurmcoil in that match up! Inferno Titan is good as well as Slagstorm but those had to go in favor of less red intensive alternatives. Since flashbacking Devil's Play wouldn't always be an option I decided to take them all out even though I only wanted to take one out. I'll see if I would be able to flashback it during the games to find room for one. The number of Karns, Wurmcoils and Battlespheres might change depending on how good each one is. I do like having some huge threats that are immune to Flashfreeze. I'll also see how often having 11 colorless lands makes me mulligan and/or screws me. Finally in the sideboard I think the biggest difference is the lack of Sword of Feast and Famine but I don't really agree that Kessig Ramp without Dungrove Elder should play them. In the mirror they would be good but Ancient Grudge is there for Nexus anyway so it would be hard to hit with one. On to the matches!

Match 1:

Game 1:

I lost the roll and kept a hand of 2 Copperline Gorge, Rootbound Crag, 2 Green Sun's Zenith, Galvanic Blast and Primeval Titan. My opp mulled to 6, played a mountain and passed. I draw one more Zenith and played Gorge in case he's playing monored. He plays a Rootbound Crag and a Rampant Growth for Forest so it's actually the mirror.

I draw Acidic Slime and play a Zenith for 1 getting BoP. He plays Solemn Simulacrum for Mountain. I draw Galvanic Blast, play my land and pass. He plays a land, attacks with Simulacrum and pumps it with the Kessig Wolf Run he just played. I decide not to kill it for now because he might need the 7th land for Zenith so I take 5.

I draw a Primeval Titan so I pass with no play. He attacks, doesn't pump, plays a land and a zenith for 6 so I concede.

Green Sun's Zenith

Game 2:


Out: 2 Blasphemous Act, 3 Galvanic Blast and 2 Glimmerpost
In: 3 Ancient Grudge, 2 Beast Within and 2 Ghost Quarter

I'm pretty sure I don't want to take out the last Galvanic Blast for a second Thrun but I might even want to keep 2 Blasts and no Thrun just because they kill BoP and Nexus.

I keep a hand that gets me turn 4 Titan which is what you really want in the mirror: Primeval Titan, Simulacrum, Sphere of the Suns and 4 lands. My opp also keeps. I play turn 2 Sphere after drawing Kessig Wolf Run and he plays turn 2 Rampant Growth. I draw Rampant and play Simulacrum and so does he. I draw Galvanic Blast and play Titan getting 2 Nexus. He mimics me again and gets 2 Nexus with 1 and a Kessig already in play.

I draw Zenith and attacked with both getting the last 2 Nexus. He blocked Titan with Simulacrum taking 6 (14) and I played Zenith for another Titan getting 2 Ghost Quarter. He attacked getting his last Nexus and a Kessig and I took it (14). After that he tapped out for another Titan and a Rampant Growth so on my turn I just attacked and pumped for the win.

Primeval Titan

Game 3:

We both kept and I had this: Rootbound Crag, Glimmerpost, Ancient Grudge, Galvanic Blast, Primeval Titan and 2 Zenith. I draw another Crag and played it. He played Sphere of the Suns. I draw Gorge, played it and destroyed his Sphere with Grudge. Strangely he played another Sphere. I draw Simulacrum, flashbacked Grudge and played Zenith for a BoP. He played Slagstorm which he clearly should take out and passed.

I draw another Crag so I had to play a tapped land and couldn't play Simulacrum. He just played Kessig and passed. I draw a Glimmerpost, played Crag and Simulacrum getting a Forest. He played Titan for 2 Nexus. I draw Growth, played Titan for Nexus and Kessig and passed. He attacked, got 2 more Nexus and I put Simulacrum in front of the Titan drawing a Mountain (19). He played Zenith for another Titan and got 2 Kessig.

I draw Simulacrum and attacked getting a Nexus and a Wolf Run. He took 6 (14). I played Zenith for Titan and 2 Ghost Quarters as well as Rampant Growth keeping 1 mana open for Galvanic Blast. He attacked with both Titans and I blocked one so I wouldn't just lose. He didn't pump and I took 6 (13). He tapped out for 2 more Titans so I just attacked for lethal poison.

Inkmoth Nexus Kessig Wolf Run

I really didn't expect to win this one!

Match 2:

The replays show that I'm playing against a U/W Puresteel Paladin deck.

Game 1:

I won the roll and kept 2 Glimmerpost, Forest, Nexus, Rampant Growth, Sphere and Zenith. He mulled to 6. He plays Seachrome Coast and Silver-Inlaid Dagger. I draw Kessig and played Rampant Growth for a Forest. He played a Plains and an Invisible Stalker. I draw Gorge, played Glimmerpost (21) and Sphere and attacked with Nexus (1 poison). He Played Puresteel Paladin and attacked (20).

I draw Blasphemous Act and attacked with Nexus (2 poison). He played his third land and Sword of Feast and Famine and attacked (17). I draw a Galvanic Blast and played Act to stop him from drawing more cards with Paladin and hitting me with Stalker. He played Mortarpod, Mox Opal and equipped the token with the Sword.

I draw a Titan and played it getting 2 Nexus, leaving Sphere mana open in case I need Blast and not playing Glimmerpost to discard it. He played Flayer Husk and equipped dagger to the germ attacking for 4. I discarded the land and he equipped the new germ with Mortarpod. I draw another blast and he play Dispatch on Titan before attackers so blasted the token with mortarpod, activated all 3 Nexus, attacked (5 poison) and Blasted the other germ now that I had metalcraft.

He played Stalker but didn't equip. I draw another Zenith which I played for 5 getting Acidic Slime to destroy the Sword and attacked with 1 Nexus (6 poison). He equipped Dagger, played another Husk and attacked for 4 (8). I draw one more Zenith and played it for Titan getting 2 Glimmerposts gaining 6 life and attacked with Nexus (7 poison). He had another Dispatch for Titan and my eot. He played a land and equipped Stalker with the free Husk hitting me for 5 (9) and equipped the germ with Mortarpod.

I draw a land and attacked with all 3 Nexus. He shoots one with the germ, I pump another with Kessig and he plays his last card: Dispatch so he goes to 8 poison. He equips both Mortarpod and the second Husk to Stalker and attacks (3). I draw a land, activate Nexus, attack with it and Slime and try to pump Nexus but he obviously shoots it with Stalker. He plays a land and nothing else. I draw another land, attack with Slime, play Zenith for Titan and he just concedes.

Inkmoth Nexus

Game 2:


Out: 1 Karn, 1 Myr Battlesphere, 1 Thrun and 2 Wurmcoil.

In: 2 Blasphemous Act and 3 Ancient Grudge.

He kept and so did I: 3 lands, 2 Zenith, Sphere and Blast. He played land and passed and I draw another Sphere, play tapped land and passed. He played Invisible Stalker. I draw a land and played Sphere. He played Sword of War and Peace and attacked (19). I draw a Nexus, played it and played the second Sphere. He equipped and attack gaining 5 (25) and me taking 8 total (11). He played a Mortarpod and passed. I draw Kessig, played Glimmerpost (12) and played Zenith for Slime destroying the Sword.

He attacked for one, played a land and (Eteched Champion). I draw another land and played Zenith for Titan getting 1 Nexus and 1 Glimmerpost (13). He played another Sword of War and Peace and equipped Champion dealing me 8 (5) and going to 27. I draw a land, blasted mortarpod which pinged me (4) and attacked with Nexus, Titan and Slime. I searched for 2 Glimmerposts gaining 8 (12) and dealing 5 poison and 8 damage (19). I took 7 (5) and he went to 22 and played Puresteel Paladin and another Champion equipping the Champion for free. I didn't draw Grudge to destroy Mortarpod and be able to deal lethal poison so I conceded.

Etched Champion

Game 3:


Out: 1 Wurmcoil

In: Tree of Redemption

I figured having a Tree to search for with Zenith would be better than a random Wurmcoil.

I kept Gorge, Nexus, Kessig, Tree, Zenith and 2 Simulacrum. He also kept. I draw Blast on turn 2 and play zenith for BoP. He plays a Paladin, I draw another Blast and kill it right away. I also attack with Nexus (1 poison). He plays Nexus and Sword of War and Peace. I draw Zenith and play a Simulacrum. He plays a Moorland Haunt (no blue mana) and a Sword of Feast and Famine. I draw another Simulacrum, play it and attack for 2 (18), leaving mana for Blast. He plays a Plains, activates Nexus, tries to equip it with Sword of War and Peace, I Blast it in response and he plays Dispatch on my BoP.

I draw another Blast, play the third Simulacrum and attack (14). He plays Champion and equips it with Sword of War and Peace. I draw a Sphere and attack with all 3 Simulacrums to try to make him block one. He doesn't and takes 6 (8). I played Zenith for Slime and take out the equipped Sword. At this point I don't care about Feast and Famine, I just don't want him gaining life. He thinks for a while and concedes.

Solemn Simulacrum

Match 3:

The replays show that I'm playing against Chapin's Grixis Control.

Game 1:

He wins the roll and keeps. I keep this: 3 lands, Sphere, Thrun, Slime and Titan. I draw a land and pass. On turn 2 I draw another land and play Sphere while he plays Desperate Ravings discarding a Mountain. He plays a Darkslick Shores so now he has grixis mana available and passes. I draw a Galvanic Blast and play the Last Troll while he flashbacks Ravings discarding Blackcleave Cliffs.

He plays Olivia Voldaren. I draw another Sphere, play Slime destroying his only blue mana source and attack for 4 (16). He plays a land, shoots slime twice killing it and making Olivia a 5/5 and attacks me (15). I draw a land, play Titan getting 2 Nexus and attack (12). He plays a land, shoots Titan twice and attacks (8). On my turn I just attack, pump troll with Kessig and win.

Thrun, the Last Troll

Game 2:


Out: 2 Blasphemous Act, 4 Galvanic Blast, Battlesphere and 2 Glimmervoid.

In: 2 Thrun, 2 Beast Within, 3 Autumn's Veil and 2 Ghost Quarter.

He keeps and so do I: 3 lands, 2 Sphere, Thrun and Karn. I draw Wurmcoil and pass. He plays a second land and passes. I draw a land and play a Sphere. He plays a land but still no blue mana. I draw Ghost Quarter and play Thrun. Again he plays land but no blue source and no spell and I draw a Zenith. I attack for 4 (16) and play another Sphere.

He misses land drop, I draw Rampant Growth and play Karn exiling a land of his and attack (12). He misses land again and concedes. I'm obviously the best for playing Karn while he's screw and color screw lol!

Karn Liberated

This time I did win the 8 man but I haven't been liking the deck as much as the UWb CawBlade. I got lucky in the mirror while he played very bad and played against a rogue deck and a deck that has a bad manabase, which turned out to win me game 2. I might do this again for this deck but it's more likely I go back to CawBlade or even try another deck next time. I hope you liked it!