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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Nov 28 2011 1:31am
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Here's the list I'll be playing:


I decided to try this out because the deck seemed really cool and that it can do some powerful stuff.



I won the roll and kept a hand with: Darkslick Shores, Seachrome Coast, Island, Think Twice, Snapcaster Mage, Forbidden Alchemy and Midnight Haunting.

He played a Seachrome Coast and passed so it would probably be a control match up. I drew White Sun's Zenith and at the end of my opponent's turn I played Think Twice drawing an Island. I drew another land and passed. Again at my opp's eot I played Alchemy seeing a land, Alchemy, Think Twice and Dismember. I took Alchemy.

I drew an Inkmoth Nexus played it and passed the turn. He plays a Drowned Catacomb showing he also has black and at the eot I played the second Alchemy getting a Sword of Feast and Famine and putting the third Alchemy, Mana Leak and Nexus in the bin. I draw a land and at the end of turn 5 I forgot to flashback Think Twice.

I draw another Twink Twice and pass, still hitting all my land drops. At his eot he still hasn't played a single spell and I play Midnight Haunting with 3 lands untapped to pay for a Mana Leak. The reason is that I'm fine either trading the Haunting for 2 Mana Leaks or a Dissipate or just having it resolve and start attacking him. It resolves as well as flashbacked Think Twice which draws me a Snapcaster Mage.

I draw a land, attack (18) and pass the turn. He passes again with no play and I flashback another Think Twice and play the third from hand drawing 2 lands. I draw a second Sword and attack (16). On his turn he plays Day of Judgment which resolves but at his eot I play Snapcaster and get a second use out of the Haunting. I also flashback Think Twice drawing Consecrated Sphinx.

I draw a land and try to cast a Sword. He Mana Leaks it, I don't pay and attack (12). He plays Day of Judgment and I let it resolve, playing a Snapcaster at the eot to flashback Alchemy that turn and be able to keep applying pressure. I take a Dissipate and let go a DoJ, a land and a Snapcaster. Not sure if I should have taken Tiago Chan here. I draw another Nexus and try to play another Sword. He plays Mana Leak and I pay. I attack (10) and pass.

He plays Oblivion Ring and I allow it, losing my Sword. I draw a DoJ and attack (8). He plays 2 Alchemies discarding 3 lands on the first and 1 land, 1 Ghost Quarter and a Think Twice on the second. He passes without playing a land and I flashback Alchemy taking a Mana Leak over another one, a Doom Blade and a Dismember. My plan now was to fill my hand between this and the next flashbacked Alchemies and my 2 draw steps so that I could try to resolve a lethal Zenith and still have Sphinx to play on my turn.

I draw a Nexus, attacked but he Doom Bladed my Mage. He played another Alchemy discarding Dissipate, a land and Mage and also flashbacked Think Twice. He passed and I went for the third Alchemy flashback getting a Snapcaster over a Haunting, a land and a Leak. I drew a land and passed and he flashbacked his Alchemy discarding 2 lands and Doom Blade. He passed and I played Mage which he allowed and I tried to flashback Haunting which he allowed. I drew another Sphinx and attacked. He tried his own White Sun's Zenith for 3, with 3 mana open. I play Dissipate, he plays his own and I play Leak on his Dissipate so that the Zenith is removed and can't be used again with Snapcaster. He takes 4 (4) and I play one Sphinx.

On his upkeep he has Doom Blade for Sphinx. He plays Oblivion Ring on a Spirit and passes with 5 mana. I draw a Haunting and attack. He plays Snapcaster and targets Alchemy. Snapcasters trade and he takes 1 (3). By not flashbacking Doom Blade he tells me he has Dissipate but I have to try Sphinx anyway because I'd rather get that countered than Zenith and I also don't want him to search for something on that turn when later he will have to use most of his mana to play that Alchemy. He does have Dissipate but I can still go for a big Zenith at his eot.

He plays a land and plays the last card of his hand: a Sphinx. He passes and I check his graveyard. He has 2 Alchemies and 1 Think Twice but only 5 mana so only the Think Twice matters. I have 8 untapped lands. If I go for a full zenith he can flashback Think Twice, topdeck a Mana Leak and I'm pretty much dead after this. But since I also have Haunting I can play around him drawing a 4th Doom Blade of Shpinx + Think Twice. So I play Zenith for 2 and Haunting which he allows. I attack with everything and he concedes.

White Sun's Zenith

Game 2:


Out: 2 Dismember and 2 Day of Judgment.

In: 1 Doom Blade, 1 Dissipate and 2 Azure Mage.

I kept 5 lands including all colors and 1 Nexus, a Leak and a Think Twice. I drew a land and a Dissipate in my 2 first draws and at my opp's eot I played Think Twice getting a Haunting.

I drew a Doom Blade and once again my opp doesn't have any early spells. I don't flashback Think Twice so I don't have to discard. I draw land, land Haunting and do the same play I did in game 1 when I played Haunting at eot with 3 mana left. It resolved and I flashbacked Think Twice drawing another one.

I draw a land and attack (18) and passed. On his turn he misses his 7th land drop for the second turn in a row so he plays Doom Blade on one Spirit so he doesn't have to discard. I play another Haunting and Think Twice drawing Dissipate.

I draw a land and attack (15). He main phases an Alchemy, discards Dissipate and 2 lands but passes without playing a land. I flashback Think Twice drawing a Sphinx and he discards his own Sphinx.

I draw a land, attack (12) and think about playing Sphinx but he could easily make me mana leak his counter and Doom Blade it on his upkeep so I decide not to. He plays DoJ without another land yet so I Mana Leak it.

I draw another land, attack (9) and pass. At the eot he plays Surgical Extraction on Mana Leak which I obviously allow since I have none in hand. He looks at my hand of 2 lands, Sphinx, Doom Blade and 2 Dissipate. He finally draws a land and plays Snapcaster main phase which I allow and he tries DoJ. I Dissipate it and he passes.

I draw a land again, attack (6) and play Sphinx hoping he doesn't have another Extraction so I can protect the Sphinx. He does have it so I just counter it just so I don't lose the other Dissipates in my deck. He does have Doom Blade on my upkeep so Sphinx dies. He plays Oblivion Ring to get rid of a token and passes without attacking.

I draw a Dissipate and attack with the tokens as well as Nexus (4 life, 1 poison). This time he does attack (18) and passes. I draw a land and make the same attack as last turn (2 life, 1 poison). At the eot he plays another extraction on Haunting and I allow it. He also plays flashback Alchemy discarding a land, Mage and Think Twice.

He attacks (16), plays Think Twice flashback and concedes revealing 2 Mana Leak, a Negate and a Ghost Quarter.

Midnight Haunting

Match 2:

Game 1:

I lose the roll, my opp mulligans to 6 and I keep 2 Islands, Plains, Nexus, Zenith, Sphinx and Think Twice which is fine because he's play Solar Flare.

I draw 2 Alchemies and play Think Twice at eot drawing Dismember. I draw a Darkslick Shores which gives me access to black mana and try an Alchemy at his eot taking Mana Leak over 3 lands. I draw yet another Alchemy, he misses a land drop and doesn't even have white mana while I Alchemy again for a Dissipate over DoJ, Nexus and Sword.

I draw a Nexus and he misses on land again so I just keep on playing Alchemy taking another Dissipate over Dismember, Leak and land. I draw a land and he mainphases a Think Twice but still can't find a land so he discarded a Grave Titan. I draw a Haunting and when he fails to draw a land once again and sees the Haunting he concedes.

Game 2:
Out: 2 Dismember, 2 Day of Judgment and 1 Plains.
In: 1 Dissipate and 2 Azure Mage, 2 Ghost Quarter.

I did want to have at least one out for Sphinx but I'm not sure if I should also leave DoJ for Grave Titan. I sided in the Ghost Quarters because even though he's 3 colors, I saw Nephalia Drownyard in one of the replays.

He puts me on the play which is very wrong and I mull a one lander and keep Seachrome Coast, Nexus, Think Twice, Mana Leak and Dissipate. He keeps his 7. I draw Haunting and Catacomb and play Think Twice on his eot drawing Alchemy. I draw Glacial Fortress so I play a tapped land and pass. He plays Nephalia.

I draw Think Twice and he plays a land and passes so I play Alchemy taking a land over 2 Alchemies and another land. I draw another Think Twice and he mills me 3 lands. At his eot I flashback Think Twice and play another one drawing 2 Hauntings. On my turn a draw a Sword so I just pass and he mills me Dissipate, Leak and land.

I play and flashback Think Twice drawing Dissipate but on my turn I finally draw a land. I play Sword expecting it to get Leaked which I wouldn't pay for, just so I don't have to discard. He allows it and mills me 2 lands and a Doom Blade. At his eot I play Haunting because I have 2 more in hand and also because I don't think he has Mana Leak but he does Leak it.

I draw a land and he mills me Mage, Haunting and land. Now here's where the game changed. I played Haunting at his eot and he Leaked it so I just paid 3. He plays Snapcaster for leak and that does resolve but leaving him only having one untapped land. I draw a land, activate Nexus, equip it and attack for 3 poison. I float 3 mana, he discards Mage and I plays Haunting with that mana. I equip one token and pass.

He plays an Alchemy mainphase discarding a land, Grave Titan and another Alchemy. He taps out for an Unburial Rites from hand but I just Mana Leak it. At his eot I flashback a Think Twice drawing a Snapcaster. On my turn I draw Azure Mage so I play it, activate Nexus, equip it and attack with Nexus and the tokens. I equip a token again and pass. He plays Ratchet Bomb and I Dissipate it because I have 2 more and a Snapcaster in hand. He tries to play a Sphinx, I counter it and he just concedes.

Sword of Feast and Famine Inkmoth Nexus

Match 3:

Game 1:

He's playing Naya Pod. I lose the roll, he keeps and I mulligan a hand of 2 Sphinx, Sword and 4 lands and keep a hand with no white mana, Dismember and Alchemy.

He had no play turn 1 and I draw a land. He played Green Sun's Zenith for 1 on turn 2 to get a Birds of Paradise and I Dismember it right away. I draw DoJ and on his turn he plays Palladium Myr. I draw a Mana Leak and pass. He plays Solemn Simulacrum, attacks (14) and I play Alchemy taking a Plains over another one, Dissipate and Haunting.

I Draw Think Twice and play a tapped Catacomb. He plays Birthing Pod with more than 4 mana available so there's no point in Leaking. He uses it to get an Acidic Slime out of Solemn destroying a Darkslick Shores and leaving me with 2 Nexus and 1 Catacombs in play. I tapped it for mana to play Think Twice Drawing a Glacial Fortress and he attacked (12).

I draw a Sphinx, play a Plains and pass. He turns the Slime into a Primeval Titan getting a Nexus and a Kessig Wolf Run. He plays another Solemn which I Leak and he passes. I draw another Leak, play Glacial Fortress and DoJ. However on his turn he has another Slime which turns into Titan and the game is over when I draw another land.

Birthing Pod

Game 2:

Out: 1 White Sun's Zenith, 2 Forbidden Alchemy, 1 Sword of Feast and Famine and 3 Dissipate

In: 1 Day of Judgment, 1 Doom Blade, 2 Flashfreeze and 3 Divine Offering.

I have to mulligan since my hand is 5 lands without black, Think Twice and Sword and mull into 2 Leak, Nexus, Glacial Fortress, Flashfreeze and Sword. He kept his 7.

He has a turn 1 BoP and I draw a Haunting. Turn 2 he plays Rampant Growth which I decide to Leak or else he would ramp out of Leak range soon with me needing lands and he also plays another BoP. Turn 3 I draw Divine Offering so I miss my land drop. He plays a Solemn and I Leak again for the same reason and he plays the third BoP.

I draw Snacaster and Flashfreeze his Titan. I finally draw a land but it's a Nexus and he plays Zenith X=6 getting Slime and destroying my only colored mana source so I play Haunting in response. I draw a Doom Blade and attack for 2 and one poison with Nexus. He plays Birthing Pod turning the Slime into a Titan and he's now with no cards in hand.

I draw a Darkslick Shores and kill his Titan. But when I think I might be able to comeback to the game if I draw a white source the following turn, he topdecks another Zenith and I just concede.

Acidic Slime

The deck proved to be a good, being able to beat control easily. The Pod match up seems pretty good actually but I was just really unlucky that round. My round 2 opp was also unlucky but game 2 we did get to play and even though I was somewhat screw I still managed to win.


I also would like to start something if enough people are interested: a 3 card blind game of the vanishing type!

For those who don't know it works it's simple:

You submit a deck consisting of 3 cards.

You start with all 3 cards in hand, no mulligans allowed.

The results are always the same per deck, your play skill doesn't matter. The games are played with perfect information with all cards revealed.

Each deck plays each other 2 times, one on the play and another on the draw. A win gets 3 points, a draw 1 and a loss 0.

You don't lose when you can't draw a card (this doesn't eliminate the draw step if for some reason cards return to the library).

If a spell or ability contains a random element, like flipping a coin or choosing a card at random, it's automatically locked in as whichever option would be in that opponent's best interest. Basically you always lose coinflips, ignite memories would always hit the lowest casting cost card, etc.

With all matches scored, the player(s) with the highest point total or tied for highest are declared the winners, and each card in a winning deck is added to the ban list for all subsequent rounds, unless:

 - it has the "Basic" supertype (basic lands, snow-covered lands);

 - it has the "Land" type and the phrase "storage counter" in its text box (the three cycles of storage lands from Fallen Empires, Mercadian Masques, and Time Spiral, plus City of Shadows).

Every round that ends with a 5 or 0 is a special round and I make special rules for it.

Now this could be done in Standard, Modern, all the cards (including Un sets and cards like Gifts Given) or some other restriction. What do you guys think? Is anyone interested? Which way you prefer? Have any doubts? Please leave your opinions and questions in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like it.


Ummm..... Caw? by BlippyTheSlug at Mon, 11/28/2011 - 12:57
BlippyTheSlug's picture

Just a nitpick, but I don't see a single Caw (bird) in the deck? I thought "Caw" - by definition - meant bird...

about the name of the deck by TugaChampion at Mon, 11/28/2011 - 13:15
TugaChampion's picture

The reason me and other people call this caw blade is because it's similar to the caw blade deck. Just like people keep calling RW deck boros or UWB esper even though the sets with the guilds and shards aren't even legal in Standard!

I don't think "Caw" ever by greyes3 at Mon, 11/28/2011 - 17:24
greyes3's picture

I don't think "Caw" ever meant bird specifically. I was always under the impression it was the sound a bird would make, and just helped make a good name for a deck with Squadron Hawks in it. This is a really nice report by the way. I try and stay away from 8 mans because the EV just isn't as good as DEs, but I do sneak some in on occasion.

I also think your match 3 sideboarding plan should have possibly been different. I like the 7 cards you're bringing in, but I'm not sure about the ones you're taking out. Perhaps just taking out the 4 Haunting and 3 Swords would have been stronger, and allowed you to play a more controlling position. Sphinx/Snapcaster/Zenith can certainly go the distance by themselves, and if you've got more counters you're eventually just going to shut down all pod's threats. Testing would have to confirm this, but it seems like the route I'd go.

I prefer DEs too but I by TugaChampion at Mon, 11/28/2011 - 17:50
TugaChampion's picture

I prefer DEs too but I haven't been able to play much and this time I was only able to join an 8 man, which was about to fire, instead of waiting about 2 hours for the daily and play for 3+ hours after that.

Maybe you're correct. It's just that I haven't played many times against Pod that I'm still learning the match up.

A new name by Enjambment at Mon, 11/28/2011 - 20:27
Enjambment's picture

Since the Caw in Caw-Blade originally replaced the Draw in Draw-Go, and given that your Sword carriers are mostly at instant speed (with early permission up), I say we put the Draw back in the Caw and call it "Draw-Blade."