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By: Plainswalker83, Marcus Brunstetter
Nov 08 2017 12:00pm
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This week I did some video on the Monument deck. First up is a video deck tech.

I wanted to test the deck out and show you what it could do as well. Here are two matches in the Tournament Practice Room for now.


So as you can see there is some room for improvement. There are some strong points and there are some weak points as well.

Some are the strengths are it's ability to go toe to toe with with most creature decks and other "fair" decks. It can also very quickly snowball into a huge board presence that your opponent cannot deal with. The life gain is also great to have in the main deck and it gives you a great edge against burn and other aggro decks.

Sadly there are some weaknesses as well. The biggest one being that it has no game against combo or unfair decks game one. Another weakness is sometimes your draws are just very weak. There may not be a way to fix that but there is a way to fix against the more powerful Modern decks. The sideboard has so many options and I believe through testing I can work out some version that I am happy with.

I will continue to test this deck along with some Soul Sister variants that I will most likely try out next week. Hopefully in a Modern League.

I am continuing to pick up cards for Commander and looking forward to eventually having a deck to play for the format. Next time I will work to bring you better quality videos in a more competitive setting. This return has been slower for me but I hope to get back to at least compete in leagues and have fun brewing and tweaking different decks. You all have been a huge help thus far and I look forward to diving into the community more.

Thanks for reading/watching and until next time!