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By: NextLevelMTGCoaching, DJ Mayer
Oct 26 2011 9:04am
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 Standard Testing Session #1


           Hello guys. I recorded some games with almost the same Solar Flare list that Christian Valenti piloted to a 2nd place finish at a recent 5K.  For reference here is the list.


I recorded these a few days ago. They are a couple of games with Solar Flare versus random decks. I wrote a lot about Solar Flare recently in my blog and I really feel the deck is well positioned in the current format.   I think it has a favorable match-up versus Wolf Run Green, and also versus the Blue Black Control decks.  I really hate Unburial Rites in this deck. It just feels that it is variance village, and that its only really good when you mill it + a 6 drop with Forbidden Alchemy, or have it in your hand, and Alchemy away a 6 drop. The problem with the second scenario, is that you will most likely want to keep the 6 drop off of Alchemy. I really think this deck wants 4 Oblivion Rings because it is impossible to beat resolved Planeswalkers. I also disliked the main deck Batterskull, and wanted a 3rd Day of Judgment. The main deck Timely Reinforcements felt very unnecessary. I had the 1 Visions of Beyond in the list because it is a card that cycles early game, and can be flashed back with Snapcaster or played late game for the draw 3 versus control decks. I always wanted the 4th Snapcaster Mage in the main. I was also not very fond of the main deck Phantasmal Images. They are good versus control decks, and probably strong versus Wolf Run as well, so they may be warranted. 

 Vs 3 Color Pod


 Vs 3 Color Pod (part 2)



 Vs UWB Geist



Vs RG Wolf Run Aggro



 Vs RG Wolf Run Aggro (part 2)


So as you can see, I learned a lot about this deck. Next week I will be running an updated list through a few 8 mans/ Dailies.

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Thanks for watching, and be sure to leave your comments/ feedback below so I can learn how I can make your viewing experience more enjoyable