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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Mar 15 2009 9:35am
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After talking to my good buddy IDropShot about standard and what he has been running for a bit he mentioned Esper Reveillark and how it plays out.  The more I listened the more interested I became and wanted to try it out.  So I went and got the cards and begain making the decklist and came up with this and quickly entered 2-man queues to truly test the deck.

Aponzb (Mono Black)

We start off by setting up our mana base and he gets a head start with a Nekrataal equipped with Loxodon Warhammer and began launching jabs at each other, I quickly gained footing by playing a Sower of Temptation to take control of Nekrataal.  After locking board up I quickly began giving him 1-2's to the face, eventually the steady combos were to much and he was KO'd.

no changes in sideboard

I came out the gate swinging, I smelled blood and I wanted to win the match before he gained any footing.  I started with a Kitchen Finks and began the jabs, he quickly jabbed back with a Nekrataal wasting no time I threw a haymaker in the form of Path to Exile removing the Nekrataal and hit with a right hook.  He mustered up enough strength and stuck me with a solid jab Shriekmaw, I came back at him showing no mercy with a Sower Of Temptation getting board advantage once again.  I landed the final uppercut when he put up a Hypnotic Specter to block,  but I knocked it down with the uppercut Path to Exile for the win.

Sergey_S (WB Tokens)

He had a awesome start with Knight of Meadowgrain, Tidehollow Sculler and finally dropping a Cloudgoat Ranger. My creatures couldn't stay alive for long and with his fast start and beefy creatures he landed a Ajani Goldmane to seal the deal.

-4 Kitchen Finks
+4 Thoughtseize

I started off with a jab straight to the jaw Thoughtseize targeting Cloudgoat Ranger. And began with my combos jab, hook, uppercut hitting him to the face and body changing it up so he has trouble setting up defense Cryptic Command bouncing anything that lands on board and Path to Exile leaving him defenceless.

sideboard the same

He came out the gate mad, and unleashed a furry of punches in the form of Knight of Meadowgrain, Mutavault, and Kitchen Finks.  I tried to set up a defence with Sower of Temptation but kept meeting Path To Exile.  Eventually he dropped a big bomb Ajani Goldmane and his offence was to much for me, it was over before it even started.


Well the report here is pretty much the same I guess against WB tokens it all depends who gets a quicker start.

So the match up is kinda 50/50

The Pig (WB Tokens)

We started off trying to get the feel of the others deck by playing Tidehollow Sculler he ripped my Path To Exile I ripped one of his Cloudgoat Rangers.  He then became offensive with a Knight of Meadowgrain, I couldn't get anything to stick to match up against the knight and eventually he goes for the kill with two back to back Cloudgoat Ranger with Ajani Goldmane leading the pack.

-4 Kitchen Finks
+3 Countersquall +1 Reveillark

Was the same as last game I started off quick and began beating his face with three Knight of Meadowgrain and Tidehollow Sculler,  He managed to stabilize and regain footing with a Cloudgoat Ranger and a Ajani Goldmane locking me down completely not drawing into any anwsers I was quickly overran by a army of little kithkin.

At this point I want to add in some Fulminator Mages to disrupt mana bases, but as I looked at the deck in deck editor I noticed I forgot to add in Wrath of God. (Yes I know I am  a fool but honestly who hasn't forgotten to add in a card once or twice in their magic career??)

Mike1919 (5CC)

I went strategic on this game by countering and making him discard cards with Esper Charm then eventually started my beats with Lark.  He later tried to regain footing and land a Cloudthresher but I crushed him with a Cryptic Command countering and returning lark to bring 2 Mulldrifters into play he scooped after.
-3 Knight of Meadowgrain
+3 (Thoughtsieze)
This round he dominated I got stuck on four lands and he played all his drops eventually (Cruel Ultimatium)ed back to back for the win
-3 (Thoughtsieze) -1 Path to Exile
+4 Runed Halo
Deja Vu he got me top decking and landed a Cloudthresher, I quickly scooped since he had 7 cards in hand with thresh in play I knew I had no chance.
After a bunch of deck mess ups and losing a bunch of times I got sick and tired of the deck and stopped playing it.  And learned a valuable lesson double check your decklist to make sure you have everything you need in there, it will help you save face and possibly save you in the match.  Until next time Good Luck Have Fun and Happy Gaming


What about a W/U build? by Rerepete at Sun, 03/15/2009 - 16:21
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Great article.

If you dropped the black from this build, I think it might be interesting. In place of the 17 cards you lose (9 main, 8 side), I would probably add Martial Coup (Coup for 5+ with Lark in play, nets 7+ men); Turn to Mist to "blink" the Lark (or Mulldrifter) at 2nd main phase; increase Archmage and perhaps add Spellstutter Sprites and Faerie Trickery for a more controlling build.

UW lark by TheUsualSuspect at Sun, 03/15/2009 - 21:12
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about 2 weeks ago I won a Daily event running U/W lark its is a decent deck and gains some stuff from not running black. lately I've seen a few other of the top standard players testing around with U/W lark too so its definitely a viable deck.

nice by Salgy at Sun, 03/15/2009 - 23:29
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awesome i will test out U/W Lark and see do a break down of both decks. thanx for the tip guys:)

I play esperlark and i was by Ethan (not verified) at Thu, 05/14/2009 - 14:48
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I play esperlark and i was wondering why you have no stillmoon cavalier in your deck it is very very very good agains almost any deck (-RDW)

against* by Ethan (not verified) at Thu, 05/14/2009 - 14:49
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