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By: phe0bus, David B Strimple
Nov 09 2011 1:42pm
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It has been a while since I have produced an article for PureMTGO.  I played a fair bit of M12 over the summer and I even wrote three draft articles, but they all seemed the same and they seemed irrelevant.  It took me a while to get into the Innistrad.  The flip card concept seemed only somewhat interesting, I must admit.  Before I did this, my second draft, my only experience with the format was listening to a set review on Limited Resources Podcast, I think I read most if not all of LSV's set review articles, and I played in one other Swiss draft.  I knew when the draft was nearly over that it was the worst draft I had every done, and that I would be very lucky to go 1-2.  I didn't. I went into the last round without winning a single game, facing an opponent that was also winless.  That person had a much better deck than mine and easily beat me. I wasn't discouraged.  I've figured out formats faster than most, so I gave it another try. 

With the word FOCUS in mind, this is my second draft.


Round 1, Game 1

Round 1, Game 2

Round 1, Game 3

Round 2, Game 1

Round 2, Game 2

Round 2, Game 3

Round 3, Game 1

Round 3, Game 2

Round 3, Game 3


Well, I have learned quite a bit from this draft. 

1.)  Bloodcrazed Neonate, whose name I couldn't be bothered to look up while I was making and editing the videos, is NOT GOOD.  I will never pick it over Rakish Heir again.

2.)  2x Harvest Pyre and 2x Corpse Lunge is horribly difficult to make work.  They still worked, but it was hard work.  At least I could count on having a Neonate in the graveyard most games.

3.)  There were plenty of other lessons dealing with the flipping mechanic, but that is something that you just get used to over a few games. 

Of note:  Olivia only won me one game.  The rest was won by other vampire combinations, mostly.   The Vampire deck was pretty fun.  I liked having a cards like Vampiric Fury and Nightbird's clutches do some work for me. 


Bloodcrazed Neonate is one of by char49d at Wed, 11/09/2011 - 14:53
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Bloodcrazed Neonate is one of the worst cards, in that it is always terrible for you and great against you. My opponents always have it when I am on the draw with a slow hand, and when I have been forced to play it I draw it on turn 8.

In many ways it is like champion of the parish. I just lost a draft where 3/3 games my opponent led off with champion turn 1. It isn't like white has a ton of 1 drops where champion is bad or unplayable, and when you curve out with humans it is quite good, but he always had the absurd champion into human, human, human hand that beats you, even though champion as late as turn 3 or 4 is bad.

I've started drafting blue more and more (I've done a lot of drafts, over 30) because GW levelers is insanely overdrafted and silent departure/grasp of phantoms owns that deck.

I definitely agree with you on Harvest Pyre and Corpse Lunge, I generally only want 1 of those in my decks unless I have a self-mill theme. Olivia Voldaren is also nearly unstoppable, nothing deals with her except Smite the Monstrous (after she has used her ability) or Prey Upon, or something like Slayer of the Wicked. Worst card of the set from a limited perspective by far, every time I've had to play against it I lost.