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By: CottonRhetoric, Cotton Rhetoric
Jul 01 2020 12:00pm

Did you have fun with Legacy Cube this past month? Me too! But let's gear up for Vintage Cube, an even nuttier format, with a wishlist of powerful and/or ridiculous things we want to achieve. See how many you can "unlock"! Note that WotC hasn't yet posted the list of this season's updates, so a few of these many be obsolete.

Asterisks are ones I've done myself—check out the screenshots when provided! Some are pretty wild.



  • Bring the opponent to 0 life while they have 0 cards in library.*
  • Win while the opponent has 0 permanents.*
  • Win on a mull to 4.*
  • Win multiple trophies in a row.* (My own record is 4.)
  • Prevent the opponent's turn 1 kill.* (Common ways: counter their Tinker; make them discard their Channel; Swords to Plowshares in response to a Lightning Greaves equip; etc.)

    Soulfire Grand Master



    Consecrated Sphinx











  • Channel: use to cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.*
  • Channel: use to cast a fatal X spell.
  • Garruk, Primal Hunter: use to draw 15 cards from Emrakul.* (The funniest thing about the time I did this was it actually helped me to win and wasn't just showboating; Emrakul on the board wasn't itself enough to guarantee a win, but this drew me the Dismember I needed.)
  • Plow Under: cast 3x in one game.* (This on the other hand was probably showboating. Still, it got the concession.)
  • Manifest and flip a creature with CMC at least 8.*
  • Craterhoof Behemoth: attack for at least 150.* (The most common way this happens is Tooth and Nail for him plus Avenger of Zendikar.)
  • Use Whisperwood Elemental to manifest a 9+ drop—and pay to flip it.*
  • Use Beast Within to disrupt an insta-win combo (such as Splinter Twin).*
  • Bad beats Oath of Druids: draw your last remaining creature the turn it was about to activate.*
  • Bad beats Oath of Druids: your first revealed creature is second-to-last from bottom, causing you to lose on milling before the creature can win.*



  • Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast: use the ultimate to copy Myr Battlesphere.* (As you can see in the screencap, I had even more value from the other Daretti's ult, and Recurring Nightmare, but I'll be the first to admit how superfluous that all was.)
  • Kaya, Orzhov Usurper: -5 for lethal. (I once got my opponent to 15 exiled cards, thanks to Kaya and their own delve cards, but she died before I got a chance to activate her ultimate.)
  • Actually steal and keep something with Dack Fayden's ultimate.* (This is harder than it sounds, since most spells that target creatures in this format also kill them.)
  • Have Nicol Bolas, Dragon God gain the abilities of three other planeswalkers.*
  • Pernicious Deed to destroy every nonland—except your planeswalkers.
  •     Mindslaver
  • Hardcast Progenitus.
  • Use Expansion to "counter" an opponent's Time Walk.




And the most important achievement of all... have fun cubing.
Love, Cotton.