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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Jan 02 2015 1:00pm
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I'm still playing the same list with 3 Griselbrand and 2 Show and Tell in the maindeck:




I mulligan to 5 and kept a decent 5. He's on Dredge and on my first draw step I find the second mana source to play Oath. He dredges 2 Cabal Therapies and 2 Bridges and evokes an Ingot Chewer. I decide to not FoW it, although I'm not sure it's correct. If he had one more Bridge or one less Therapy it's obvious I don't here I don't know. The following turn he makes a bunch of tokens but he can't give them haste so I get Griselbrand and draw 14 cards. I Brainstormed and it found me Time Walk and Time Vault. I played both and on my extra turn Yawgmoth's Will allowed me to play Key and win the game.



I had a hand capable of turn 2 Oath with FoW to protect it but against Dredge on the draw, especially after SB, it's not good enough since the cards that deal with hate also deal with Oath. My 6 cards hand had no action but it had 2 Leyline so it was good. He started with Bazaar and he tried to destroy one of my Leylines but I had Spell Pierce. On his turn he tried again and he succeeded. I drew Tormod's Crypt and played it. The following turn he had Chain of Vapor for my Leyline so I had one turn with just the Crypt. He dredged some stuff including two Fatestitcher and in response to Unearth, I exiled his graveyard. On my turn I played Leyline but I had to give him one token and he activated Bazaar in response. I drew another Leyline but I didn't want to play it right away because I had to give him a second token and since I had a Misstep I could protect the one Leyline. He played Therapy and I wasn't sure what he would name so I Missteped it. I decided to use Time Walk to see if I could find anything so I wouldn't have to give him a second token and I found another Crypt. I drew Ancestral which got me Mystical Tutor that I used to get Show and Tell. On his turn he played Chain of Vapor but when I Missteped that he conceded.



Turn 1 Oath with FoW is obviously good. My opponent tries to play Young Pyromancer and Time Walk but I FoW the Time Walk and he doesn't have his own FoW. I get Griselbrand and draw 7 finding Time Walk. On the extra turn another 7 cards don't find me anything to seal the game but I have a bunch of counters so I don't need to go to 4 life and pass the turn. He plays Preordain, I Misstep, he has his own Misstep but I have a second. I attack for 7 again and on his upkeep I Decay Pyromancer and win on the next turn.



I keep a hand with no blue or black mana but capable of playing Oath on turn 1. He plays Delver on his first turn and that makes my hand much better. I draw a fetch so I'm able to play Thoughtseize before Oath. He has FoW, Flusterstorm, Spell Pierce and 2 lands so I obviously take FoW and play Oath. I draw 7 and find Time Walk as well as a bunch of artifact mana but because he has Flusterstorm I don't want to play Time Walk now. His Delver flips showing Misstep but he doesn't want to draw that so he shuffles with his fetch. I Decay the Delver so he doesn't chumpblock, attack and pass. He gets Pyromancer with Oath and passes. I attack and play Time Walk. He tries Pyroblast which I Misstep, he Spell Pierces and I pay 2 and his last card is Flusterstorm but I have enough to pay and win the game.



I keep a 6 card hand that needs to find something with Ponder. I found 2 lands and Demonic Tutor so I kept. He played Black Lotus, Preordain, Ancestral and Time Walk on the first turn and Strip Mined me turn 2. I tried to play Sol Ring but he had Misstep. He drew even more cards with Treasure Cruise and I Tutored for an Oath. He continued to play card drawing spells and countered my Oath. I drew another one but he had another FoW. I tried a desperation Yawgmoth's Will to play land and Oath from the graveyard but he had Flusterstorm. He played a Delver and a Bolt to my face and the following turn killed me with attacks and another Bolt.



I had a turn 1 Oath and it resolved. However he played a turn 1 Containment Priest with Black Lotus. My only Blue/Black source was Orchard so I tried Ancestral first but he had the Misstep. After this he also had Cage so I thought my best option was to go for Time Vault. I played it and it resolved. I drew a land and passed. He attacked me down to 5 and played Pyromancer so he had more than lethal for next turn. I played Vampiric Tutor on his end step and he responded with Gush but the Tutor resolved. I obviously got Key and tried to Thoughtseize him. He had Misdirection and I discarded Show and Tell. I played Key and he conceded.

It was a crazy one and I thought I was gonna lose.



I drew Oath on the first draw step but I decided to wait, even though I could play it on turn 1 with FoW protection because Brainstorm could find me something else and he had 2 blue mana available. After the Brainstorm I knew my next draw so I decided to go for it and it resolved. He played the Priest and on his end step I Decayed it. He had no other Priest or Misdirection and I got my Griselbrand into play. I drew 7 and passed the turn with several counters in hand. He tried to play Treasure Cruise, I Mana Drained and he responded with Flusterstorm. I could pay for it with Black Lotus but first put an Ancestral on the stack and he conceded.


I was paired against a friend and we split.

This was the first DE on Tuesday, the last day that I could qualify for the Vintage Championship and after several DEs going very poorly, I finally was able to qualify. I hope you enjoyed this.