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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Jan 08 2015 1:00pm
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I'm still playing the list from the last article:




I played turn 1 Oath with Orchard on the draw because he was tapped out but he had FoW. He played Young Pyromancer and passed. I drew a second Mox and played Jace which would basically be a 4 mana Brainstorm and gain me 3 life. He decided to FoW that as well. On his turn he played a bunch of spells making several tokens. He didn't have lethal but he was close. On my turn I topdecked Show and Tell and I even had Mana Drain to protect it but he didn't have anything. His last card was a Trygon Predator and I countered it. On my turn I drew Time Walk and that allowed me to win.



I could play a turn 1 Oath but I didn't have Orchard. However I had Black Lotus, Vampiric Tutor and Yawgmoth's Will so I think the hand is good. He had Spell Snare for Oath and I drew Sol Ring. I didn't need it so I played it as bait and he Missteped. He played Pyromancer and I responded with Vampiric getting Ancestral. He FoWed my Ancestral but when I played Yawgmoth's he conceded.



I had Ancestral and 2 Misstep so I was very likely resolving it making the hand good. He started with Gemstone Mine into Dark Ritual. I Missteped and he did as well but my second one resolved. I resolved my Ancestral but I didn't have any interaction if he had anything the following turn. He only had Tolarian Academy without any artifacts. I drew a Mana Drain and passed. He played land and Time Walk and the following turn played 2 Dark Rituals into Memory Jar but I countered the Jar leaving him with one card in hand. I had 5 colorless mana to work with and started by Brainstorming. I found Jace, FoW and Top but I couldn't cast Jace. I saw Orchard with Top so I Thoughtseized him taking Burning Wish, drew Orchard and played Oath. On his turn he drew Burning Wish and played it but I decided to be safe and FoW that. I Time Walked and searched for Yawgmoth's with Demonic Tutor. Yawgmoth's was basically a 5 mana Time Walk because I didn't find any artifact mana but on my second extra turn I drew Key so I was able to win with Vault and Key.



He started with his own Orchard into Ponder so Oathing would be more difficult. But my hand didn't have any of that and instead I would likely be trying to Show and Tell. I started by playing Mox and Key and followed with Thoughtseize seeing Petal, 2 Dark Ritual, Tinker and Mind's Desire. I'm not sure if this was correct but I took one Dark Ritual because I could Misstep the other one and that put him far away from Mind's Desire. He also couldn't Tinker yet and if he found something that allowed him to play it I had FoW. He tried Dark Ritual but I Missteped it. I drew Tolarian Academy so I played Show and Tell and it resolved. I put Griselbrand into play but he also put Necropotence. I drew 7 and passed with 8 life. He played Petal and put himself at 10 life with Necro so that he would survive my attack at 1 life. He played Ancestral which I allowed because I thought he needed very specific cards and my counters were worth more than 3 random cards. I did counter his Nature's Claim on his own Necro with Misstep but this one I'm not sure I should have. After the attacks I drew 7 and found Demonic Tutor and Time Walk and it was over.



My hand wasn't great and I was counting on Ponder to find me something but he had Duress and took it. I drew Griselbrand so now I could Mystical Tutor for Show and Tell. He didn't have a land and only a Top so I went for it. Both resolved and I put Griselbrand but he had Memory Jar to put into play as well. I drew 14 cards and played Rebuild. He cracked Jar in response and I played Top and Vault and passed. On his turn he played land, Lotus and Yawgmoth's. I FoWed, he Mana Drained and I FoWed back. On my turn I found Time Walk and I was able to seal the game.



He started with a Preordain and I Thoughtseized him seeing Tinker, Memory Jar, Mox, Brainstorm and Demonic Tutor. I took Tinker because if he draws a land and plays it, I can't stop that. He played his Mox and passed and I played Sol Ring and Oath but he had Mana Drain for Oath. He drew a land and was able to played Memory Jar and passed. I played Yawgmoth's and took out his Demonic Tutor leaving him with just Brainstorm. I played Oath and passed. He played Brainstorm and in response cracked the Jar but I Missteped. I didn't get any FoWs from Jar so he could do as he pleased. All he could do was playing Inquisition of Kozilek and Mana Crypt. At the end of turn he discards Swamp, Tainted Pact, FoW and Mind's Desire. He only had 5 mana left so he obviously shouldn't have played Inquisition and just try a Desire with storm count 3. We were in a topdeck war and he drew Tainted Pact stopping at a Key. I Missteped the Key and the game went on. I drew Jace and it resolved finding me a FoW and Orchard. I Time Walked once and played the rest of the game with several counters in hand.



My first hand wasn't bad but I knew I was playing against Delver and I didn't like it in that match up, especially on the draw. The second could easily win but could also just lose to a few bad draw steps and two Missteps. I drew Black Lotus followed by Ancestral. He Iced Orchard on my upkeep and I cracked Lotus for blue playing Brainstorm first drawing Jace, Tolarian and Vampiric Tutor. I think I played this turn wrong. I put back Rebuild and Jace but I should have put Mystical Tutor instead of Jace and just go for Jace there. Instead I shuffled Jace and put Demonic Tutor on top and when I played Ancestral he had Misstep. He passed again without playing anything and I played Demonic Tutor for Oath. I drew Key and played Oath but he had FoW. He played Treasure Cruise leaving Tundra untapped and on his end step I playing Vampiric getting Griselbrand. I played Show and Tell and it resolved. I drew 7, he played Swords to Plowshares and I drew 7 more. I played a couple Moxes and Oath. I FoWed his Pyromancer and got Griselbrand into play but I had to pass the turn. I Missteped his Swords and Mana Drained his Bolt. He had Spell Snare for Mana Drain but I paid 5 for FoW and won this war. He had one card in hand and drew another for his turn. He played Ponder followed by Treasure Cruise and a Probe. After this he played 2 Bolts and won.

I think I was very unlucky to lose this game but there are a few things I could have done differently. There was the Jace play, which I think it was certainly wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have countered his Pyromancer but that has the risk of him maybe just needing to resolve one removal spell on the creature I block to win. And I could also allow Swords to resolve making me gain 7 life and take 4 from his attack but with only one Griselbrand left that's also a risk because I might mill too much stuff. I don't think any of those plays is the clear correct one, except for the Jace one.



I had Library in hand which is especially good in post sideboard games. I obviously didn't Misstep Preordain because of Library and on the second turn I allowed him to resolve Delver. I Missteped his Cage but when he played his own Misstep I didn't fight back. I Thoughtseized him and saw Gush, Treasure Cruise, Swords and Pyromancer and took Cruise. I played Oath and passed. His Delver didn't flip and he played Pyromancer and Gush as well as Mox Pearl. On my upkeep I Decayed the Cage and hoped for no Containment Priest or Misdirection. He didn't have any of those and I got Griselbrand. I drew 7 and in response he played Swords. I Missteped, he Pyroblasted and I Missteped again. I passed the turn with 2 counters available. He drew a useless Cage and on my turn I attacked and drew 7, know I could put another Griselbrand into play if I didn't find anything. I found Yawgmoth's and it was over.



He saw my hand with Probe and it was decent but not great. It had 2 Oaths but no Orchard but it also had FoW and Key. My first draw was Time Vault so I had that option and he didn't know about it so I resolved Key on turn 1. He played Cage on turn 2 and I drew Show and Tell. I played Oath and it resolved. He played Pyromancer and passed. I was hoping to draw a land to win right away unless he has 2 FoWs but I drew Flusterstorm instead so I started by Brainstorming. I didn't find any lands but I found a Decay so now my plan was back to Oath. He played Black Lotus and Treasure Cruise but I Flusterstormed. He Bolted me and passed without attacking. I Decayed the Cage and got my Griselbrand and drew 7. On his turn he played Ancestral, I Missteped, he Pyroblasted and I Spell Pierced. On my turn I attacked, drew 7, played Vault and won.

It's always great to 4-0 and even though I won 2-0 the first three rounds, I think I had some very interesting matches.

On a different topic, the Vintage Championship didn't go as planned. I started 0-1 but managed to win 5 in a row. I lost the last two but the last round didn't matter because I would make top32 anyway and I couldn't top8 anymore. The tournament had 134 players which was much more than I was expecting so I'm hoping that is a good sign for Vintage on MTGO. LSV won it all so congratulations to him. I was going to make a tournament report of the event but MTGO only saved 2 rounds of the event. I hope you enjoyed this.