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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
May 01 2015 11:00am
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I made some slight changes, adding 1 Flusterstorm maindeck instead of 1 Mana Drain and replacing Swan Song in the side for another Flusterstorm:



I had a good hand with Orchard, Oath and FoW but my opponent never showed up and I won the match.



I had Mox Sapphire, Mox Pearl, Misstep, Mystical Tutor, Decay, Thoughtseize and Demonic Tutor which is not horrible but I think I can do better with 6. If I had a cantrip or the Pearl was a Jet or a land that was able to get me black I would keep. I was rewarded with a turn 1 Oath with Orchard without any protection. He had nothing and conceded on his turn.



I didn't know what he was playing but I checked his latest tournaments and he had been playing Shops. He could obviously have changed decks and be playing a blue deck so siding in the Shops hate against those would be bad but I thought it was more likely that he was still on Shops so I used that info. My 7 card hand could Vampiric for Orchard and play Oath on turn 2 but that plan is very weak against Shops on the draw, especially after sideboard. My 6 wasn't very good but it had some mana and that is a good thing against Shops. He started with Mox, Cage, Workshop and Metamorph making another Cage. I played land and Mox and passed. He played Revoker naming Griselbrand instead of the Mox I had in play, which I think was a mistake and followed it up with Sphere. I drew Show and Tell to go with the Griselbrand in my hand and hoped he didn't have more disruption. He attacked with Revoker and Factory and on his end step I Decayed his Revoker. On my turn I played Show and Tell to put Griselbrand into play and he conceded after drawing.



I've played my opponent several times and he was on Dredge before and he does begin with turn 1 Bazaar. I played Pearl, Sol Ring, Underground Sea and Demonic Tutor to get Snow and Tell so I could play it on the following turn. I played Sapphire as well to keep Flusterstorm up. I could have searched for Black Lotus to played turn 1 Jace but that is not great against Dredge. He activated Bazaar on my end step discarding Bridge and two Trolls so would be able to dredge a lot on his turn. He activated again on his upkeep and after his draw step he had almost half of his deck in the graveyard. He put one Narcomoeba in play and had 3 Cabal Therapy and 2 Bloodghast in the graveyard but he only had one Bridge and couldn't play another land so he passed the turn. I played Show and Tell for Griselbrand but he also put a 13/13 Troll. I drew 7 and found Time Walk and Time Vault. I played Time Walk and passed but I had one mana left that I probably should have used to Ponder. I attacked and he blocked. I drew 7 finding Tolarian Academy but nothing else relevant. I played Ponder and didn't see either Yawgmoth's Will or Key so I shuffled and drew 7 more still not finding those. I played Jace and Brainstormed finally finding Key which allowed me to win.



My initial hand had no hate and not even any combo so it was an easy mulligan and I kept Yawgmoth's Will, Fow, Misstep, Ponder, Tormod's Crypt and land. He started with Bazaar and drew Mox jet. I played Ponder seeing 3 lands so I shuffled. I drew another Fow and played Mox and Crypt. He activated Bazaar discarding Therapy as the only relevant card. He played Undiscovered Paradise and Nature's Claim on my Crypt. I Misstepped and he activated Bazaar. He played his own Misstep and I let it resolve but Forced Nature's Claim. I drew Griselbrand and passed. He played Chain of Vapor on Crypt and I decided to activate it in response since he already had a Troll there. I drew a land so I used Yawgmoth's Will to play just the Crypt. I could have waited one more turn so I could get at least a land and Ponder out of Will but giving the Dredge player 2 activations of Bazaar + a draw step without any hate is very risky. He activated Bazaar discarding Troll, Bloodghast and Therapy. He didn't dredge on his turn and played Undiscovered Paradise getting Bloodghast back. I opted not to crack Crypt in response because the 2/1 doesn't seem great here but he does have Nature's Claim to force me to sacrifice it. I drew Leyline of the Void but I had only 3 lands so I passed. He used Bazaar discarding nothing relevant and leaving him with 0 cards in hand, before Paradise returned to his hand. He opted to not use Bazaar on his upkeep and drew a card. He did activate it on his mainphase discarding 3 lands and attacked. I found a Mox so I was able to play Leyline. He attacked and passed and I drew Jace and bounce his creature. He passed and I activated Jace seeing all 3 Griselbrand and both Show and Tell in my hand before returning two cards. I played Show and Tell putting Griselbrand into play and he conceded.



I could play turn 1 Oath with FoW back up but since he had mana to play a possible Flusterstorm, I decided to wait one turn to have access to my own Flusterstorm. He played land and Time Walk and I Flusterstormed that. The replay gets bugged here but I untapped, played Orchard and Oath, he tried FoW it and I FoWed back. He conceded after drawing on his turn.



My only land was an Orchard but I had two Oaths, FoW, Spell Pierce and Thoughtseize and I was on the draw so I kept. He played land, Mox, Preordain, Mox Ruby and another Preordain. I drew Sol Ring, tried to Thoughtseize him and it resolved seeing Pyroblast, Recall and two lands. I took Recall and passed. He just played land and attacked. I drew a land and decided to play Sol Ring before Oath. It's bad if he has Misstep and it might still be wrong to risk it but it was only one draw step and if it resolves, I'm obviously better with Sol Ring in play already as I don't have more mana in hand. Both Sol Ring and Oath resolved and he conceded after drawing.

This was a pretty straight forward 4-0 with everything going right for me. My opponent didn't show up round one and I won the three rounds I played 2-0. Workshops is a good match up and I had an unbeatable draw on the play game 1 while game 2 he didn't have the right disruption and naming Griselbrand instead of Mox Ruby cost him one draw step but I would likely still win that game. Dredge is an even better match up because I can actually race it and with 6 hate cards it's very easy after sideboard. Delver is also favourable for me and I had good draws against which allowed me to win  easily. I also had to make some calls that it's hard to tell if they were correct or not but they all turned out great for me. I'm talking mainly about the mulligan decisions in round 2 and sideboarding against Shops without being sure if he was actually on Shops. I hope you enjoyed this.


I'm surprised to see you put by Clan Magic Eternal at Fri, 05/01/2015 - 14:09
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I'm surprised to see you put up Vintage again - I guess your cold streaks of not moneying in like 10 events in a row is over? Actually I'm more surprised you are never putting up any of these 1-3 events, as it would be interesting to learn from mistakes as well. It's boring to see how you steamroll people and how you advertise your deck as amazing, when in fact you never show us how it works on a cold streak and how games cannot end in your favor.

My cold streak of 10 events by TugaChampion at Fri, 05/01/2015 - 17:17
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My cold streak of 10 events was mostly playing Modern with 1, maybe 2 Vintage events.

There are mainly 2 reasons I haven't been putting Vintage:

1) It's the format I've written the most, so I wanted to give it a break.

2) I have been playing it less often due to real life stuff.

Also when I go 1-2 or 0-2, I drop (or forget to drop and timeout or concede the match), so it's less matches played. I guess this one is also just 3 matches, but that leads me to the next point:

I have put some 2-2s in the past. The minimum I want to do is 3 rounds in an article but when I do poorly I prefer putting the 2-2s as it appears as a do or bust in the last round and I think that's more interesting.

I do try not to put the ones I steamroll my opponents often but sometimes it's cool to show what is the best a deck can do.

For reference - this was by Clan Magic Eternal at Sun, 05/03/2015 - 18:50
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For reference - this was youhavenogame... no idea why he did this from our account...


I didn't take it the wrong by TugaChampion at Sun, 05/03/2015 - 19:02
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I didn't take it the wrong way, I did tell him during mocs season 4 that I was on 9 or 10 DEs in a row without a 3-1. And I understand why people would like to see games where things don't go well.

You don't miss the miser's by Joe Fiorini at Fri, 05/01/2015 - 19:47
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You don't miss the miser's Gaea's Blessing/Memory's Journey that is common in Oath lists? I've sided mine out before, but I've always felt like I wanted it some of the time.

Of course, some hands it just doesn't matter. My ability to draw "I win" hands declined enough that I've put the deck on the back burner.

I even had two Misdirection in my list once, and Abrupt Decay always got the best of me.

I used to play 1 Gaea's by TugaChampion at Sat, 05/02/2015 - 02:50
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I used to play 1 Gaea's Blessing when my list had only 1 Show and Tell and 2 Griselbrand in the maindeck. I had one of each in the sideboard and I was siding those in literally in every match up taking Gaea's Blessing out when I did that. Obviously Show and Tell gets better when people bring hate but it's still good in the first game so I decided to just move them maindeck. That means cutting Gaea's Blessing, otherwise I start having too many cards that are just good when I'm comboing (Blessing does cycle and that's the main reason I prefer it over Journey).

I have lost the ability to "just win" several games because I don't have Blessing, but I don't think I have actually lost a single game because of it yet (I might be forgetting but if it did happen it wasn't more than once or twice). I do remember a game where I missed most of my deck and almost everything relevant. I still had Time Walk and I would easily win the match if I drew it but I didn't after drawing 7 cards and playing Ponder with 4 cards left and ended up winning with 0 cards in the library. Getting an extra turn would have been much safer because he had some way to gain life, Deathrite Shaman I think.

I wouldn't mind trying 1 Misdirection in my list but I haven't had much trouble with Decay. It is a really good answer but it's not that common because BUG decks are not very popular.

I've lost exactly 1 game in by TheKidsArentAlright at Sat, 05/02/2015 - 03:03
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I've lost exactly 1 game in well over 100 because of not having one. Had 2 Griselbrands in hand, rolled the dice, and the 3rd was the actual bottom card of my deck.

Yeah, having Griselbrand out, by Joe Fiorini at Sat, 05/02/2015 - 05:22
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Yeah, having Griselbrand out, not much else matters.

I always hated milling my timewalk AND my Yagwill though, the blessing made that much more unlikely. Space it tight though.

I think the more experienced by TugaChampion at Sat, 05/02/2015 - 05:58
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I think the more experienced the player is with the deck, the less he needs something like Gaea's Blessing.

I played blessing a lot back by Cownose at Tue, 05/05/2015 - 11:40
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I played blessing a lot back in the day when the creature package consisted of Akroma/Razia/Spirit for the Night and you needed it because they got killed a lot, but with the better win conditions we have now I think the (very) marginal win % you gain by having them is far outweighed by how often you draw a dead card.