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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Jun 29 2015 12:00pm
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List updated with Hurkyl's Recall in the SB:



All we played for the first four turns was lands and a Mox each. At my end step he tried to resolve Thirst for Knowledge which I tried to Mana Drain. He had Pyroblast and I allowed that to resolve. Still with Thirst on the stack I played Ancestral and he had a Red Elemental Blast but I Forced it and I drew Vampiric, Oath and Orchard. His spell also resolved and he discarded Colossus. On his turn he played Jace and Brainstormed passing the turn with three cards in hand. I made a mistake here: I should have used Vampiric to get Flusterstorm as that would stop him if he had one counter. I played by playing Oath and it resolved. I followed it with Time Walk which also resolved. I finally played Orchard, tapped it and passed. I put Griselbrand into play and Vampiric allowed me to get Yawgmoth's, draw 7 and when I played it he conceded.



I had a crazy hand with 2 Mox, fetchland, Sol Ring, Black Lotus, Brainstorm and Jace. He played Library and passed. I drew Griselbrand, but I was one mana short so I started with Mox and Sol Ring. I played Lotus cracked it for blue and played Brainstorm drawing another fetch, Mox and Decay. I put Decay and Mox Jet back. I played Jace and it resolved. I cracked the fetch, Brainstormed seeing Oath, Orchard and Show and Tell.  I put the fetch and Griselbrand back and passed. He drew a card with Library, destroyed my Jace with Red Elemental Blast and passed. I played Oath with Orchard trying to bait a counterspell but he didn't play any so I followed it with Show and Tell which also resolved. He put Dark Confidant into play and I drew 7. I had access to FoW, Flusterstorm and Misstep after playing Sapphire so I passed the turn without playing anything else. I had used several of the fast mana already so drawing one more plus Time Walk with another 7 was very unlikely. He revealed a Mox to Confidant, activated Library and played 3 Mox and Academy. He played Ancestral with two cards left in hand. I Flusterstormed it and he played a Brainstorm but found nothing that could save him so he conceded.



I played Ancestral on turn 1 and played 2 Mox. He played Bazaar of Baghdad and passed. I played Brainstorm and he activated Bazaar in response. I saw enough mana to hardcast Griselbrand on the following turn. He activated Bazaar on his upkeep but still didn't find any dredge cards. He played Undiscovered Paradise and evoked Ingot Chewer. I paid 5 mana for FoW and used Therapy but missed. I untapped Griselbrand using Key to untap Mox Jet so I could have 4 black mana. I drew 7 and played Mox and Sol Ring. He activated Bazaar but still no dredge cards. He played a second Bazaar but he didn't even bother using Therapy. I attacked, played Top and Misstepped is Misstep. I looked at the top 3 cards, shuffled them with a fetch, drew 7 and found both Time Walk and Demonic Tutor which was enough to win.



I kept a hand with Leyline, Oath and Orchard and it even had Flusterstorm to protect the Leyline. He started with Bazaar and had Mana Confluence on turn 2. I drew a Mox on turn 2 which allowed me to play Oath with Flusterstorm up. He didn't find anything to stop me and when I started drawing cards with Griselbrand he conceded. I did see Leyline of Sanctity on his exiled zone so if he had it on his opening hand this could have been more difficult and if we had to play a game 3 I would probably bring in some number of Nature's Claim.



I played land and passed. He played Ancient Tomb, Memnite and Skullclamp. I responded with Ancestral and Forced the equipment. Since I had a Mox now, I used Vampiric on my upkeep to get a blue card for my second FoW and I choose Rebuild because it could also be useful to cast. I played Mox and Oath. He attacked, played Gaea's Cradle and Tangle Wire. Tangle Wire wouldn't hurt me that much but I wanted to have access to mana on my turn after drawing cards so I countered it. I drew 7 but nothing that allowed me to take extra turns. I Thoughtseized him taking Karn, Silver Golem leaving him with 2 Tangle Wire and Wasteland. He played Tangle Wire, Wasteland and Signal Pest. I drew one card with Library and Decayed the Tangle Wire. On my turn I attacked, drew from Library, drew 7 but found nothing useful. I didn't think I could lose the game with FoW in hand but I played Show and Tell anyway to get an untapped Griselbrand. He also put his Tangle Wire and I passed. He drew and conceded.



My hand lacked green mana but it was pretty good if I could draw it. He played Wasteland, Mana Crypt and Ravager which I countered. I drew Vampiric Tutor, play a land and passed. He played Sol Ring, Ravager and Wastelanded me. In response I tapped for black mana and searched for Black Lotus. I played Lotus and used it to cast Oath and Nature's Claim on Sol Ring which he sacrificed to the Ravager. On his turn he sacrificed the Crypt, attacked for 3 and sacrificed Ravager to itself. After this the replay gets bugged but didn't have mana for some time and eventually I found Orchard and won.



My first hand is very close to being good but without blue mana and knowing I was playing against Shops, I couldn't keep it. I think I would keep it if I didn't know what I was playing against. My 6 wasn't great, but it had Lotus so I could play most things, even if he played some Sphere effects. He started by playing 2 Mox, Chalice on 1, Workshop and Thorn. I didn't counter Chalice because both 1s I had in hand were basically FoW fodder. The Thorn also doesn't stop me from casting most stuff so I decided to let it resolve. I drew Jace making the Thorn fantastic but that happens. He played another Thorn and this time I countered because that allowed me to draw a land and cast Jace and if I let it resolve, I can't cast FoW without using Lotus. He had a Porcelain Legionnaire as well and Wasteland. I topdecked Oath and played it of Lotus. He played Ravager, attacked and sacrificed both creatures. We played draw go for a bit and I drew Orchard and played it. He used Wasteland and I tapped it in response. On his turn he played Revoker and Batterskull. I milled Time Walk and Time Vault so I would need some mana to play Yawgmoth's Will and those cards.  I drew a Mox and played it. He passed the turn and I drew Mana Crypt. I attacked and played that so that I could play Jace on the following turn. He attacked and that put us both on 15. I lost the flip, played Jace, bounced the Revoker and drew 7. I passed without attacking and he played Revoker on Jace. He played Sphere and I Forced it. I attacked, played Yawgmoth's to flashback Time Walk but forgot about Chalice so I couldn't play Time Vault as well. On my extra turn I Decayed his Revoker, bounced the Germ token and put him to 1 life with FoW in hand. He drew his card and conceded.



I had to mulligan but my second hand was very close to being perfect. If it had a second blue card instead of the second Oath it would be insane. He started with Factory, Mox and Cage. I drew Nature's Claim and played Mox, Orchard and Oath. The following turn, however, turned the game into very bad for me when he Wastelanded my only green source and played a second Cage. I would need Hurkyl's or maybe Rebuild to get out of this. I drew a fetch and he played Revoker on Sapphire. I passed and he played Tangle Wire. I used Nature's Claim to kill the Revoker and the game went on for some turns with him just attacking. With Tangle Wire on 2 counters, he played Golem but I had found a blue card to FoW. However, he played another Golem on the following turn and I drew nothing relevant. When he played Tangle Wire I don't think I had any more outs and even without that my draw would not save me.



I played a fetch and passed and he played Factory, Lotus and Golem. I responded with Ancestral but I didn't find a FoW. He played Chalice on 0 after that. I drew 2 Mox which was pretty bad but I could still play land, Sol Ring and Oath. He attacked me for 5, played Workshop and Ravager. He activated Factory and sacrificed it to Ravager (he later told me he misclicked and that he wanted to sacrifice both creatures to make a 4/4 Factory). Without the Factory for pressure he opted to keep both creatures alive. I put Griselbrand into play and drew 7. I found Hurkyl's, played it and that allowed me to play all those Mox but I didn't really draw any action. I also made a pretty big mistake here. I should have played Orchard to stop him from triggering Oath. It wasn't me forgetting that Oath would trigger for him, it was me forgetting that playing Orchard stopped that. He got a Revoker out of Oath, played Ravager and Chalice for 1. I responded to Chalice with Vampiric to get Yawgmoth's Will. I played Yawgmoth's and Academy which gave me enough mana to do everything but I forgot to Decay the Chalice before playing Key. I was still able to Time Walk but I gave him one turn. It didn't matter and I won anyway but these two mistakes could have cost me the game and I need to pay more attention. His misclick also influenced the game but without Golem, I could have played Vampiric for Show and Tell and still get Griselbrand. I think the game would have actually been easier but obviously he doesn't know what I have so the play he wanted to make was better without full information.

Despite some misplays, I was able to 4-0. I was already very ahead when I made these 2 in the last game so those weren't likely to matter but the one I did in the very first game could have been bad. We also got to see an unusual version of Shops that was more like an affinity deck so that's cool. I hope you enjoyed this.