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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Jul 27 2015 11:00am
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No changes from the last time:




My initial hand has the Vault Key combo but it's slow so it's not as exciting. However, having Yawgmoth's Will means I can try it once more so I kept it. I played Key on turn 1 and he just played two lands. My second draw was a Mox which helped speed things up and made him have either Force or Mana Drain for my Time Vault. He did have Mana Drain and I passed. He didn't use his extra mana and just played a land once again. I used Vampiric Tutor at his end step to get Oath and played it of Orchard. It resolved and he played his own Vampiric which I thought would get Decay but it was only Ancestral. He resolved Ancestral, attacked, Bolted the token and played Mana Crypt. I played Will and he responded with Snapcaster on Ancestral. He found nothing to stop my Will and I started taking infinite turns.



He started with Library and I played Vampiric on his upkeep to at least make a possible Misstep worse. It resolved and I got Show and Tell. He activated Library, played land and Preordain before passing the turn. Even though I had FoW in hand, I couldn't possibly wait because with Library active, it only gets worse for me. By going for it now, I also dodge Mana Drain and other possible counters so his only out is Force. Show and Tell resolves and he puts a land into play which he uses to cast Brainstorm after I drew 7. I Misstep it paying life because that stops Library and because I had Flusterstorm in hand. On his turn he plays Gush, activates Library and plays Jace after playing land and Mox but I have FoW. He passes and concedes after I resolve Time Walk.



I passed with one mana untapped and he played Mox, Sol Ring, Academy and Lodestone Golem. I responded with Brainstorm but didn't find Force. I put Flusterstorm as the last card I would draw, wanting to shuffle it with Vampiric. I played land and passed. He played Wasteland and used it right away. I floated mana and he tried to go to the attack phase so I had to play Vampiric for Black Lotus. He attacked and played Steel Hellkite. I was just dead there so I conceded.



Library isn't great against Shops but the hand was decent and it was still better to play it on turn 1 instead of Underground Sea. He started with Black Lotus, Wasteland and Golem and with Hurkyl's in hand I could actually let it resolve but it's still pretty bad. I would allow a Sphere but Golem I don't think I should. He played Chalice for 0 and passed. I draw Mana Crypt, play land and pass. He destroys my land and plays Thorn. I start missing land drops and even worse, drawing some 0s while he drops Sphere effects and after drawing 3 Mox in a row including a Library activation, I was done.



He starts with Delver which doesn't flip and I play Oath on turn 2. He has Force but I respond with my own. Sadly, he has Pyroblast and wins the fight. He flips Delver with Bolt and I'm out of action now. He Bolts me and I Decay the Delver when he attacks. He had one card in hand but it was Dig, which for some reason he played in response to Decay. He played another Delver and passed while I drew another land. He revealed Misstep and played Gush. I drew two Griselbrand in a row when I already had one and he put me down to 3 life. My final draw was Library and I conceded.



I had a pretty good hand and passed with Island untapped. He played Preordain and passed. I drew Sol Ring so I played Mox, Ring, Academy, Ancestral which resolved and Show and Tell with Flusterstorm to protect it. It wasn't necessary and he conceded after seeing the Griselbrand.


He was 0-2 and he had told me he would concede in the end but I guess he didn't want to play anymore because he conceded the third game right away.



I was on the draw but my hand was fantastic with turn 1 Orchard + Oath and Force. I was a bit scared when he started with Dark Ritual because it could be a combo kill with Force as well but it was just to play Hypnotic Specter. I played Oath and he attacked making me discard Flusterstorm at random. He played Dark Depths (which was a mistake since I'm very close to 100% winning this game and that just gives me more information) and passed. I put Griselbrand into play, drew 7 and passed. He played Dark Ritual and Demonic Tutor. After seeing his deck he conceded.



I had to take a mulligan but I had Ancestral and Force in hand. He had Black Lotus into Necropotence which I Forced. He also he Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves. I drew 3, played Mox Ruby and passed. He played Duress and took my Oath and destroyed my land with Strip Mine. I played Thoughtseize but he only had a land. He drew Hymn to Tourach which made me discard Yawgmoth's Will and Show and Tell, leaving me with a Mana Drain I couldn't cast. I drew Mox Emerald, played it and passed. He passed and I drew Time Vault. He played Vampiric getting Helm of Obedience. I drew Misstep and passed and he drew Leyline of the Void. I drew Thoughtseize and lost. It was a very frustrating game because he had several pretty good topdecks in a row while I drew Misstep one turn too late and any blue source would allow me to counter his stuff,



I had a fantastic hand with turn 1 Show and Tell for Griselbrand. He did have a decent way to fight that by putting Pithing Needle into play naming my demon. I Misstepped his Duress and drew Decay so one more land and I could draw several cards. He played Dark Confidant and I found my land. I drew 21 cards but I needed either one more mana or simply a blue mana to win but I didn't want to risk going to 3, even though I could Nature's Claim my own Mox to gain some life. He played Duress and I Misstepped. He played the second and conceded after seeing my hand.

I was able to 3-1 this one. The first round went very well as my opponent didn't draw enough counters while in the second one I took a frustrating loss against a good match up. I know Chalice is a beating sometimes but it is much more frustrating when you have nothing that costs 0 when they play it and after that you draw a bunch of those. Round 3 I was lucky I was paired down but I was still a favourite for game 3. The last round was against a strange deck and I seem to have the advantage but the deck can certainly steal games. I hope you enjoyed this.