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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Oct 16 2014 12:00pm
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I'm still playing the same decklist from before:


Match 1 Game 1:


I had turn 2 Oath and he wasn't able to disrupt me so I won easily.

Match 1 Game 2:


I resolved Oath but he had Young Pyromancer in play already.  When he played Time Walk and a few other spells, I was going to die before getting my next turn.

Match 1 Game 3:


I played a turn 1 Oath but he had a sick turn with Young Pyromancer, Fastbond and Nature's Claim for my Oath. I couldn't draw anything relevant and easily lost.

Match 2 Game 1:


I had Time Vault and Voltaic Key combo on turn 2 against dredge.  I was able to win the first game which is not common against dredge. It was even better than winning on turn 1 and because this I know I'm against dredge.

Match 2 Game 2:


I kept a 6 card hand with no mana but with Leyline. He had Nature's Claim for my Leyline but I had Mental Misstep. Sadly he had his own Mental Misstep so my Leyline was history. I drew a land but it was Library. He also had Bazaar but missed on dredge cards for a while and I was missing green and black mana as well. When I finally got green mana to play Oath, he had (Chain of Vapors) and soon after killed me.

Match 2 Game 3:


I had turn 1 Leyline again and this time I had mana. I tutored for Show and Tell and put Griselbrand into play on turn 2. He managed to destroy my Leyline but I replayed it with Yawgmoth's Will. I had Mental Misstep for his Chain of Vapor and from here it was an easy win.



It was a strange game. I was screwed for a while but he was flooded so when I was able to draw lands I had spells to play and he didn't. I resolved Oath and won from there.

Match 3 Game 2:


I went to 5 cards and never found anything relevant. I was able to counter the first Tinker but I couldn't do anything about the second one and lost to Myr Battlesphere.

Match 3 Game 3:


I got to resolve Ancestral Recall on his upkeep. He plays several mana artifacts on his turn and passes. I play top off the Mana Crypt and find a mana source with it so I try to draw it. He plays Notion Thief in response but I FoW it. I play the Mox I just drew and Time Walk. On my extra turn I Show and Tell Griselbrand into play. When I Misstep his Brainstorm he concedes. I could have tried to Show and Tell instead of playing the top, but that play is worse against Spell Pierce, Mana Drain and Flusterstorm. If I could get him to tap his mana with other spells it would be better for me.

Match 4 Game 1:


I went for a turn 1 Oath but he had FoW. I was able to find another one in the top 3 cards and the 7 extra cards from Griselbrand allowed me to make infinite turns.

Match 4 Game 2:


I flooded and could not find a Griselbrand or Oath to try to win the game, so I lost to Snapcaster Mage beatdown.

Match 4 Game 3:


I played a turn 2 Oath. He had FoW but I did as well. However he also had Cage and I couldn't find a Decay before he had 2. I also wasn't able to draw a Show and Tell until it was too late.  His Delvers even flipped to destroy my last hope.

I ended up 2-2ing after having won the first game of the last round. I think I got lucky in some games but I was also unlucky in a few other. The first match I lost I actually think my draws were pretty good but his were even better so I ended up losing. The last round I was lucky to find a second Oath right away but I was also really unlucky on the other games.

But at least I had fun and all my matches went to game 3. I think that shows the format is actually pretty even. There's not a single match up that's an auto loss and every deck has a chance to at least steal games they were very likely to lose.

I hope you enjoyed this and that more of these get enough people so I can play them and make more of these.