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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Oct 30 2014 12:00pm
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I'm still playing the same list:


Match 1 Game 1:


I guess I don't mind starting with a Griselbrand on turn 1!

Match 1 Game 2:


I seemed to be in a decent shape after resolving Oath for the second time but he had Notion Thief to trump me. I forgot I had a FoW in the graveyard that I could have used instead of the one in my hand to counter his Vendilion Clique and if I had drawn a blue card the following turn it might have been the difference between winning or losing the game. I didn't draw a blue card so it didn't matter.

Match 1 Game 3:


My initial plan of using Library to get advantage was destroyed but I was lucky to draw Time Vault right away. The replay is bugged. I played Show and Tell for Griselbrand and he let me kill him.

Match 2 Game 1:


I started by playing Thoughtseize. For some reason the replay doesn't show lands for Thoughtseize. Strip Mine is the card missing. I took the FoW. I was able to get Griselbrand into play going to 3 life and he didn't find a Lightning Bolt so he conceded.

Match 2 Game 2:


Maybe I should have been more patient with Ancestral Recall but after that I really couldn't do anything. I was mana flooded and he was able to do what he wanted without any kind of resistance.

Match 2 Game 3:


I had to mulligan to 5 and he Strip Mined my only land leaving me with just a Mox. Maybe I shouldn't have played the land because I'm facing a deck with Strip Mine but it was really frustrating not drawing mana for so long. By the time I got to play Oath, he already had Mana Drain up and I easily lost.

Match 3 Game 1:


I had a turn 1 Orchard + Oath and he couldn't disrupt that so I easily won. I think he should have conceded without playing anything (maybe just say go to see if I was with Griselbrand or something else and he was on 6 so he didn't even need to discard). That way I don't know I'm against Shops and it's much worse for me. Of course if he had Thorn + Cage he could have won the game but since he didn't have those it's simply better to concede and play against me without sideboarding for game 2.

Match 3 Game 2:


Crazy game! If you don't usually watch the videos, I should check this one out because it's worth it. I was able to fight his disruption with a lot of hate cards and ended up surviving at 1 life and got Griselbrand into play. I think I made 3 mistakes.

The first one was when he played Revoker so I was forced to crack Black Lotus. I should have played Decay instead of Nature's Claim because it saves me a mana in the future. I think I was still counting Vampiric Tutor costing 2 mana. If I had done this correctly, I would have had Griselbrand in play at 5 life and not having to topdeck a land to not just lose.

The second mistake was not destroying Sphere with Nature's Claim, and instead going for Witchbane Orb. I know Decay doesn't kill Orb and that was the reason I planned that but I had drawn Rebuild which would allow me to bypass that. That way if I don't draw a third land, I can Decay the Revoker to get one more turn.

And the last one was playing Rebuild on my upkeep instead of simply playing Decay on Cage. Again, I had planned to play Rebuild already but him having Tangle Wire changes that. I was still able to keep going because I get another Griselbrand after having to tap the first one. This put me in a position where I was gaining 1 life and dealing 7 for each attack but he was able to draw 2 Phyrexian Metamorphs in a row. The first one I countered but the second resolved. However, since I had Gaea's Blessing, I had the other Griselbrand back in the deck so after trading for his Metamorph, I got another one and won from there. I think he's in a better shape if he doesn't attack because that gives him the chance to draw another creature before I draw anything relevant and kill me in one attack.

Magic 4 Game 1:


I had turn 1 Orchard + Oath with FoW backup. He had his own FoW so I used mine. He also had turn 1 Tinker for Blightsteel Colossus but after drawing 14 cards I bounced it with Jace. Even if I didn't find anything I could just chump block Colossus, gain 7 and draw 7 with the other Griselbrand on my turn.

Match 4 Game 2:


When he had 2 cards left in his hand after the counter war over his Recall I thought I was in pretty good shape, especially because I would be able to start drawing many cards with Library. However he Tinkered a Colossus and suddenly I had to find an answer. My draw from the turn was an Oath. But the draw from Library gave me blue mana to play Brainstorm, which found a Demonic Tutor. I played all the artifact mana and tutored for a Black Lotus to be able to play Jace but he had FoW for the Lotus. I think he was afraid of Mind's Desire because I had played many spells already, that's why he countered the Lotus. I think that was a good play even though the lists that play the storm combo as well are the Burning Oath lists and those only play Rainbow lands. It was safer for him this way.

Match 4 Game 3:


My hand wasn't great and I probably should have went to 6 but my draws helped, specially Library. It drew me 3 cards which were enough to be able to put a Griselbrand into play. I was actually thinking of not FoWing his second counter but since he couldn't Mana Drain anymore I went for it. It might still be incorrect because he could have Flusterstorm and that leaves me 1 turn without Library. I didn't really need to go to 2 life, that was stupid but I didn't think he could have Lightning Bolt still in his deck. It kills Jace but otherwise it's terrible. I should have played Time Walk and Demonic Tutor for Key. On my extra turn I would get to draw 7 more without going to 9 and play the Key + Vault combo. I still won but that's something I'll keep in mind in the future.

I was able to 3-1 this time and I had a lot of fun. I think I was really unlucky the round I lost because I didn't really get to play both games I lost, not because my opponent had a very good draw but because my draws were terrible. But overall I was lucky with several very good hands. But even some of those led to interesting games where a lot of Magic was still played. And those hands are the reason I play a deck like this, it just gets some free wins.

Sadly the following Vintage DE didn't even have people trying to make it fire so this was all the Vintage I could play this week. I hope this situation changes so at least the weekend DEs fire more often. I hope you enjoyed this and I'm sure I'll bring you more of these.