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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Nov 06 2014 1:00pm
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Wizards decided to reduce the Vintage DEs basically cutting many events that didn't fire at all. Now they are only available on weekends and I think it's already working. I have been playing 1 DE every weekend (I have probably missed some) but this one I was able to play 3! I couldn't play on Friday but I did play 2 on Saturday (didn't see if the third one fired) as well as another one on Sunday. We could simply have been lucky that this more people were available but I hope it's actually a sign that things are getting better. Of these 3 events I'm writing about 2 because one of them lacks all but one match's replays.

I'm still playing the same list:


I've been thinking if I should add or not some number of Treasure Cruise and/or Dig Through Time. I think Dig Through Time is probably better than Treasure Cruise in this deck. But I'm still not really sure if I should include it or not. The decks playing those cards have more fetches and cantrips. I think 1 or maybe 2 could be included but I'm not sure what to cut, probably 1 Jace.

The Vintage Championship was won by Mark Tocco playing Oath. You can check out all top8 decklists in this link: magic.wizards.com/en/events/coverage/eternalweekend14/vintagetop8decklists

I like some things about his list but there are other things I don't really like. He plays one less land and no Mana Crypt. He cut Library of Alexandria and replaced Tolarian Academy with an Island for a more consistent land but way less powerful. I think this makes sense with the 4 Preordain but I still would prefer to have Library in the deck. It's awkward sometimes but it's so powerful in some games that I don't see myself playing without it.

He has more counterspells, including 2 maindeck Flusterstorm and 2 Misdirection. His list is very good at protection the combo and Misdirection is a good way to deal with Abrupt Decay. I would probably play one if it wasn't so expensive right now on MTGO.

He plays 3 Show and Tell and 3 Griselbrand maindeck which I like and he cut Gaea's Blessing which I always do when siding in the second Show and Tell and the third Griselbrand.

He plays 1 Maelstrom Pulse instead of 1 or 2 Decays. He does play the Decays in the SB. He lacks Hurkyl's Recall and Rebuild in his 75, which I don't like. That and the lack of Decay in the maindeck as well as playing 4 Preordain, makes his list worse against Shops.

He's also not playing Mystical Tutor and I understand why. It doesn't get any combo piece except for Show and Tell and I often cut it against blue decks.

But the biggest missing part of the deck I think it's the Vault Key combo. There have been several games that I couldn't have won without it or that a win wasn't certain. Many times just playing Time Walk twice is enough but a few times it's not. It's also very possible to have to play Time Walk before having Griselbrand in play. And without Gaea's Blessing you can certainly hit both Time Walk and Yawgmoth's Will making you have to pass the turn.

I could see myself playing a list similar to his but I'd never cut the Vault Key combo and even the Library I don't think I could cut.

I've talked enough about his list and obviously he won so he knows what his doing. I think my list gets out of tricky situations more easily (sometimes it's your fault you got into those others it isn't) but his plays the combo and protects it more easily. He probably tested a lot and didn't make some mistakes I still make allowing him to play a list like that.

On to my matches!



I kept a 6 cards hand with Library planning on using it but he starts with a Bazaar of Baghdad making me change plans. I don't really need Orchard because he'll most likely have at least some Narcomoeba in play. All I needed was for him not to kill me that turn. He got a bunch of creatures into play and even reanimated a Sun Titan but without another Bazaar in the graveyard it didn't do much. I did get my turn and now I needed to kill him without letting him untap. I was able to cast Time Walk twice before finding the Vault Key combo and won. This is a game I wouldn't have won without Vault Key.



I had a very good hand with Leyline, Oath, Mental Misstep, Show and Tell and FoW so I had a lot of time to find either a Griselbrand or a Forbidden Orchard. I found Orchard on my second turn and won easily.



I mulliganed to 4 and lost pretty fast but he only saw a Misstep from me while I knew he was playing Oath as well.



I don't think I played this game correctly. On my second turn I played Oath with a regular land instead of the second Orchard. My idea was that if he countered the Orchard I wouldn't want to be facing a bunch of tokens while having none. But my play is way worse if it resolves because not I don't get a Griselbrand the next turn, I also take a risk that he has his second Orchard. I don't just lose but it leaves us in a weird game where I have to tap one Orchard on my turn every turn. Even if I was facing 3 tokens without any of my own I had Show and Tell and Griselbrand in hand so I wasn't just left to topdecking after this. This mistake gave him several turns including time to play a Jace and find a second Orchard. I ended up going for Show and Tell with FoW to protect it and hope he didn't also have Griselbrand in hand. He didn't and I won.



I could play a turn 1 Jace but he had UU up so I played it slow and I had a Top to look for good cards. I found a Thoughtseize which he Mana Drained. I went for Jace but he also he FoW, which left him with only 2 cards in hand. But one of those was a Jace so he was now ahead. I was able to resolve Yawgmoth's Will and play a Jace from my graveyard. I exiled Mana Drain instead of Jace to FoW because having a Jace in hand would be better if he had 2 counters. He decided to kill both Jaces with Pulse and get another one with Vampiric Tutor. But I was able to find a Mana Drain with Top and I countered his Jace. On my turn I could have simply drawn Demonic Tutor with Top to get Show and Tell and put a Griselbrand into play since he was tapped out but instead I decided to play a Jace first. I counted the mana wrong thinking I could actually play Jace, Tutor and Show and Tell but even that wouldn't be good because that's less mana to work with. I gave him an extra draw step but I ended up winning anyway, opting to go with Oath to avoid him having drawn exactly Griselbrand.



I had the Library plan but my opponent did as well and it ended up working better for him. I had 3 Orchard and 1 Tolarian Academy without artifacts or Oath so even playing Jace would be pretty bad. Young Pyromancer and his tokens killed me in a few turns.



I kept a 6 cards hand that wasn't very good. He had FoW for my first Oath and I found the second a turn too late.



He started with a Delver but lost the fight over his brainstorm on his upkeep and was left with just 2 cards in hand. I resolved Oath and when I got my turn it was enough to make me win.



I kept a hand with a half of both the Vault Key and Show and Tell combos as well as FoW. He again led with a Delver and my first draw was Oath so I just played it. He didn't have a way to interact with it and when I got Griselbrand into play he conceded.

I ended up 3-1ing again. The next one I played I 4-0ed but sadly there are no replays for that. I played against a Shops deck with blue for Tinker and Meditate. I didn't see anything else different from a regular Shops but his blue lands were Volcanic Islands so it's possible he also had some red cards. I hope you enjoyed this and the next one is also a Vintage DE I played the next day so keep checking the site for it!