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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Nov 13 2014 12:00pm
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Still the same list:




I could very safely play Ancestral Recall on the first turn with 2 Mental Misstep to protect it. He also had 2 Missteps so I used both. The game stalled for a while and when I finally drew a Forbidden Orchard I played one of the Oath of Druids. I countered his Ancestral Recall and he had Abrupt Decay for my Oath but he conceded to the second one.



I actually suspected he was playing Oath as well but I wasn't 100% sure. This game confirmed it. I topdecked an Oath and went for it. He played his own Orchard and destroyed the Oath. I tutored for the Voltaic Key and played it. He tried a Vampiric Tutor at my end of turn but I had a Misstep and when he tapped out for a Dig Through Time with only one card in hand I played my FoW and on my turn the Time Vault gave me infinite turns. He didn't concede right away but when I found a way to kill him he did.



My hand was good but his matched well against mine. He had Misstep for my Top and played a turn 2 Jace. I tried to resolve Oath with Mana Drain up but he had 2 FoWs and the turn after he killed me with Tendrils of Agony anyway.



I resolved a turn 1 Oath without the Orchard. He simply played a Library. My Ponder found a Demonic Tutor which got me the Orchard. He tried to destroy Oath with Nature's Claim. I FoWed it and he didn't have one of his own. I got Griselbrand and he conceded to Time Walk.



I tried an Ancestral on his end step and he had Flusterstorm so now he was tapped out. I played Jace but he also had FoW. He only had 2 cards left so I was still ahead. On his turn he played a Grafdigger's Cage and a land and passed with only one card. I played another Jace and this one resolved. After this I played Thoughtseize but I think that's wrong, I should instead leave Spell Pierce up and save Thoughtseize for a turn I'm trying to resolve something important. On the following turn the replays gets bugged and never goes past the Demonic Tutor. I don't really remember how I won but the game was basically over.



I started with Ancestral with Misstep for his Misstep and when he played Young Pyromancer and I resolved an Oath I thought I had it. But instead I messed up. I didn't notice a bunch of cards were in my graveyard because I didn't hit Gaea's Blessing and because now the graveyard is hidden until you pop it up. So when I should have played Yawgmoth's Will to play Time Walk I played Vampiric Tutor thinking Time Walk was in the deck. After this I think I panicked and didn't see I could simply still play Will. Mox Roby and Time Walk. And I could even play a land from the graveyard as well as Key and have enough mana to do everything. He had a sick turn which allowed him to create a huge army, Time Walk with FoW for my FoW and on his extra turn a Lightning Bolt to kill his blocked creature.



He had an early flipped Delver which put a fast clock on me. I managed to resolve an Oath (I think I should have played both so I wouldn't have to counter the Nature's Claim) but he had 2 Cages and I knew my next 2 draws so I conceded. If I had not punted game 1 so bad I would have a third game on the play so I was a bit sad about that. However I had time to clear my head until the next round so I would be at by best.


I had a very good hand capable of playing Oath and Time Walk on the first turn but against UU up I opted to play the Library game. When I played Oath he conceded right after.



We had a stalled game and I even got him to FoW my Oath when he had 2 Cages in play but he still came out ahead on cards and counters and was able to resolve a Dig. I was being attacked by a single token but eventually he played Tendrils for 10 life to kill me.



I played a turn 2 Show and Tell for Griselbrand with the backup plan of playing Oath. Show and Tell resolved and from there I easily won.

I managed another 3-1 so I was happy but knowing I could have at least had a chance to 4-0 had I not punted that game. I'll have to be more careful about that in the future but I had a lot of fun playing and I hope you did too watching these. Let's see if Vintage can keep can at least as many events as it did this weekend and if it does, the format has potential to grown on MTGO.


It will be interesting to see by ScionOfJustice at Thu, 11/13/2014 - 12:55
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It will be interesting to see if people start using Containment Priest in their sideboards.

Against Oath it's better than by TugaChampion at Thu, 11/13/2014 - 15:30
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Against Oath it's better than Cage because it stops Show and Tell instead of Yawgmoth's Will. But I'm not sure if people really want that because Cage is better against Dredge.

It has the advantage of attacking for 2 and flash. It costs 2 instead of 1 so it can be too slow against dredge but against Oath it actually dodges Misstep.

But the biggest disadvantage is costing white. I don't think I've faced a deck with white mana in over 1 month. So I don't think this can put those decks back into the winning circle.