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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Dec 04 2014 12:00pm
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No changes in the list:




I'm happy to play a slow game with an active Library. However he gets a pretty good sequence of plays with Ancestral into Time Walk and 2 Dark Confidant on his extra turn. I realized I should have activated Library before playing Ponder in case he has a Misstep but he didn't. However he had FoW and a blue card for my first Oath. On his turn he revealed a land and Abrupt Decay and played Jace. On my turn I played Thoughtseize and saw Decay, FoW and Dig Through Time. Since I don't have any counters in my hand I think taking FoW is the worst option because if I take Dig, he can't play FoW this turn anyway. I could have taken Decay but that can turn out poorly for me on the next turn because he'd be able to see many cards with Dig, Confidant and Jace. I played my own Jace and killed one of his Confidants. But on his turn he played Vampiric Tutor for Yawgmoth's Will and that put him far ahead in the game. I lost my Jace and saw nothing useful in the top 3 cards. He had Tezzeret the Seeker to get Time Vault and get infinite turns and he even hardcasted a Blightsteel Colossus to kill me faster. I think I could have won this game if I had a Misstep for Ancestral or FoW for his Jace but even after drawing many cards I found none of those. The good news is that he played this game very slowly giving him only 5 minutes left.



We both resolved Ancestral but this time he was the one without counters so I resolved Show and Tell to put Griselbrand into play. He had Blightsteel to put into play but I took 2 extra turns and drew many cards. I even misclicked the Jace bounce the first time but it didn't matter. Even with him so low on time he didn't concede and he even lost almost 3 minutes on my end step. He concedes with about 20 seconds on the clock and when we got to game 3 and conceded again right away.



I started with Library on the play and started drawing cards. I played Vampiric Tutor on his end step but it was mostly bait because I want an Orchard but I'm not in a hurry to go for it and if he spends a Misstep here, it's one less for Ancestral. I did counter it and I even drew Orchard naturally! I drew Misstep from Library so I decided to resolve an Oath because now I could play Ancestral and protect it so even if I get low on Library cards I can get back. He had Mana Drain and used that mana to cast a Dig on his turn. I found a FoW and Ponder even saw a second one but I didn't need the other 2 cards so I shuffled. Now that I look back I think I should have kept and shuffled the other two with Misty Rainforest. On his turn he played Jace, I played Ancestral which resolved and FoW but he also had his own FoW. My next 2 draws were fantastic: Oath and the second Orchard (he also had an Orchard so getting another one was very important). I went for Oath first so the chances of him countering were lower. It resolved and so did Time Walk and after that it was easy to win.



My Ponder saw both parts of the Show and Tell combo so I obviously kept those. I went for it on turn 2 because he was tapped out so he needed FoW exactly. I had a Vampiric Tutor so if it failed I could try again. He did have FoW so the game went on. When I went for the Vampiric he played Brainstorm and that left me thinking he could have kept a Griselbrand in hand so we would both have one in play. Since he could pay 7 life twice and I could only pay once, I didn't really want that. So I got Oath. Turns out he had Decay and now I was getting attacked for 3 a turn. When I was at 5 life I played a Decay on one of his tokens, even though it gave him another one, because the following turn I could do it again and get one more draw step. My next draw was Demonic Tutor so I had to go for it. He hardcasted a FoW and I used my own. I got Show and Tell and he didn't have Griselbrand in hand. I made a mistake this turn. I should have played DT by tapping Emerald instead of Sapphire. This way I can Mana Drain his first counter, FoW a possible second counter and go to my second mainphase to play Show and Tell of the Mana Drain mana and Sapphire. After that I simply attacked 3 times and won.



I started by taking Thorn of Amethyst out of his hand and he Strip Mined me. He played Lodestone Golem of his Mishra's Workshop and Mana Crypt. In response I Brainstormed and FoWed it. I wanted to play Oath on my second turn because I didn't have more lands so anything that attacked my mana could make me not be able to cast it on time. I could shuffle either Key, Jace or Spell Pierce. I opted for Jace because I had only 2 mana. I regretted that because it didn't take long to have 4 mana but I was still doing fine because he was losing Mana Crypt flips. He decided to play Wurmcoil Engine at 8 life so I finally got to trigger Oath. However, I milled many cards including Yawgmoth's Will, Time Walk and Time Vault, without hitting Gaea's Blessing. That was pretty unlucky even considering I had one Griselbrand in hand. I activated Griselbrand once and found Rebuild so I passed the turn. I played Rebuild on his upkeep and he loses the flip so I think I have won but he replays Mana Crypt and plays Duplicant with Cavern so I can't counter it. I basically forgot about Duplicant but I think I needed to counter any mana spells he plays there so there are less chances of him play that. Phyrexian Metamorph wouldn't worked because I could find Jace and bounce it (I had one left and very few cards in the deck). Instead I lose Griselbrand but I draw 7 in response and play Mana Drain on Duplicant to get 6 extra mana on my turn. I'm also not sure if I should activate Oath just to shuffle everything back but I don't really like that play after using the last draw 7 on his turn. On my turn I draw and have only 3 cards left without having found Blessing. I play Ponder and draw Blessing. I shuffle back Yawgmoth's Will, Time Walk and Time Vault but I draw one of the two other cards. After this I played Orchard to allow me to hardcast Griselbrand. But he played Metamorph that I knew was in his hand copying Duplicant and exiling Griselbrand. I knew he had it but I didn't actually think about copying Duplicant, just Griselbrand. I should have just played Jace and bounced his Duplicant to give myself more draw steps. I think I was really unlucky this game at several points but I still could have most likely won had I not made several mistakes. But this was also a very strange game with many decisions to be made and that's what makes Vintage so exciting!



I had turn 1 Orchard and Oath and he didn't have Cage so he conceded right away. I'm glad he did so because I was running low on time.



He started the game with Sphere of Resistance and Chalice of the Void which hurt me a bit. After that he had a Cage and a Chalice for 1 which hit 2 cards in my hand. I had FoW but no second blue card so things looked pretty bad. I drew a Show and Tell which gave me an out if I could cast it with Griselbrand in hand but he also played a Chalice for 3. I decided to play Oath because at any point I could draw Decay and get out of this but that was probably incorrect since I had access to FoW and that left me without it for a turn. And I was punished because he had Kuldotha Forgemaster. I found a Decay when his Forgemaster was already active but he didn't activate it for some reason. Maybe he was afraid of Hurkyl's Recall but if I had that I would win anyway, unless he had Witchbane Orb to get in response. He drew a Wasteland and destroyed one of my lands so I had to respond with Decay there. I targeted Cage and he sacrificed it alongside Chalice on 0 and one Sphere but I made a mistake here. He could get another Cage in response and I was left drawing another Decay. Instead I should have targeted Chalice on 1. But he didn't get Cage. He got Jester's Cap which exiled all my 3 Griselbrands. Now I had to draw Decay, Time Vault or Key (the other I had Vampiric Tutor to get) before I lose to tokens and after that find Jace before I lose by time. I drew Decay right away and destroyed Chalice on 1. On my next turn I drew Key and Nature's Claim took care of Forgemaster. After that I found Vault with Vampiric Tutor but in trying to do everything as fast as possible I passed the turn without actually taking the extra turn. Fortunately I was at life 5 and he only had 4 tokens. I started taking extra turns until I found Jace and I was able to win with 2 minutes left.

What a crazy game! What a crazy match! I made some mistakes which cost me a game and almost cost me another one and the match but it in the end the deck was kind to me as a way to ask for forgiveness after the first game!



I mulliganed to 3 cards after seeing several unkeepable hands but my opponent was mulliganing as well and he went to 1 card so he was likely on dredge. My 3 cards hand was pretty good as well with Demonic Tutor and Orchard. I was able to find a second mana source and get Griselbrand into play before he found Bazaar of Baghdad so I won.



I sideboarded as if he was on dredge and I was correct. It was almost impossible that he would fake being dredge after going to 3 cards because I was on 3 cards as well. I went to 6 cards and found an unexciting hand with Leyline. I soon played another Leyline and it was really important because he was able to destroy one while I didn't have the ability to counter anything. I found an Oath and eventually Mystical Tutor got me Demonic Tutor to find Orchard. I had to use a Misstep and a hardcasted FoW to counter his Nature's Claim on my Leyline and on my turn the last FoW, again hardcast, to counter another Nature's Claim. I got Griselbrand into play and easily won from there. I might have been in trouble if he had been more aggressive with his Bazaar. He didn't use it some turns so he saw less cards and if he had activated it when I was tapped out after countering his Nature's Claim, he could have resolved the third one there. The funny thing about this match is that he never had a single card in his graveyard at any point.

This DE had it all, crazy games, blowout games, some misplays and even 10 mulligans in a single game but in the end I was able to 4-0. I hope you enjoyed this.