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By: Gordani, Gordan
Jul 24 2014 11:00am
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Some of you know me, and some of you don’t. To those that know me, thank you for reading and supporting, and for those that don’t – “Stay awhile and listen” to paraphrase Deckard Cain. A little more of me should be in order though. My name is Gordan, and I go under Gordani on MTGO, I have been playing MTG for over 15 years now. And even though I have not accomplished any PRO tour victories, GPT victories or something or other, I would say I have decent grasp on theory and practical knowledge of the game. 

Due to a lot of difficult circumstances I was forced to play solely on MTGO, and due to not being able to sink money from credit cards into it I was forced to change my view point of Magic. I am constricted by budget, and I’ve jumped in that pool with my eyes closed and hope in my heart. After couple of months of swimming in total darkness of community page on MTGO scouring for bots that give free cards, I’ve stumbled upon one of greatest online Communities. And that was www.gatherling.com and www.pdcmagic.com community.  Free tournaments with real money pay outs, even though it is “small” pay out by some it is a start for me.


I’ve started with standard pauper tournaments, after few wins and top 8ts with money reward I have started to accumulate bot credits to buy cards. Those went for cards for Heirloom Classic, Heirloom Standard and Modern Pauper (which sadly is not played anymore). And I have built a budget collection.


It was difficult; especially to start and to find a decent bot chains that won’t rip you off, a good free bot to give you lands you need to build decks and other supporting stuff. My start with program was also clunky, thankfully I have found videos that Mikeyk159 made on YouTube and I’m proud to say he has become a really good friend. Other persons that helped, showed me the MTGO world and became quickly regarded as friends were Adner, Mihahitlor, longtimegone, 3drinks, _Kumagoro_ and to all of them a great big thank you. 

And onto the thing you all have came here, that budget pool, budget sea of possibilities that awaits you in this series of articles. I’ll write each week, with my musings of bang for buck cards, deck lists for various formats, mostly focused on heirloom events and commander on www.gatherling.com , but if requested even for mostly played formats as Standard and Modern.

So come, and jump with me.

First deck for this week that I would like to talk about is in Commander format, I know it was focused pretty heavily in last few weeks but it is one of the deck I’m really proud of, and a deck I have had a good time with.

To add a bit of background:

Deck won Suncom tournament. Suncom tournament is weekly Commander tournament hosted by _Kumagoro_ and ran over www.gatherling.com. Tournament is usually preliminary round of 3 or 4 tables and final table of winners of those preliminaries.

On to deck list




The deck: it is revolving around controlling the hands of your opponents, several board wipes and swarming the yard with creatures.


To control hands you have cards like


Mindslicer, Myojin of Nights reach, Tarfiend, Sadistic Hypnotist, Bottomless pit, Nath, Syphon mind (which works as card draw too :D)


To control board you have board wipers like:


Plague boiler, Butcher of Malakir, Gaze of the granite   


To draw:


Harmonize, Syphon mind, Skullclamp (a lot of tokens), Skullmulcher




Win Conditions:


Wins come either from a lot of tokens generated by Nath while your opponents are forced to play from top of the library, or wins come from next creatures:

Terastodon, Ant Queen, Verdant Force 

All cards but for four are Heirloom legal, which is to say Rares are under .50$, commons under .10$, uncommons under .25$ and mythics under 1.5$

Those cards that are not budget are:

Solemn Simulacrum 3.10$, Sakura Tribe Elder .43$, Skullclamp .64$ and Sylvan Caryatid .34$

All prices are taken from www.mtgotraders.com, and they are most gratuitous sponsor of our tournaments.


In that tournament in my preliminary round I have faced dreaded Goblin High King Mihahitlor that played his staple Krenko Commander deck, a friend and a player that if all good goblins were banned out I don’t know what he would play. And Karametra deck piloted by GiannisIoannis.  

Game started as a game can be expected when you have goblin player, fast build up for damage and erasing one player. Thankfully I have managed to wrestle control with a lot of blockers from Nath and win the game out. 

Final table I have faced Robin88 on his Zur deck and Arend on his Prossh deck. Arend was screwed up and I think robin88 classified Nath as weaker of the two and focused on Arend. Myojin + Nath came out of nowhere and won the game out after that. 

I am sorry for not having proper play by play or even video of the game, it is mainly because that game was long time ago. 

Don’t cringe from words like budget, it is not a word to be afraid of or even a life motto to live by. I know it can be difficult, soul crushing to know that you could have easily won if you had non budget cards but if you have put your soul and heart in the deck you have built you will never feel sorry about it because you went on a journey and you grew by order of magnitude far greater than you could have imagined.

Stay awesome and pretty!