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By: TheWolf, Shane Garvey
Apr 09 2019 11:00am
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Hello and welcome to PureMTGO's exclusive preview card for War of the Spark! This card has been provided to us freely by Wizards of the Coast to show off to the world.

First, a little backstory. For me, I have two great loves when it comes to Magic: drafting, and burning people's faces off with red spells. It all started when I first got into Magic back at the beginning of 1994. The first degenerate deck I ever heard of was mono-red: 20 Mountains and 40 Lightning Bolts. Yes, there was a time when the maximum four-of rule didn't exist, and this deck was one of the reasons that rule was bought in.

I then fell in love with the original Sligh deck; a deck that, at the time, used a bunch of seemingly crappy cards to win games and tournaments. This deck evolved into the Deadguy Red deck of Tempest block, a deck I played sooooo much of. 

Fast forward to today, and I still love red aggro decks. Hazoret Red is one of my favourite decks of recent times. When I play Modern, Legacy and Pauper, I tend to play burn decks. I was therefore thrilled to be asked to preview our exclusive card for you, which hits on so many things I love about the game.

That brings me to our preview card.

Back in Hour of Devastation, we saw Chandra (and the rest of the Gatewatch) get her butt handed to her by Nicol Bolas. That moment was captured on this card:

Chandra was wounded, then abandoned the rest of the Gatewatch by planeswalking away. She reappeared on Dominaria, where she reunited with her friends.

Now, in War of the Spark, Chandra gets a win. World, say hello to Chandra's Triumph:

This card is very 'me', as my friends will tell you. Let's examine it in more detail.

Chandra's Triumph is kind of a mirror to Chandra's Defeat. Where that card showed Chandra being beaten by Bolas, this card shows her beating someone else - Dovin Baan, as seen in the art. It seems our fiery-haired planeswalker lass is going to do some butt-whopping in this set. Dovin is surrounded by Chandra's fire as well as what appears to be four Thopters - all very Chandra things. It looks like Chandra will find some personal growth, too, as the flavour text alludes to. 

What about the playability of the card? The first thing to note is that this can't hit players; it is certainly not Lightning Strike. For the same mana cost and same speed, it's hard to see Chandra's Triumph replacing Lightning Strike in mono-red decks... unless we get a playable Chandra planeswalker card. If that is the case, Chandra's Triumph becomes much better than Lightning Strike, in my opinion, as dealing 5 damage is a much bigger deal than 3. If you are playing a deck that relies on creatures dealing most of the damage, removing bigger creatures is obviously quite important.

For limited players, Chandra's Triumph will be a highly desirable card. Just look at Lightning Strike in recent sets: it has been premium removal. The Chandra clause may not come up often, but 3 damage at instant speed is just good in limited formats. Pick it early, pick it highly.

I hope you enjoyed this look at War of the Spark