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By: spencer13h, Spencer Howland
Aug 09 2017 4:35pm
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Spencer talks about something he thinks might becoming a problem in Magic: The Gathering. Spike Shaming.

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While I agree with some of by Paul Leicht at Wed, 08/09/2017 - 22:34
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While I agree with some of what you said I feel it is somewhat hyperbolic and think you can do better. Perhaps the fact that you are personally being bullied makes it too hard to be dispassionate enough to see how this interaction between spikes and non-spikes is very much a two way problem. The conflict is not merely about mockery or other forms of bullying but a complete lack of empathy on either side for what the other person is going through.

A couple thoughts regarding this. Adults do not behave this way. Let me explain that thought a little. We all mature at different rates but generally speaking adults are supposed to avoid engaging in petty meanness and stupid shenanigans. Unfortunately many people who are adult-aged are actually pretty underdeveloped. That's where the internet bad behavior comes in (ala Gamer Gaters doxing/threatening gamer women for basically just being successful or in some cases for just existing.)

Tiu's execrable behavior does not excuse the threats or other retaliatory bad behavior but as I said, adult children abound. And what did he expect opening being elitist and defamatory to other players? I suspect he did not, and does not care. Maybe just stirring the pot was all he really wanted? Who knows. He did certainly stir the pot.

Hopefully (the wannabe pros for the most part) spikes will eventually decide that elitism does not work for them. Looking at the behaviors of the pros I have known (many in the HOF,) some were indeed shady or a little petty/mean but most were actually pretty decent folks. Ready to lend a hand, offering to let a worse off player take back a questionable move etc. I've had pros offer advice, give courteous remarks when they weren't obligated to do so and even been friendly for the most part.

BTW: "Rules-Lawyer" is a term far older the magic interestingly. It started very similarly in usage in the early days of D&D. It refers to a player who used the books as a way to get what they wanted from their DM and group and generally developed into a sort of pre-internet meme (most in the form of cartoons in hobbyist magazines.) Similar to "Munchkin" (a player who doesn't like role playing at all) and "Min-maxer" (power gaming at its finest), it's a derogatory term.

If people are misusing it to describe overly formal, rules oriented, stiff-necked Spikes, they should be corrected. In magic as you indicate its a form of trying to bend the rules in your favor when perhaps they should not be bent. Generally you can tell the rules-lawyer by the amount of times they call a judge on someone for slightly slow play, minor infractions like half tapping lands, or forgetting proper terminologies to indicate priority, step movement, triggering etc. In my experience players like that rarely succeed past minor victories. Minutia tends to defeat the unwisely attentive.

So I said all that in spirit of critique because I think you have a lot of potential as a content creator and would love to see you move towards a more positive way of talking about these important subjects. You are perfectly within your rights to complain and be heard but I think your argument has more sway if it isn't about you, and isn't about how angry you are. Instead maybe focus on positive ways people can find to change the behaviors THEY don't like in the game, without descending to pettiness or bickering or internet meanness.

Keep making these and hope your personal travails become less irksome over time.

re by Hearts at Thu, 08/10/2017 - 10:27
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Put competitors together with unclear rules and you will get what we have in magic, all sorts, that is a given.

Lets face it, mtg is slowly turning into the kid game it was meant to be from the start.