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By: TugaChampion, Guilherme Carmona Alexandrino
Dec 19 2011 12:23am
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Here's the decklist:


I decided to try this deck after seeing Paul Rietzl write about it. The deck seems fun to play so I wanted to play some games with it.

Match 1:

Game 1:

I win the roll, mulligan a hand without lands and keep 4 lands, Shrine and Reinforcements. He plays Razorverge Thicket and Birds of Paradise. I draw land and play Shrine. He plays Seachrome Coast and Geist of Saint Traft. I draw another land and play Reinforcements.

He plays Hero of Bladehold and passes. I draw DoJ and pass. He attacks with Geist and Hero and I block 2 on Geist and 1 on a token going to 10. He plays another Geist. I draw Honor of the Pure and play DoJ. He plays Elspeth and makes 3 tokens. I draw my own Elspeth and play it. He plays land and attacks (7). I draw Batterskull and play Honor of the Pure getting Shrine to 9 counters.

He attacks and I crack Shrine trading tokens and keeping 6. He plays Mirran Crusader and passes. I draw Midnight Haunting and play Batterskull. He plays another Crusader, attacks and I block with all the tokens trading for 4 of them. I draw Intangible Virtue, play it and pass. He attacks and I play Midnight Haunting. I block with both trading one of them for Mirran. He plays another Crusader and passes.

I draw Reinforcements, equip Batterskull on the Spirit and attack for 7 (13) going back to 14. He draws and concedes.

Day of Judgment Batterskull

Game 2:


Out: 4 Elspeth Tirel and 2 Oblivion Ring.

In: 2 Gideon Jura, 2 Dismember and 2 Shrine of Loyal Legions.

He mulligans and I mulligan a hand with 5 lands, Honor of the Pure and Haunting. He keeps and so do I: 3 lands, Honor of the Pure, Shrine and Ring. He plays Island and passes and I draw Dismember. He plays Razorverge and BoP which I kill with Dismember. I draw Gideon and play Shrine. He just plays land. I draw Gavony Township and play Honor. He plays Hero. I draw Virtue and take care of Hero with Ring. He plays Divine Offering on my Shrine while I'm tapped out.

I draw Haunting and pass. He plays Geist but no land and I play Haunting. I draw Mortarpod, play Virtue and attack (16). I also play Mortarpod. He plays Ring on Virtue and passes. I draw another Virtue, play it and attack (10). He plays Garruk Relentless trading for one token. I draw land, play Gideon and he concedes.

Intangible Virtue

Match 2:

Game 1:

I see that I'm playing against Humans, probably monowhite as I haven't seen any other color in the replays.

He wins the roll and we both keep: 4 lands, 2 Timely Reinforcements and 1 DoJ. He plays Champion of the Parish. I draw land. He plays Doomed Traveler and Gideon's Lawkeeper and attacks (17). I draw Haunting. He plays Mikaeus, the Lunarch as a 2/2 and attacks (11). I draw land and play Reinforcements going back to 17. He plays Honor of the Pure and attacks with all except Mikaeus. I chumpblock each of them.

I draw land and play DoJ. He plays the forth land, Mikaeus and attacks with the spirit (15). I draw Virtue, play it and Reinforcements going to 21. He attacks with spirit (19) and passes. I draw land and pass while he pumps Spirit with Mikaeus. He plays Mortarpod and attacks. I play Haunting and block with both. He pumps the germ and spirit to trade for both my spirits. I draw Elspeth, attack (14) and play Elspeth making 3 more Soldiers.

He plays Leonin Relic-Warder to get rid of Virtue, sacrifices germ to reduced Elspeth to 1 loyalty, pumps Leonin with Mikaeus, equips it and finishes Elspeth. I draw Doomed Traveler, play it and pass. He plays Leonin Arbiter and equips Mortarpod to it. I draw Haunting and attack with Traveler which he doesn't block (13). He attacks with Arbiter (16), plays Lawkeeper and equips it. Eot I play Haunting. I draw another Elspeth, attack with the tokens and Traveler which he blocks this time (11). I play Elspeth gaining 9 life.

He attacks Elspeth with both Lawkeeper and Arbiter and I chumpblock both. I draw land, ultimate elspeth and he shoots it. I attack (4). He draws and concedes.

Timely Reinforcements Elspeth Tirel

Game 2:


Out: 4 Elspeth Tirel, 1 Batterskull, 2 Honor of the Pure and 1 Shrine of Loyal Legions.

In: 2 Gideon Jura, 2 Dismember, 2 Naturalize and 2 Oblivion Ring.

He both keep: 4 lands including Gavony Township, 2 Shrine and 1 Traveler. He led off with Champion of the Parish. I draw Honor and play Traveler. He plays Shrine and passes. I draw land play my own Shrine and attack (19). He attacks (19), plays land and another Shrine. I draw a land and mimic his turn (18). He plays Traveler and Relic-Warder getting rid of my Shrine with 1 counter and attacks (17). I draw Mortarpod and play DoJ getting back Shrine and leaving us both with 1 Spirit each. He attacks and I take it (16). I draw Dismember, play Honor and pass. He makes the mistake of not cracking his Shrine for 5.

He plays a Mikaeus and eot I make 4 Myr tokens. I draw a land which is perfect because I can Dismember Mikaeus and pump my team with Township. He doesn't block and goes to 7 while I go to 12 from Dismember. He attacks (11) and plays Reinforcements going back to 13. I draw another land, play Mortarpod to kill one Soldier and attack with everything. He chumpblocks with both Soldiers and I pump (3). He plays another Reinforcements going to 9 but he's still on 3 lands. I draw Dismember, kill his Spirit, pump my team and attack dealing exactly 9.

Shrine of Loyal Legions Gavony Township

Match 3:

Game 1:

The replays show I'm playing against GWr Kessig Ramp.

I win the roll and mulligan a hand with no lands and keep this: 3 lands, Honor of the Pure, Haunting and DoJ. On turn 2 I draw Elspeth and play Honor. He plays Rampant Growth. I draw land and pass. He plays double Rampant Growth and I play Haunting. I draw Virtue, play it and attack (14). He plays Inkmoth Nexus and Solemn Simulacrum. On my upkeep he plays Beast Within on Honor. I draw Haunting and attack (10).

He plays Karn Liberated exiling Virtue and I play Haunting. I draw Garruk, play it and kill Simulacrum. I attack him down to 6 and also deal 3 to Karn dealing with it. He plays Sphere of the Suns and Gideon and +2 it. I draw Timely Reinforcements and attack Gideon to 1. I make a 1/1 Wolf and pass. He plays another Simulacrum and Garruk, Primal Hunter to deal with my Garruk. I draw land and attack Gideon, he trades Simulacrum for the wolf and Gideon goes to the graveyard. I play Elspeth and +2 it.

He plays Gideon and Primeval Titan but on my turn I just have to ultimate Elspeth to destroy all he has and kill him with tokens.

Midnight Haunting Elspeth Tirel

Game 2:


Out: 4 Day of Judgment and 4 Timely Reinforcements.

In: 4 Leonin Arbiter, 2 Naturalize and 2 Oblivion Ring.

He mulligans to 6 and I keep a hand that is not very good: 2 Plains, 3 Township, 1 Honor and 1 Haunting. I draw Arbiter making my hand much better. He only plays a land on turn 2 and I drop Arbiter after drawing another Haunting. He just plays land again. I draw Batterskull and attack (18). He plays Reinforcements going to 24 and I play Haunting. I draw Razorverge Thicket, play it and Honor and take him to 20 again. He plays Garruk, Primal Hunter making a beast and attacks with the soldier so I block one (18).

I draw Shrine, play my fifth land and attack the Spirits on Garruk and Arbiter to him. He blocks Arbiter and I pump my team. He plays hist sixth land and passes. I draw Naturalize and attack. He doesn't block and goes to 10. I play Shrine and pass. He plays land and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shuting down the Haunting I have in hand and passes. I draw land, pump my guys and attack with the Spirits for 4 (6). He plays Kessig Wolf Run and attacks with the Soldiers (12). I draw land and attack with the Spirits. He activates Nexus but I kill it with Naturalize and he takes 6 after I pump and win.

Honor of the Pure Naturalize

I had a lot of fun playing the deck and it does destroy aggro but I've experienced what I expected: it's bad against control. I don't like having match ups that are really bad so I won't be playing this for now but the deck is good and it's possible it can be changed to become better against control and not lose much edge against aggro. Maybe some Swords in the sideboard would be good. I hope you liked it.