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Jun 08 2015 12:00pm
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I. Introduction

Welcome to another special edition of Standard Pauper Deck Tech. This series, which originally ran during Season 9 of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, took the winning decklist from each week's tournament and offered an analysis of the components, a quick run-down of the deck's strategy and Sideboard, and a video-cast of a sample match showcasing the deck. We are currently in our 29th season of MPDC (which ends with the release of each new set), and today I want to highlight a Boros Tokens list that took 1st place at MPDC 29.08 and has earned several notable finishes in the last few weeks.

Ever since Return to Ravnica block, Boros has seen a major resurgence in strength and popularity, aided by the powerful Heroic mechanic from Theros Block as well as the more recent Dash mechanic from Khans of Tarkir block. This list, however, ignores both of those strategies and instead focuses on assembling a giant army of tokens, pumping them all up, and swinging in for a massive blast of damage. While this deck saw some play prior to the release of Dragons of Tarkir, it was really the addition of Impact Tremors that put it back on the frontlines. Let's take a look at the decklist.

II. The Decklist*

Boros Tokens
1st place by karakusk in MPDC 29.08
4 Aven Skirmisher
4 Mardu Hordechief
4 Sandsteppe Outcast
2 Selfless Cathar
14 cards

Other Spells
4 Dragon Fodder
4 Impact Tremors
4 Raise the Alarm
4 Triplicate Spirits
3 War Flare
2 Collateral Damage
2 Lightning Strike
2 Rush of Battle
25 cards

8 Plains
5 Mountain
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Wind-Scarred Crag
21 cards

* note that the winning list did not contain a Sideboard

Impact Tremors

III. Deck Strategy

This is a fairly straight-forward deck to play. You hope to find a copy of Impact Tremors in your opener, which you can then use to great effect in the opening turns as your drop multiple tokens with Dragon Fodder and Raise the Alarm, followed up with Mardu Hordechief and Sandsteppe Outcast. While typically playing a 1/1 for 1 isn't a good idea, the fact that Aven Skirmisher is both a Warrior and has Flying narrowly earns it a spot as well. Then, with several tokens at your disposal, you can easily cast Triplicate Spirits to further diversify your tokens before swinging in for damage, augmented by War Flare or Rush of Battle, the latter of which also grants Lifelink to your Warriors at the cost of being Sorcery speed. Selfless Cathar can also protect your whole team from cards like Scouring Sands, and also works to pump your whole team or even discourage your opponent from blocking with their own x/1s. The list also includes a smattering of spot removal with an even split between Collateral Damage and Lightning Strike, which of course can also be used as an easy way to finish off a weakened opponent.

While the original list did not include a Sideboard, I would suggest the following cards as a possibility. Assuming your opponent has access to Red or Black, having access to a full playset of Selfless Cathar can make the difference between getting your whole board wiped or not. Additional spot removal in the form of Magma Spray and Pacifism has also proved to be helpful, particularly against larger foes. Scouring Sands is a must against other token strategies, while Mortal Obstinacy can boost an attacker while giving you the means to remove pesky Enchantments. I also like Act of Treason in a deck like this, simply for the value of being able to mess with your opponent's defenses and push through those last points of damage.

IV. The Match

I was fortunate enough to find myself paired against an opponent playing virtually the same list as I was. Our match clearly shows the potential for massive damage from a pumped up horde of tokens, but also the deck's vulnerability to mana flood or a timely Scouring Sands. Enjoy!

V. Postgame Thoughts on the Build

In addition to including a Sideboard (see above under Deck Strategy), I did make a few simple tweaks to karakusk's original list. First, I cut the number of Evolving Wilds down to 2 and swapped in a Plains and a Mountain. The mana requirements of the deck are fairly simple, and I wanted to cut down on the number of enters-the-battlefield-tapped lands. Second, since so often the game comes down to who can find their pump spell first, I added another copy of Rush of Battle, swapping it for one Sandsteppe Outcast. And finally, although I have yet to test this, I suspect that Aven Skirmisher should really be replaced with something else - perhaps Mardu Scout or Borderland Marauder.

VI. Bonus Content

While testing out the deck, I also played an interesting match against an opponent running a typical Dimir Control list. In both Game 2 and 3, he sideboarded into a sick combo for dealing with all the tokens: Eternal Thirst plus Festergloom, which not only kills all your tokens, but creates a massive creature out of their corpses. Check out the video below to see just how devastating it can be:

VII. Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this look at Boros Tokens. In closing, let me remind you that you can check out all of my previous articles here on PureMTGO by clicking here. I also publish over on my blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and encourage you to keep up with all my projects there. You can get a sneak peek at any of my videos before they go live here at over on Simply search for "gwyned42," select one of my videocasts, and click the Subscribe button. You can keep up with everything I'm doing on Twitter at the username gwyned42; check out my profile here and click on Follow. Finally, I am the host of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, which is a weekly PRE featuring a Swiss tournament in the Standard Pauper format, with prizes awarded for the Top 8 finishers thanks to the sponsorship of MTGOTraders. As always, if you've never checked out MPDC, I encourage you to browse over to for all the information and then come join us at 2:00pm EST / 6:00pm GMT in the #MPDC channel. See you next time!


It's good to see a deck with by bdgp009 at Wed, 06/10/2015 - 19:13
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It's good to see a deck with Impact Tremors do well because I predicted that it would do good in standard pauper and love seeing this deck prove me right All though I am guessing rush of battle and warflare is the one that makes this deck really work.