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Mar 09 2015 1:00pm
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I. Introduction

Welcome to another special edition of Standard Pauper Deck Tech. This series, which originally ran during Season 9 of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, took the winning decklist from each week's tournament and offered an analysis of the components, a quick run-down of the deck's strategy and Sideboard, and a video-cast of a sample match showcasing the deck. Hard to believe, but we are currently in our 28th Season of MPDC! So today, I want to share with you a deck I piloted to 2nd place in MPDC 28.02 called Mumm-Ra.

The original list was actually created by Standard Pauper enthusiast rremedio1, who also serves as co-host of SPDC. He has consistently placed in the top ranks of the last two Standard Pauper Player Run Events with this decklist, giving it the name Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living (full props if you get the reference; if not, click this link). While at its core it remains fundamentally a Mono-Black Control build, rremedio1's tweaks to include both White and Blue have resulted in a very interesting and rewarding variant. You can see his original build here, which I then tweaked to come up with the list below:

II. Decklist 

III. Deck Strategy

It's arguable that the two best cards in the format right now are Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Treasure Cruise, and this deck is well suited to take full advantage of both. Similar to the popular Izzet Control deck, this list plays a variety of cheap spells designed to quickly fill up the Graveyard to enable Delve on Treasure Cruise. Unlike the more popular Dimir variants, this deck packs 6 additional card draw spells, enabling it to reliably find a few 'silver-bullets' that are included as one-ofs: Scholar of Athreos, Servant of Tymaret, Peel from Reality, and Harsh Sustenance. Backing up this selection of spells are 6 copies of Pharika's Chosen (2 of which are of course actually Typhoid Rats), hand disruption in the form of Black Cat and Disciple of Phenax, and the more typical removal of Pharika's Cure and Voyage's End.

The innovation of 'lightly' splashing for both White and Blue is what makes this deck so strong. Scholar of Athreos is particularly good in the late game, giving you a repeatable mana sink that can add up to a ton of damage and lifegain. Peel from Reality is also amazing value with Gray Merchant or Disciple of Phenax. Your gameplan is thus to establish some early board presence with the 1/1 Deathtouch creatures, use your cheap removal and card draw to fill up your Graveyard, then power out both Treasure Cruise and Gray Merchant to maximum value. Black Cat and the Disciple give you some needed hand-disruption, an effect which is increasingly strong in the format right now. rremedio1's original list left out Returned Phalanx, but I personally find it an excellent early play against both Aggro and Control.

The Sideboard is full of more 'silver-bullets' against a variety of decks, but the most important pieces are those to combat White Weenie and Red Deck Wins variants: 3 copies of Festergloom, 2 more Voyage's Ends, and a Last Breath. Lifegain is also increasingly important, which the additional copy of Harsh Sustenance and the Arashin Cleric can help out on. Kill Shot gives you another answer to large threats, while the extra copy of Disciple of Phenax, along with Disdainful Stroke, Negate, and Benthic Giant help out against Control. Finally, Nimbus Naiad can be sided in when you need more creatures, or simply when you need a way to get around board-stalls.

IV. The Match

For Round 3, I was paired against TiagoSXr, who was running an innovative Azorius Morph build that took advance of Soul Summons and Write Into Being to get Mystic of the Hidden Way and other evasive threats onto the board quickly to overwhelm your opponent. Both games were fairly interesting with some good decision points. Enjoy!


V. Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this look at rremedio1's Mumm-Ra deck. In closing, let me remind you that you can check out all of my previous articles here on PureMTGO by clicking here. I also publish over on my blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and encourage you to keep up with all my projects there. You can get a sneak peek at any of my videos before they go live here at over on Simply search for "gwyned42," select one of my videocasts, and click the Subscribe button. You can keep up with everything I'm doing on Twitter at the username gwyned42; check out my profile here and click on Follow. Finally, I am the host of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, which is a weekly PRE featuring a Swiss tournament in the Standard Pauper format, with prizes awarded for the Top 8 finishers thanks to the sponsorship of MTGOTraders. As always, if you've never checked out MPDC, I encourage you to browse over to for all the information and then come join us at 2:00pm EST / 7:00pm GMT in the /join MPDC room.


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No idea why the videos aren't working. They appeared to be linked properly. Anyway, you can get them here:

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