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By: Pyrosin, Matt Rossi
May 09 2008 11:39pm
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Sorry guys, it looks like the second half of the article is gone.  All I can do is give you the comments of the other two Judges in plain text.  All my scores and comments were in the article.  Check out this month's contest and try your skills at designing a card without a mana cost.
verbage2's comments:

MechtaK Gaea 10 10 8 10 9 47 Everything about this card is spot on for me. Everything reinforces the cards artwork of a birthing mother earth. The color effects are mostly acceptible. I did have a minor issue with the shroud on the final ability though, it is a green ability but felt forced, Multani, Maro-Sorcerer is the only green elemental I know of with shroud. A great potrayal of Gaea in Mtg!

andymc1 Gothmog, Lord of Blarogs 9 8 9 5 6 37 I like the idea of the card, but here is where it falls short for me… The black in the cost seems forced, everything about the card says red. The selective fear like ability of the second ability is still very red with its name and ability description. The final ability falls a little short as well. You are required to put intimidation counters on creatures in order to make the third ability viable, although this seems like it would add to the synergy, it actually pulled it away for me. If the first and second abilities were reversed and it was a red card, I would have scored it much higher.

rushmore111 Pharcess, Mana Weaver 9 9 7 10 7 42 The artwork for this contest has been very well choosen, and this card is no exception. I understand the idea of the planeswalker and I like it. I only wish the remove abilities were not so generic. Not only does this card have an ability to give you massive amounts of mana in a very short time, but you can have it in any flavor. Non-Basic or Basic would have made a huge difference in my judging of this card.
ShardFenix Tiamara Dunespeaker 9 8 8 8 7 40 Nice card and looks good. Again I feel like the black in this one is forced. Nothing in this card to me says black, whether it be the artwork or the abilities.

Scartore Iratze Iceflame 8 8 8 9 7 40 I like the concept. The split mana killed this card like the others that have used split mana, the abilities cannot be justified for red or blue for each ability, 2RU may have been more appropriate. The second ability seems a bit weak, and I would not be complelled to use it at any point.
vantar Darc Barip 8 5 6 6 5 30 Nice art that’s fitting for the theme and the final ability. There are a lot of templating issues and the card is missing some cohesivenes. I looked at Darc Barip as a Bard, but the color, ability match left me wanting.

AJ_Impy Eliana, Puppetmaster 8 9 9 9 7 42 I like what the creator did with his card, I see the theme and I like it. This is not balanced however at all, as the control perm abilities are generally much more expensive and the secondary ability allows for you to control a non-land perm up to 5 mana for only 4 mana. I also think the word each should have been target opponent. Each in this case seems too broad.

Barroom Hero Dakkon the Wanderer 10 9 10 9 9 47 Let me say I was impressed, when I first looked at this card. It reminded me of Dakkon Blackblade almost immediately. Both have a similar pose with heads hung low. That being said, the second ability seems over priced and underwhelming.

ZeroFusion Hassassim Lox 8 9 7 8 6 38 Very Green… I like the idea of a "snake-man" it reminded me a lot of the Yuan-Ti from DnD. That being said the card is too strong imho. I don't know if the creator realized that poison is actually a powerful ability in MtG. A minus 1 ability to give each creature he/she controls both poisonous 2 and trample is too much. The card also has a chance to do 9 damage on the turn it is brought into play if it is sacrificed and your opponent already has poison counters.
kalandine Deilia Thusun 7 9 7 6 7 36 The card is nice, but I simply could not feel the character of the planes walker. She simply seemed to be abilities thrown together. The artwork, though beautiful, did not seem to fit.

Lythand Yawgmoth 10 9 8 7 7 41 Yet another nice looking card. The creator had the same issue as some of the other entrants, the second ability seemed under costed. I was actually surprised to see an effect that so closely resembled an effect already on a Planes walker with so many options available.

largebrandon's Comments:

12. Gaea
1. Originality - I like the Gaea approach with her gaea-esque abilities. 9/10
2. Templating - Wording is quite nice. 9/10
3. Balance - All abilities are reasonably balanced. Good job! 9/10
4. Synergy - They all work pretty damn well together. Great job! 9/10
5. Appeal - I really like this card! Two thumbs up from me! 10/10
6. Total - 46/50

13. Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs
1. Originality - Neat concept and aesthetically, it looks pretty damn neat. 9/10
2. Templating - Kinda weird wording. 7/10
3. Balance - The second ability seems kinda weak. Overall it is kinda weak, especially with its cost. 7/10
4. Synergy - They really aren't that synergistic, especially the first two abilities. 7/10
5. Appeal - Meh, overall. 7/10
6. Total - 37/50

14. Pharcess, Mana Weaver
1. Originality - Very original idea with removing from the game. Not sure if I like it, though. 9/10
2. Templating - Some wording is a bit off. 7/10
3. Balance - I think it is balanced quite well. The second ability is stronger than normal, but not too much so. 9/10
4. Synergy - They work very well together. 9/10
5. Appeal - I just don't like the 'remove lands from game and put them back' approach. 7/10
6. Total - 41/50

15. Tiamara Dunespeaker
1. Originality - Its an interesting idea, but seems like a copy cat of everything else submitted. 7/10
2. Templating - A few wording mistakes. 7/10
3. Balance - Seems quite weak, especially when it costs 3 different colours to play and minimal affect. 7/10
4. Synergy - They are very synergistic, I'll give it that. 9/10
5. Appeal - Not much appeal. What critters do you plan on getting that is 4cc or less? 7/10
6. Total - 37/50

16. Iratze Iceflame
1. Originality - Very Izzet, but has the same exact abilities as other submissions. 6/10
2. Templating - A few wording mistakes. 8/10
3. Balance - Second ability does not need to cost -3. 7/10
4. Synergy - They really don't belong together. 7/10
5. Appeal - Not very much. 7/10
6. Total - 35/50

17. Darc Barip
1. Originality - Way too complicated! I got bored reading it. 6/10
2. Templating - TOOO long! 6/10
3. Balance - Seems kinda off for me. 7/10
4. Synergy - They really don't go too much together. 7/10
5. Appeal - None at all. 5/10
6. Total - 31/50

18. Eliana Puppetmaster
1. Originality - Good try. 8/10
2. Templating - Lots of odd wordings. 7/10
3. Balance - The last one is WAY too weak for the cost. Same for the second. 7/10
4. Synergy - They somewhat resemble 8/10
5. Appeal - Not really appeal worthy. 7/10
6. Total - 37/50

19. Dakkon the Void Bringer
1. Originality - Kinda cute. 9/10
2. Templating - Some word errors and gramatical errors. 7/10
3. Balance - Seems kinda powerful. Just in two turns, you can have a huge army. 8/10
4. Synergy - They all work well together. 10/10
5. Appeal - Kinda fun for me, at least. 9/10
6. Total - 43/50

20. Hassassim Lox
1. Originality - I love poison! Definitly original! 10/10
2. Templating - A word error or two. 8/10
3. Balance - Second ability seems a bit powerful. 8/10
4. Synergy - They all work very well together. 10/10
5. Appeal - I love it, but I'm not sure everyone else will be so happy with poison. 9/10
6. Total - 45/50

21. Deilia Thusun
1. Originality - Seems kinda meh for me. 7/10
2. Templating - Great wording. 10/10
3. Balance - Seems a bit weak for me. 7/10
4. Synergy - No idea what they all have in common. 6/10
5. Appeal - Its a cute attempt. 6/10
6. Total - 35/50

22. Yawgmoth
1. Originality - Cute. . Realllly cute. 9/10
2. Templating - Really odd wording in places. 8/10
3. Balance - Seems quite powerful. 8/10
4. Synergy - They sure work together. 9/10
5. Appeal - I think many will like this one. 9/10
6. Total - 43/50


by Pyrosin at Mon, 05/12/2008 - 06:25
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Sorry JX, looks like its lost then.  Any back up version I have only contains the layout of the article and I don't have time to go formating everything again.

Balrog templating by andymc1 (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 05/12/2008 - 08:54
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Thanks for taking the time to write the comments.

 I would like to know what is wrong with the wording in my card though. Might help with my future entries.


Excellent work on the presentation by AJ_Impy at Sat, 05/10/2008 - 14:16
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The articles have been put together well. I must express some amusement at one judge finding Eliana's secondary ability too cheap, and the other finding it 'way too weak for the cost', and likewise with the third. Still, good work on the contest.

Second part is not up? by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 05/10/2008 - 17:57
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I still can see the second part of the article - is it up yet?

by Anonymous (Unregistered) (not verified) at Sun, 05/11/2008 - 02:38
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I have left a message with pyrosin on v3, hopefully he will get it.  Because of a mistake on my part, this article has been lost on my end.  I hope he has a back up that he can replace it with. 


I am very sorry for my mistake.  I have pinpointed what caused it though, so it will never happen again.