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By: runeliger, Sebastian Park
Jun 08 2008 6:04pm
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Welcome to Rune Drafting #1!


“Rune Drafting #!? What the hell is that?”

Well I’m glad you asked! Since Version 3 eliminated the awesome program that is DraftCap (due to its implementation of a variety of fonts causing the brute forcing macro of Draftcap to stop functioning correctly), there has been a sharp decline in draft walkthroughs.  Luckily, with the existence of Youtube, such a problem is negated with recording software. So in order to bring you a draft rundown, I took the advice of a few people who have experience with this kind of software to bring you my draft.



Draft Part 1

Draft Part 2

Round 1

Unfortunately, the footage from Rounds two and three didn’t quite record properly. As for final results, round two was won 2-0, and I lost in the finals to a rogue deck that sported multiple Stinkdrinker Bandits (ridiculous in combination with the flying and fearing rogues) and Oona’s Blackguards. Also, the lack of removal was quite disheartening, and makes me believe that removal may be a higher pick now than earlier.

In addition, I had a chance to discuss the draft with a few strong drafters including the Canadian semi-pro Marc (He hasn’t hit the tour in a while now), and retired Sinagporean Pro Kelvin Hoon (who quit the tour… he claims.. I don’t believe him). After talking with them, there were a few mistakes that we all agreed on. First of all, I miscounted the number of playables in pack 1 pick 1. This is seen in the recording when I mistakenly label the Intimidator as a playable. It isn’t. In fact, the pinging wand equipment, and the changelings were much better playables than the Intimidator I mentioned. We also agreed on two other things. I seemed to overvalue the Changeling Sentinel. In retrospect, I agree that I do. Although the Changeling Sentinel is marvelous in the LLM draft where you have access to cards such as Kithkin Greatheart (an amazing two drop if you have changelings or giants in general), the Sentinel is not as great in triple Morningtide. In addition, in this draft I heavily undervalued the both the Thornbite Staff and the Diviner’s Wand and overvalued the Walker of the Grove, at one point even hatedrafting it. Those are somewhat minor things, but in the grand scheme of drafting, these mistakes add up.

In terms of play, I made one definitive error, and one error that is much harder to spot. The definitive error occurred turn four of the first game when I swung with the Cenn’s Tactician. The better play would have been to add the counter to the Ballyrush Banneret, thus augmenting the potential damage that I could have dealt over the long run. The second error is a tad harder to spot and the solution a bit harder to discern. On turn four of the second game, the play that I passed up on and that Marc argues was the better play was attacking with just the Preeminent Captain. Given his first strike ability, the Preeminent Captain would have been able to kill the Brighthearth Banneret, if my opponent had decided to chump, as well as the Game-Trail Changeling by using the reinforce ability of the Swell of Courage to make the Captain a 4/4 first striker. I opted away from this plan as I saw the Surge as a game winning play if my opponent attacked the following turn and didn’t leave enough blockers (which is what happened). However, in retrospect, the play in which the Captain becomes a 4/4 and my opponent loses a Game-Trail Changeling may have been a better play overall.

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and feel free to ask questions.

-Sebastian Park

AKA Runeliger

Airizel AT Gmail DOT com


by runeliger at Tue, 06/10/2008 - 01:07
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Like many say, hindsight is 20/20. I agree that Roar of the Crowd may work as a finisher, but even to that extent, I'm a bit unsure. In terms of Barage and Weight of Conscienceness, I undervalue them because from my experience they are undervalued all around. In other words, they tend to table often enough to take stronger cards in the beginning, similar to how slivers were drafted back during PT San Diego in 2007.


Thanks for your feedback :D 

by Faustus (Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 06/09/2008 - 23:35
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I have to disagree with your desicion to play the moonglove changeling.  For one thing, you have too many 3-drops.  More importantly, you are only playing 2 black cards and 3 swamps.  You are hoping to draw one of your three swamps by turn 3 to play the changeling, and even if that happens he is a very marginal creature.

While you do have a lack of other playables, I would have considered going with the 2x Roar of the Crowd over the black cards, as they are a great finisher in Kithkin if your opponent can stabilize.   

Obviously in hindsight you should have taken the removal in pack 1 pick 2, probably the Barage which I think is better in this deck than weight of conscience.  It certainly seems you undervalue those two cards, deciding to go against your entire draft plan as early as pick two to avoid them.

Other than that, thanks for the videos, it was fun to watch. 

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