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By: Trumpetman, Neal Oliver
Jul 31 2008 9:50am
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4-3-2-2s by Sensei at Mon, 08/04/2008 - 15:09
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Yeah 8-4s have been slow to fill recently. I do video walkthroughs for another website and sometimes it takes ½ hour to get the Q to fire.  I don't post the 4-3-2-2s I do though.

 Well done during the draft process.

I Agree by Trumpetman at Fri, 08/01/2008 - 14:19
Trumpetman's picture

Thanks for pointing that out.  When the situation happened I was seeing it as a decision I made rather than a mistake.  I do believe you are correct that I was on the attack there and should have kept pressure up.  In regards to your question of when to hold back there's usually only one situation where its correct.  When you are racing but are a bit ahead on the board, and can push lethal through with evasion it is best to hold back enough even if it take s a turn or two more to kill the opponent because if they screw up your combat math with a trick you will lose.  I think you helped both of us by bringing this forward. Thanks and keep posting!

More aggressive play by MechtaK at Thu, 07/31/2008 - 22:52
MechtaK's picture

Maybe I just don't understand the strategy behind this, but I didn't understand why you held back because you were afraid of something he might or might not of had based on the colors he is playing.  Playing the turn you hold back is no different than playing it a turn or more later, especially in limited format.  The only way I could see this being useful is if you can get creature advantage and swarm, but that kind of tactic is built into a deck, and rarely comes to this in limited.

I'm not criticizing here, I'm just failing to understand it.  Playing not to lose is a good bet that you will lose, at least in my experience.  Then again, I lose alot, so maybe I'm not the best at understanding this strategy and I am missing something.  I just don't agree that holding back helps when it gives your opponent more turns to consolidate his board.  I can't think of any opponent who doesn't hold land in hand with land untapped to make their opponent do just that, be overly cautious and give few more turns of life.

My two mana.

I do really like these write ups, I learn about some cards I always make a mistake of drafting when other cards would be far better.  Thanks. 

figures and the deck by t0v (Unregistered) (not verified) at Thu, 07/31/2008 - 19:38
t0v (Unregistered)'s picture

hi & ty for the great walk through.

sorry that you got crushed on R2, the deck really had potential.


i know, it'll take some time to crop the screen shots, but showing only the cards would decrease the size of the download dramatically.

in addition, you could sort the deck by cc to make the curve more visible. and here i'd like again the figure cropped and this time the size could be a bit bigger in order to have the cards easily rexognized :-)


keep up the good work & GL in next draft