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Jul 28 2008 6:08pm
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This is the third in a series of drafts mirrored on my site; http://draftbetter.com.  Check it out for more recaps and other MTGO articles!

If you’ve been following the series, then you know from my last episode that I won a couple of packs of Shadowmoor and I only need to get one more to get back in the game. I traded away the Fulminator Mage and I had some extra tickets so it wasn’t hard to get started. Let’s go.

Pack One

Pick One:


It’s no powerhouse bomb draft, but it’s worth more than a pack and that makes it an easy pick. Fortunately, the pack is a bit underpowered and the guy to my left probably takes the Tattermunge Duo or the Howl of the Night Pack but I’m not really passing a signal leaving me open to whatever comes my way.

Reflecting Pool

Pick Two:


This pack, I felt, was also a bit underpowered. The best colored cards are the Puresight Merrow, Merrow Grimeblotter and Safehold Duo. I decided to stick with an open plan and went with the very excellent Scuttlemutt.


Pick Three:


Are all of these packs a bit underpowered? The best colored card is the Aethertow, but I think I can still stick with the colorless option here.

Wicker Warcrawler.

Pick Four:


I’m pretty open to anything at this point and this pack offers a couple of choices for me. Either of the two Hill Giants don’t seem strong enough to commit me to any of their colors, but the 187 creature seems strong enough.

Cultbrand Cinder

Pick Five:


Now this pack brings a card that I know is being left out in the open for me. The persist trampler is far better than any other card in the pack making it an easy pick and leaving me with the ability to play my other colored choice.

Scuzzback Marauders

Pick Six:


This was a tough pack to make a choice from. I could take the Scar but I still don’t know if it’s strong enough to make me definitely commit here. Probably the strongest card in a vaccuum is the bounce spell so I will take it remaining open to what is coming.

Consign to Dream

Pick Seven:


Now I know that I finally have a signal. Easily the best card in the pack.

Devoted Druid

Pick Eight


With the Druid and the Scuttlemutt from earlier, I feel better about playing five and six drops. I will take the always excellent Ghastbark.

Old Ghastbark

Pick Nine:


This pack doesn’t leave me with a lot of choice, but the spider can slow down a lot of decks. Maybe I won’t need it.

Juvenile Gloomwidow

Pick Ten:


Two decent picks for me, but for as much as I like the Duo, I like the Runes even more.

Runes of the Deus

Pick Eleven:


These picks rarely go in my deck, but the best chance is the green creature.

Nurturer Initiate

Pick Twelve:


No chance of these going anywhere, Foil draft!

FOIL Smolder Initiate

Pick Thirteen:


Thornwatch Scarecrow

Pick Fourteen:


Bloodshed Fever

Pick Fifteen:

Blazethorn Scarecrow

Pack Two

Pick One:


This one is a bomb right? There is plenty of good cards in here though that I will get back on the way around. And, I can pass on the Corrupt for the reusable removal without hesitation.

Knollspine Invocation

Pick Two:


Did someone say Icy Manipulator? Maybe not, but it’s close enough for my purposes.

Trip Noose

Pick Three:


Dang that Gloomlance again. I’m not taking it though and I probably won’t play two of the Runes. I don’t have a Hill Giant as of yet, might as well add one to my pile.

Raven’s Run Dragoon

Pick Four:


It almost looks like I am being cut out of my colors, but I’ll try and stay the course for now.

Juvenile Gloomwidow

Pick Five:


That’s more like it. I like the trampler more than the wither guy.

Hungry Spriggan

Pick Six:


Nothing in green or red that I would play at this stage. That is some late removal though and I think I am going to take it.

Curse of Chains

Pick Seven:


Yes, I will play two of these guys. I am usually short on the three drops, hopefully not this draft.

Hungry Spriggan

Pick Eight:


More three drop.


Pick Nine:


I knew some of that green would come back around and there is two good choices for me At this point, I only had one other four drop for my deck and I based my decision on that fact.

Wildslayer Elves

Pick Ten:


Nothing but value here.

FOIL Forest

Pick Eleven:


I figured to be in some red and I like the Arsonists as a board card for annoying scarecrows and against white players.

Boggart Arsonists

Pick Twelve:


Down to the dregs, but I don’t want to see something with five toughness.


Pick Thirteen:


I’ll take the late tutor.

Beseech the Queen

Pick Fourteen:


Barrenton Medic

Pick Fifteen:

Not a bad sideboard card for a fifteenth pick.

Gloomwidow’s Feast

Pack Three

Pick One:


This pack is meh. Already, I’m not a fan of the Crabapple Cohort and at five mana, I really feel like I want something else. I actually like the colorless flier here more than the five drop.


Pick Two:


Wow! I don’t think I have ever been passed a Liege before. I’m taking it as I am in green and almost mono green. I can start looking at the W/G creatures a bit more as well.

(Editor's Note:  I am assuming he took the Wilt-Leaf Liege here.)

Pick Three:


I already had four five drops that I wanted to play at this point, so I decided to take the very in color Hill Giant over another Marauders.

Mudbrawler Raiders

Pick Four:


Now, I’ll take this. With what I have added to my pile this pack, I hope to see even more like it.

Safehold Duo

Pick Five:


This pack had literally nothing for me. I decided to take a card that my opponents might value instead of the rare and the foil.

Watchwing Scarecrow

Pick Six:


Looks like I will have that six drop after all. I actually like this guy a lot.

Morsel Hoarder

Pick Seven:


I know this guy is not great for defense, but I am hoping to not be on defense with enough fast big creatures.


Pick Eight:


No matter what, I’m not playing the Giant, but I definitely don’t want to see the Consign as every creature in my deck can timewalk me.

Consign to Dream

Pick Nine:


It’s time to take the utility removal as I don’t think I will see another one.

Gleeful Sabotage

Pick Ten:


Another four drop for me.

Wildslayer Elves

Pick Eleven:


Not sure if I need it, but I know this guy is strong in R/G

Foxfire Oak

Pick Twelve:


Cutting that.

Flow of Ideas

Pick Thirteen:


Yet more value!

FOIL Swamp

Pick Fourteen:


Blistering Dieflyn

Pick Fifteen:

Poison the Well

Final Deck

Final Deck

I toyed with the idea of cutting the Invocation and playing mono green splashing for the two Consigns and the Curse of Chains, but I think the Invocation is probably stronger, let me know though if you think otherwise.


I start this draft with a rating of 1640, conveniently the exact same as the start of my last draft. My first round opponent is rated at 1678 and I like the start:

r1g1 Open

I can draw one land and the rest of my cards are playable. I keep and draw that land plus more. I drop my creatures as I can, but he has a turn three Gouger and on turn four he drops a Blowfly Infestation. Maybe I shouldn’t have played my wither guy, but he seemed like the best play at the time.

r1g1 Midgame

This game goes quite a few turns, but he gains some decent advantage thanks to the Infestation and my guy. But his inability to block my creatures lets me stay in the race until the very end when I draw two land in a row and his 1/1 kills me by attacking two turns in a row.

r1g1 End

Just where I always seem to be, on the brink of elimination. Here’s my next hand:

r1g2 Open

I’m keeping as the Tatterkite is good vs. the Infestation and I play it on turn three. Then, I draw the Druid and use it to get down the Hoarder and then use his counters to play out the Juvenile Gloomwidow. All this time though, he has been a bit mana screwed, I think he kept a sub-optimal hand. I’ve done it.

r1g2 Midgame

He starts drawing land and trying to hold me off but there is no way as he is too far behind.

r1g2 End

For all the marbles, here is my hand:

r1g3 Open1

No way I am keeping that. Here’s my next six:

r1g3 Open2

Much better. I get down the Druid on turn two and I draw a land. On turn three I have drawn and I play the Wilt-Leaf Liege. I get down the Noose and the Ghastbark that I drew and the tatterkite and the Hoarder while his board doesn’t look very good.

r1g3 Midgame

I use the Hoarder counters to drop the Invocation the turn after I play it out. He chumps leaving himself low on creatures but he kills my Hoarder with a Gloomlance and I have to discard my creature to the Invocation in response, but I was going to do that anyway. It’s all over the next turn.r1g3 End

This guy was very gracious even after suffering a bad mana screw and wished me luck. Hopefully the trend is for more players to be like this guy.

I end that round at 1648 and I’m happy to be in round two. My opponent for this round is rated at 1536 and I have this for an opener:

r2g1 Open

It’s not amazing, but I am on the draw and I keep. I do draw the necessary land to get to my plays. He plays a turn three Pili-Pala and on turn four, it’s Presence of Gond.

r2g1 Midgame1

Yuck. He starts flooding the board with tokens and drops Rhys as well, then a Drove of Elves to top it off.

r2g1 Midgame2

Can this be any worse? Oh wait, yest it can.

r2g1 End

Wow. I hope that was a flukey draw for him. It didn’t help that I didn’t draw the Gleeful Sabotage, but oh well. I side in the Boggar Arsonists for one of the Gloomwidow’s for the remaining games and start with this hand:

r2g2 Open

This looks pretty good to me, I keep. He drops a turn one Rhys, but I have dropped the Gloomwidow and I have drawn the Raven’s Run Dragoon and for turn five, I have the Scuzzback Marauders while he is apparently flooded. I get this one.

r2g2 End

Another game three and it starts off ok:

r2g3 Open

I wish I had cheaper creatures, but these guys are hard to deal with for my opponent. He doesn’t have a one drop, but his two drop is decent in the Safehold Elite. He doesn’t make a play on turn three and I drop the Spriggan. His fourth turn is the Shield of the oversoul and I am on a fast clock already.r2g3 Midgame1

I drop and use the Noose for his next turn and get down the Scuttlemutt on turn five as I have drawn a land to be able to use the Noose as well. Now, I won’t mind too much if he attacks into my bigger creatures. After I drop the Wildslayer Elves, he plays the Drove again and then puts the Runes of the Deus on him. Fortunately, it’s not that big, but I can’t target it with the Noose and he keeps it back for defense.

r2g3 Midgame2

He does eventually walk into the Scuttlemutt trick and loses his Elite and it’s aura to the Wildslayer Elves, but not before he has cast a Howl of the Nightpack to beef up his Drove. He swings a couple times and I succumb to the huge guy plus his creatures.

r2g3 End

I had hit the draw a card button a couple times so don’t mind my hand, I believe I was down to the Juvenile.


I felt this was another stronger deck. Heavy on aggro creatures at all casting costs, accellaration, and reusable removal. The last couple drafts have felt like better decks and I hope to continue that trend as I only needed a bit more luck to get past that round.

I end that one at a rating of 1638 for another incremental loss in points, so more hovering. I got the two packs as prize and I drafted about ten tickets worth of cards for a small profit this draft. I hope to continue the trend of better decks as I am bound to break through soon.

But, until I do,


P.S. Don't forget to check out my site for some more draft recaps: http://draftbetter.com


Better by Trumpetman at Mon, 07/28/2008 - 18:39
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I definetly think you are progressing as a drafter as I agree with most of your picks.  The Consign is much worse than the U cohort as I think it is one of the best two drops in the format, but thats ok since it didnt go anywhere anyways.  I don't like the Tatterkite pick.  That pick was close to the Crabapple Cohort and the Mercy Killing as I think both are stronger than Tatterkite in that draft.  I think you undervalue Crabapple Cohort, and after commenting on the "amazing Old Ghastbark" I don't understand how you couldn't like the Cohort.  Old Ghastbark is not very good IMO, but is certainly much worse than G Cohort.  Although its close, I think the Mercy Killing would've been my pick from that pack as it deals with annoying utility creatures like Mistmeadow Witch and Silkbind Faerie, and can serve dual purpose if you need to squeeze the last few points of damage by popping one of your own guys.

by draftbetter at Mon, 07/28/2008 - 18:51
draftbetter's picture

I think you are right.  I have been bashing him a bit, but my opinion has changed a bit since I have been talking to a few people.  I will be more open to that option in the future for sure.