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By: Mitchy, Mitchell Matula
Sep 16 2008 1:21pm
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So here's a quick look at what's new and improved in PureMTGO. This was all made possible by Heath of MTGO Traders, dangerlinto, and myself :) Thanks for the help guys!

What's New

  • All new database code!   We revamped all the database connections to the site so that they're alot more secure and faster! This should make working in the article system and content editor a lot faster for those big articles.

  • New layout! I know it's not as fancy as the last one, but this new layout is alot faster loading!

What's Improved

  • We upgraded the content editor itself to a new version of FCK Editor, from version 2.4 to version 2.6.3. Should have a few new options, as well as less bugs.

  • Your article's rating now show half fireballs for your ratings in your articles. So if your article is rated 4.5, it'll actually 4 and a half fireballs! (Danger's awesome idea)

  • Another one of danger's great ideas, you writers will love this. For cardlinking, you don't have to use "Proper Capitalization" to link a card. i.e. , Counterspell

The bad news...

  • A lot of you will HATE me for this, but any articles from Aug 8th on, have been lost from the database, but never fear! Your articles are still in tact! We just have to re-add them to the database, unfortunatly i have no ideas what articles have been lost. There is where you come in. Please EMAIL me : with the name of your article that's missing, and i'll do my best to bring it back up asap.

All in all, thanks everyone for the big waiting time, but we're doin our best to give you the best PureMTGO possible!

As always, if you got bugs. Post 'em on the forums!


Welcome Back by McCombs at Sun, 09/21/2008 - 22:01
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Glad to see you guys back! First, I actually like the new layout better. This one seems sexier. Two, start picking up draftbetters articles again! I am a religious fanatic of his page and I would love to see more people get turned on to his project. Plus he could use some more product support from you guys. Doing that page is expensive! Anyway, glad to have you back on my regular rotation of Magic content to peruse daily rather than work or do homework.

by hamtastic at Thu, 09/18/2008 - 17:33
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Just so ya know, I logged a couple of bugs I'm seeing in the forum.  :)

by runeliger at Wed, 09/17/2008 - 18:15
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Best article ever :P


Good to see PureMTGO back online.