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By: hamtastic, Erik Friborg
Nov 07 2008 11:06am
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Table of Contents
Editorial Section
MTGO Discussion Items
Card Prices

Editorial Section

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a new league application.  However, this one is far more comprehensive than my previous attempt at creating an online league application.  Below is some crucial details on how it works and what you might want to use it for.  Just a reminder, this is a completely free application, created for the MTGO users by an MTGO user.  It's for all of our fun, please be respectful.

Create a league:
To create a league, you must first log into the program via: 
Next, click on 'Create a League' link
Fill out the following information:
League Name: The name of your league (short).
League Description (Longer, more detailed information, including how to find other players for games, etc).
Start date, end date:  You must provide a start date.  You don't have to provide an end date.  No end date means it runs for ever.  Fun for a clan bragging rights league.
Iteration days are how frequently the league moves to its next 'iteration'.  Setting the iteration days to 1 means that every day will be a new 'week' for the league.  You could set it to '7' for a weekly league, or '30' for league that moves on about every month, etc.  Password: Password protect joining the league.  All decks and the status of the events are open to the public, but only those to whom you give the password for the league will be able to join.

Join a league:
To join a league find one you want to join by paging through the leagues that are available.  Once you find one you'd like to join click on the 'Join' button.  Enter the appropriate information into the league joining page.  For more information about registering a deck see the following section: "Register a deck".
You can also use this page to register another deck for the same event.

Register a deck:
From the "Join an event" page, upload a deck to the
mtgotraders.com deck database, which is located here: Deck Database You will need the URL and the deck name for the League Application.

Log a game:
Click on the 'Log' button for the league you're interested in logging a game.  Most of the fields will be filled in.  Just select your deck, the opponent (or state that it wasn't a league player) and say if you won or lost.  Then click Submit.
To register games against non-league players, make sure you check the box labeled 'Not in the league' to make sure you get your points for the game.

View your results:
To view your results in a certain league, click the 'view' from the main Portal page.  This page will have the pertinent information about your league standings, both for the week and for the total duration of that league.

Unique Features:
Multiple decks in one league:
You can change decks each day, if you'd like.  However, the points aren't shown by deck currently, so you'll only see the total for the week and the overall total number of points for the league, not the deck.  If you want to be able to see the difference in deck perfomances, sync the changes up the start of each new week.

Creating your own league can let you track the evolution of a deck:
Do you just want to see how each version of your deck does?  Create a seven day league with a one day iteration.  Each day you can play a different version of the deck and see how it's been doing through each change!

Private leagues
This is nice feature for those who want to make a small, private league or have a league just for their clanmates.  Password protect the joining section of the league and play away!

Discussion Items

The first part of this section will be the compilation of updates for the week, be it WotC updates, generic game updates, etc. 

Announcement Details Date
4 Man Constructed Queues The following formats now have smaller queue options: Extended, LWR-SHM Block Constructed, Classic, Prismatic, 100 Card Singleton  9/25/2008
World Champs Qualifier: MTGO Keep an eye out for qualifier tournaments that feed into bigger and more competitive events!


If you've been running the "CBS" bots you really need to read this announcement.  There's a lot of he said/she said going on right now. 

Shards of Alara Release Events
Some new changes, including the start of 16 person queues

New Skin Released
Art is subjective, don't-ya-know? 10-29-2008
Jace vs. Chandra
I generally don't announce paper announcements, as they're not my thang.  However, this one has a profound impact on MTGO's Classic scene with the inclusion of Gush and Daze... and Flame-Tongue Kavu... and Fact or Fiction... and new bordered Fireblasts... and whilst writing this I noticed they announced the Red and Blue the night before the election... where all the states were colored red and blue.  Coincidence?  I'll let you decide!

Exchange rates -
A look at the impact of exchange rates and local economic shake-ups and how they impact MTGO.

Always read the notices! -
V3 is not V3.  The notices upon login actually mean something now.  When you log in, take a moment to read the announcement on the login screen, and again in each room you join.  Very important information is in there that you really should know when you want to play a sanctioned game of MTGO.


Card Prices


I don't often back-link to my old articles, but this one seems too good to pass up.  By now, everyone and their brother knows about Elfball, and for good reason.  It was the 'surprise' deck at the Pro Tour.  Two weeks ago I said this:

"Well what do we have here... Infest went from .04 to three for a ticket.  Nice.  Glimpse of Nature continues to climb (it climbed two weeks ago as well).  Probably on the back of some combo deck that's brewing.  Spinerock knoll.. the card we love to hate and hate to love climbs back out of junk territory and back into jank territory.  Regal Force.  Um.  What?  You and Glimpse are making me nervous.  Hopefully some tournament player comes along to tell me what I'm missing here.  But being out of the MTGO loop for a week and a half seems to have made everything moldy.  (heh, get it?  Green growing stuff... mold?  HA!)"

Now, like I said, I don't often toot my own horn, and even in this case, there's not a lot to toot.  However, as far back as two weeks ago, and even further Glimpse was climbing.  And I totally spotted the growth of the cards in the deck, just through the card trends.  To me, that's an awesome example of a) how in touch Heath and co are with moving prices and b) how the MTGO economy is starting to rebound a bit.  When cards in growing decks make a big enough ripple to be noticed in the abstract, it's a sign that there is finally enough demand to make card prices fluctuate on the back of changing metagames.  That's a great thing for us to see.  Enough self gratification though, let's get to the PRICES!!!

First, let's go over some good news:

Extended gained from last week, which is to be expected, we're in Extended season.  The really interesting slash good slash awesome news is that Standard gained this week.  Standard.  Shortly after the set was released, Standard is growing again.  I don't know if it's going to sustain this or if it's going to drop back down after this, but either way, it's a rare treat to see something like this happen so quickly after the set was released.  Classic was the lone dropping format, however, even its dropping wasn't much, and certainly not enough to offset the gains made by Extended and Classic.

Here's another, less detailed, way of viewing what I'm saying:

The trend is actually quite easy to notice here: slow drops, small spike, quick dip, then stabilization until the next spike (aka set release).  What we have now is a large, large, large spike, follwed by growth, followed by short dip followed by returning to the previous price.

I can't say it enough: this is a good sign, and one I've been waiting on for a long, long time.  Considering that nothing else changed to drive up the prices (no redemption, etc) this means that the demand for cards has been increasing.  Either that, or the supply of cards is decreasing.  Drafts keep firing at about the same rate from all we've seen... which leads me to believe that we're seeing a return of some players and some reasons to play MTGO.  Good news for everyone.

Back to the numbers!

Continuing the way I did things last week, here's how the numbers break down: Section 1 is increase by percentage, section 2 is increase in price, section 3 is decrease by percentage and section 4 is decrease by price.


Card name: Last Week This week Percentage Changed
Chord of Calling 0.5 4 700.00%
Glimpse of Nature 1.26 8.33 561.11%
Summoner's Pact 1 6 500.00%
Regal Force 0.4 2 400.00%
Weird Harvest 0.14 0.58 314.29%
Trinisphere 0.58 1.94 234.48%
Birchlore Rangers 0.02 0.06 200.00%
Tezzeret the Seeker 4.5 13 188.89%
Chalice of the Void 1.12 2.94 162.50%
Orzhov Pontiff 0.4 1 150.00%

Card name: Last Week This week Percentage Changed
Wrath of God 10.4 19.8 90.38%
Wrath of God 10.4 19.8 90.38%
Tezzeret the Seeker 4.5 13 188.89%
Wrath of God 12 20 66.67%
Glimpse of Nature 1.26 8.33 561.11%
Summoner's Pact 1 6 500.00%
Elspeth, Knight-Errant 7 11 57.14%
Umezawa's Jitte 3.92 7.84 100.00%
Chord of Calling 0.5 4 700.00%
Glen Elendra Archmage 3.5 7 100.00%

Card name: Last Week This week Percentage Changed
Titanic Ultimatum 0.5 0.25 -50.00%
Angelsong 0.05 0.03 -40.00%
Mindlock Orb 0.25 0.15 -40.00%
Tar Fiend 0.25 0.15 -40.00%
Snow-Covered Mountain 1 0.6 -40.00%
Grixis Panorama 0.08 0.05 -37.50%
Bant Battlemage 0.12 0.08 -33.33%
Fleshbag Marauder 0.12 0.08 -33.33%
Thunder-Thrash Elder 0.12 0.08 -33.33%
Blood Cultist 0.12 0.08 -33.33%

Card name: Last Week This week Percentage Changed
Underground Sea 38 36 -5.26%
Swords to Plowshares 3 2 -33.33%
Taiga 25 24 -4.00%
Tundra 35 34 -2.86%
Brainstorm 1.5 1 -33.33%
Sedraxis Specter 1.5 1 -33.33%
Bant Charm 2 1.5 -25.00%
Tidehollow Sculler 2 1.5 -25.00%
Tarmogoyf 15 14.5 -3.33%
Snow-Covered Mountain 1 0.6 -40.00%

What did we learn this week?  That Pro Tour Berlin completely shook the metagame apart and created a lot of new demand for different cards.  Also, for some inexplicable reason, the dual lands are dropping.  Could it be that they were hyped to the point of insanity?  NAhHHHHAHHHHhhhh!



by Jyalt(Unregistered) (not verified) at Sat, 11/08/2008 - 14:26
Jyalt(Unregistered)'s picture

The recent spike in standard was from people testing for state championships.  Now that states is over, expect prices to fall once more.

Oh, and while I was an active player, I hoarded about 200 Trinisphere at 0.33 each.  Probably a small drop in the bucket compared to actual quantity, but still... good to see that investment may be paying off when I come back in Q2 2009.  

by jamuraa at Sun, 11/09/2008 - 10:20
jamuraa's picture

The numbers are price in tix of 1x card in the format.   I agree on the bars - these graphs could be made a bit more legible :)

Price increase by Ivo(Unregistered) (not verified) at Mon, 11/10/2008 - 07:42
Ivo(Unregistered)'s picture

Like Jyalt, I don't think the price increase is due to returning players. Extended legal cards have gone up across the board (not just Glimpse and such; Chalices, Jitte, Exposives, all those strong extended cards went up) and there's probably some increase dueto Champs.

 Furthermore I think there was a bit of a blunder of people pricing the playable Mythic rares (mostly the Planeswalkers) way to low, even during release week. I hear Tezz and Elspeth used to sell for 3 until they gone up (temporarily?) to 10 or so. Tezz naturally got a boost from PT Berlin and people were mis-evaluating Elspeth, but anyway.

by Bazaar of Baghdad at Fri, 11/07/2008 - 11:26
Bazaar of Baghdad's picture

Another solid installment - you definitely deserve that self-at-on-the-back.  Can you fix the numbers on the bar graph chart so that they are legible?  And what is the y-axis in that chart - dollars?  dollars of a 1x set per format? of a 4x set per format? in sell prices? in buy prices?