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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Dec 14 2008 8:55am
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On December 2008 Wizards released Tempest and Pauper Classic 4 man Queues to the world of Magic Online.  At first I had mixed emotions about this, Tempest is an awesome set so I was estatic to see it added into MTGO, but on the other hand a Pauper Classic 4 man's, I began to wonder if I will only see the regular PDC players that I go against every week with a few new faces?  Don't get me wrong I have much love for the PDC community and they know that, but I want to see more and new faces joining the pauper community so I was a little bummed.  But much to my surprise the Classic Pauper format is forming a much needed bridge between the Competitive Magic Player and the Casual Magic Player by mixing both in a single format where they both can compete in a higher level.  I joined a couple of 4 mans and I see players with a rating of 1430 all the way up to a 1895!  making this a really exciting format to be a part of.  Recently I got a chance to sit with Walkerdog a Pauper and Classic regular and fellow Puremtgo Writer and got to talk about what he has been piloting lately and how he feels about the new 4 man's.  First let's learn a little bit more about Walkerdog


Player Dossier

Full Name: Tyler Walker
Age: 24
Hometown : Milton-Freewater Oregon
Occupation : Weather Forecaster
Clan: PDC Planewalkers
Other Hobbies:  Video games, card games, basketball, fantasy sports

T8 of various Classic Events
Father of a beautiful baby girl, and husband to a gorgeous wife.

Player Rating:
Composite: 1673
Contructed: 1741
Limited: 1605
Pauper Rating: 1704
Favorite Magic Format: Probably CBS/RGD Std, or Classic.  Both are strong formats.  100C Singleton is close too.
Favorite Card: Common: Warren Pilferer  Uncommon: Divining Top Rare: Stifle
Favorite Magic Set: RGD obviously.


Congrats bro!!  I recently was blessed with a nephew on December 12, 2008 so im pretty excited to see how his personality will develop over the years, but that's the future and Walkerdog's decklists in now!

Mono Black Control
The standard MBC list popularized by Boin, Walker,Spike,Grozothia, and GravespwnGoddess
4 Chittering Rats
4 Crypt Rats
4 Phyrexian Rager
4 Ravenous Rats
4 Twisted Abomination
4 Warren Pilferers
24 cards

Other Spells
4 Corrupt
4 Innocent Blood
4 Tendrils of Corruption
12 cards
19 Snow-Covered Swamp
3 Swamp
2 Barren Moor
24 cards

4 Duress
4 Last Gasp
4 Nausea
2 Okiba-Gang Shinobi
1 Grim Harvest
15 cards

This deck looks solid and it works extremely well.  Always gives me a run for my money whether I play Burn or Orzhov Blink.  Well let's see what else Walkerdog has to say.

(MS:Milkshake75, WD:Walkerdog)
MS: Why did you play it?

WD: I ran it after I got tired of playing against awful aggro decks.  Storm, Affinity, any G-based beatdown deck, WW, various Trinket Mage mid-range decks are all fairly easy, with Trinket Mage being the toughest of those.
MS: What are it's poor matchups in events?

WD: Burn and MUC aren't great, but both are beatable.  Burn is very draw-dependent (If you get the faster draw, you win, if you get a slow draw, you lose) and MUC depends on if they know the proper way to play the matchup, and if they get an early Spire Golem to stop Ninjas after SB

MS: Do you have any general matchup advice for someone who would want to play this deck? 

WD: It's a fairly simple deck.  One thought is that sometimes people get greedy and try to run the Crypt Rats out on turn 3 against Aggro, which is often a mistake, as you want to bait out more cards, and prevent them from being able to kill him without paying.  A better approach is either a T3 Rager, or non-Crypt Rat creature, or no play at all.  On turn four, you Tendrils to keep from going too low, and they overextend, and then T5 they lose their 3+ men.

MS: Do you have any sideboard advice? 

WD: Don't SB out too many creatures.  They are where you pile up the Card Advantage.  Removal should be sided out when it doesn't fit it's purpose.  For example, against Trinket Mage, Innocent Blood is a two-for-one for them.
MS: Any advice for magic online players?

WD: Drafting is for fun, Constructed is for profit, and good sealed players can make a KILLING.

MS: Do you have any cool Magic stories that you would like to tell? 

WD: I had some yesterday, but can't remember any.  Wait, I have one.  Alara block:  My opponent is Naya, I'm Bant.  I was able to beat him low with Angels early, but he manages to remove them all, THEN STICKS HIS OWN!.  I have Rafiq and Stoic angel out though, so I'm able to keep him from actually going UP in life.  He beats me to one hit from lethal.  I pop a Courier's Capsule EoT and draw an Exalted dude and Elspeth.  I played them both, and he has to watch as he has no cards in hand while I hit for 16=(3+2 exalated+3 Elspeth)*2.  This felt suspiciously like Justice, as I hadn't made many play errors, and he had been hemorraging free cards on stupid stuff like trying to block a 4/4 First-striker with two 3/3s and the like.
MS: What do you think about Pauper being added to the Premier Events and 4-man queues?

WD: I think that it is the answer to the MTGO team's quest for a way to bring casual and competitive players together. 
MS: What kind of impact you think being able to play classic pauper whenever?

WD: It's amazing.  People who just buy MTGO accounts can IMMEDIATELY compete in a format.  I think it's the perfect gateway into other formats, which leads to potentially playing offline also.

MS: What is your opinion on what will happen to both TPDC and Classic PDC?

WD: I think they will stick around, but they may not be needed.  They were amazing events hosted by great folks, but now we have a way to compete for a very low price.  However, they still seem as or more popular than before, so hopefully we'll be able to have them stick around.

MS: What other additions you hope they will add for Pauper?

WD: Eventually I would like to see a second Pauper format, but I'm not sure we need Ext, Std, Block, etc.  STD + Classic is probably plenty.  If the demand stays high though, a second queue is probably warranted.

MS: Anything else you would like to add?

WD: More people should play TPPS/GSK combo.  So I can win more easy packs.  The combo deck right now is dangerous, but ultimately just not good enough to be very widely played in my opinion.

I for one would like TPDC and Classic PDC to stay they are ran by awesome hosts and a bunch of awesome people.  I also suggest players to join a Pauper 4 man's to test out the new format and see if you like it.  Well hope to see you guys in the 4 man's and on the very first Pauper PE February 2, 2009!