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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Jan 10 2009 1:46am
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Seeing Freed_From_Insanity hanging out in every room in mtgo imaginable, I managed to catch a few of his multiplayer games, and was quite impressed.  Freed is very educated in multiplayer formats and always willing to help people find their play style and give advice.  Let's get to know a little bit more from the man who was Freed_From_His_Insanity.

Player Dossier:

Full Name: James Steven Gibson    
Age: 34
Hometown : Albany, Ky
Occupation : Cook
Clan: CerealKillaz Oblivion
Other Hobbies:  music, sports, and Nascar

I've won Partnered Pandemonium 3 times(MTGO)
I've won Chaos 1 time(MTGO)
I've won several FNM tourneys(IRL)
I've finished in the top 25 of Ky States once(IRL)
At one time my DCI rating was high enough to put me as one of the top 15 players in the state of Kentucky. 
I've also won several sanctioned tourneys at the store I played at (Collector Comics in Somerset, Kentucky)

Player Rating:

Favorite Magic Format: Extended
Favorite Card: Bogardan Hellkite
Favorite Magic Set: Apocalypse
Bogardan Hellkite

Nice achievements Freed, keep up the good work and stay on your A game.  Now let's check out the deck Freed ran to help him get the victory in Partnered Pandemonium!


Nice swath lists it has Echoing Truth to deal with pesky Gaddock Teeg and Platinum Angel, Remand to prevent them from have a Ad Nauseam storm, or from playing Rule of Law long enough for you to combo off.  Now let's what FFI has to say.

(MS=Milkshake75, FFI= Freed_From_Insanity)

MS:  Why did you play it?

FFI:  I love to play storm.  It has the ability to win really fast.  Plus it is pretty reliable.
MS:  What are it's good match ups in events?

FFI:  I've not really played this deck in any 1v1 events but me and my partner were both playing swath storm variants.  seems to match up good against most decks.  Especially since it is hard to stop 2 different storm decks.

MS:  What are it's poor match ups in events?

FFI:  So far we have pretty much dominated every game we have played with team storm decks.  however, I could see cards such as Trickbind and rule of law being a problem.

MS:  Do you have any general match up advice for someone who would want to play this deck?

FFI:  Just go for it.  and watch out for Trickbind.  for that is really the only card that can stop you once you start going off.
MS:  Any advice for magic online players?

FFI:  I would just tell people that if you put a deck together and it doesn't seem like it is working, to keep at it.  Try changing some cards around.  I have worked on decks for a long time and finally gotten them to work.  Also, it helps to make friends on MTGO, especially if you join a clan.  It makes deck building and playing the game a lot more fun.

MS:  Do you have any cool Magic stories that you would like to tell?

FFI:  I have a bunch of stories but I would rather not go into a big spill about how I done this or how I done that.  I would like to say, though, that it is always cool to be right at losing the game and drawing that one card that changes the whole game.

MS:  What would you think about 2-HG being added to the Premier Events?

FFI:  I would love it.  I think that would get me back to being a tourney player again instead of casual.

MS:  Would you like to see some 2-HG drafts in the future?

FFI:  Yes, I would.  I think that it would be pretty fun.

MS:  What kind of impact you think being able to play 2-HG in a competitive atmosphere?

FFI:  I think it would make a big impact on MTGO.  I know of several players who really like to see something like this happen.  it would really raise the ball for 2hg as a format.

MS:  How popular you think 2-HGs will be in the future?

FFI:  2hg seems to be pretty popular right now.  I think that it will only grow in the future, especially if some of the bugs that are hindering it right now are ever fixed.  I can remember when I first found the multiplayer room and started watching some games.  I was thinking that 2hg looked to be a lot more fun than 1v1 and have been playing it ever since.

MS:  How do you feel about the Player Run Event Partner Pandemonium?

FFI:  I love it.  it is by far my favorite Player Run Event.  i wish that we had some more 2hg PRE's to play in.

MS:  Any suggestions you want to add to Partner Pandemonium?

FFI:  Not really.  i like it pretty good.

You just finished reading the first out of the second 2-HG interview and received a glimpse of a event that is increasing in popularity.  If you want to take a break from the usual one vs one matches and try a two vs two, grab your deck and go to the multiplayer room.  Hope to see some of you there, Good Luck, Have Fun, Happy Gaming!