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By: Salgy, Michael Salgado
Jan 10 2009 1:45am
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iDropShot is another player who is all over MTGO.  He has plenty of expirence with the client, and loves to play all types of formats.  His favorite decks are Faeries in Standard, Red Deck Wins in Extended, and and anything he can get his hands on in multiplayer.  He even dabbles in Pauper with a Land Destruction deck that runs pretty smooth.  Finally tracking him down and managing to get him to set still for a moment he agreed to let me interview him, but before we get to that point let's get to know iDropShot a bit more.

Player Dossier:
Full Name: David Bolin
Age: 19
Hometown : West Liberty
Occupation : Student
Clan: CerealKillaz
Other Hobbies:  Long walks on the beach, poker, sleep.
Previous accomplishments(MTGO events and Real life as well)
Won a few 8 man queues online.  Got 15th a my first PTQ other than that I just normally lurk around 20th place.

Player Rating:

Favorite Magic Format: Standard
Favorite Card: Force Of Will
Favorite Magic Set:  Ravnica Block
Force of Will

Congrats on hitting 15th on a PTQ you must of been pretty stoked,  I can't wait till I join a PTQ or PT but closest one is in Los Angeles and they always run them when it's inconvenient for me, oh well I'm still trying.  Enough of PTQs let's take a peak at the deck list iDropShot ran.


(MS= Milkshake75, DS= IDropShot)

MS: Hmm same decklists?  iDropshot you want to explain why?

DS:  My teammate and I are both playing Swath Storm.  The deck is a basic minds desire combo deck.  You want to ramp up to at least six mana: 4UU to cast desire and you do this by casting red mana spells like seething song, desperate ritual, and rite of flame all of which add to your storm count for desire.  Then with desire you try to dig for a Pyromancers swath and a grapeshot for the win.

MS: Well there you have it folks now let's get to the Interview.

MS:  Why did you play it?

DS:  You either win or lose really fast.  This makes it much less drawn out of games and who doesn't wanna win on turn 4?

MS:  What are it's good matches in events?

DS:  In 1v1 the meta is completely different but the deck has really good match ups against things like mono red or just any deck that doesn't try to control what I do.The best match up for 2hg though would have to be Wheel and Deal decks because they just allow you to draw so many cards its unreal.  In the finals last night we won on turn 2 against team Wheel and Deal due to being given so many cards.
MS:  What are it's poor match ups in events?

DS:  Not to sound like I'm over confident but really the only bad match ups I have even thought about so far are things with Stifle/Trickbind or things that go off before we do or mass discard.

MS:  Do you have any general match up advice for someone who would want to play this deck?  

DS:  Depending on your hand the optimal time to go off is turn 4.  I mean sometimes you get the nuts draw and win turn 2 but most of the time turn 4.

MS:  Any advice for magic online players?

DS:  If your gonna play a team game you should probably not play with a random person.
MS:  Do you have any cool Magic stories that you would like to tell?

DS:  At states this year I played fae a Fae list designed by JXClaytor and played Kithkin first round and won.  In the next round I sit down spread out my play mat yada yada and then my opponent arrives.  He precedes to pull his deck from a theme deck box.  I kinda sat there and was like well maybe that is tokens or something.  But no he began shuffling an un sleeved theme deck.  I of course rolled him but then I thought about it, to play me he had to actually win his first round.
MS:  What would you think about 2-HG being added to the Premier Events?

DS:  I believe this would be awesome but I think the rules should be set up more like 2hg in paper magic.

MS:  Would you like to see some 2-HG drafts in the future?

DS:  I think 2hg drafts would be a lot of fun and something really interesting to try.  

MS:  What kind of impact you think being able to play 2-HG in a competitive atmosphere?

DS:  I love playing 2hg for laughs ands when I do I play to win so being able to play in a competitive format is amazing.

MS:  How popular you think 2-HGs will be in the future?

DS:  Hopefully the 2-HG format will continue to grow.

MS:  How do you feel about the Player Run Event Partner Pandemonium?

DS:  I think all P.R.E. are amazing they allow people to play in a tournament setting even if they don't have tixs to play in P.Es or queues.

MS:  Any suggestions you want to add to Partner Pandemonium?

DS:  Keep up the good work Bubbakush

MS:  Anything else you would like to add?

DS:  Using team decks in a team format is obviously wrong.

There you have it folks both interviews from our 2-HG champions of Partner Pandemonium.  So get your 2-HG deck together and call a buddy and join this weeks Partnered Pandemonium,  hope to see you all there, have fun, good luck and happy gaming in the New Year!  


by Katastrophe at Sun, 01/11/2009 - 02:40
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I like the States story.

Why is using team decks in a team format wrong? Did he mean that both players playing the same deck in a team format is wrong? And how is it wrong? Wrong as in broken, or wrong as in not what the format was intended to be?