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By: AJ_Impy, AJ Richardson
Jul 16 2021 11:00am

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Episode 635

Hosts: Paul and AJ


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Random Gatherer Card o’ the Week: 

Flametongue Kavu


Whatcha been playin’:

Paul: Arena (not a lot but playing around with new Winota builds; 2-0 with the UW fliers at midweek), Still playing (or rather learning how to) Wizards & Warriors. Roguebook for exactly 6 minutes before asking for refund.

AJ: Dabbling on Arena with Bard Class, dungeons and drafting, along with (Tiamat) in Brawl. CK3 as Visigothic Hispania in a more chill world. RG landfall at the midweek magic.

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