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By: Paul Leicht, Paul Emerson Leicht
Nov 12 2021 1:06pm

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Episode 652

Hosts: Paul and AJ

Episode Length: 1h 31m 55s




Random Card Lore o’ the Week: 

Mistform Sliver


Whatcha been playin’:

Paul: MTGA Midweek Madness 2up 2 down with White Weenie. Platinum 4 (from gold 3) in one sitting with BW Liesa. 7-2ed a Midnight Hunt draft to reach gold 4 in draft rank. Been waiting on the mastery track to finally flip so I can stop working for stupid Uncommon ICRs that never show up.


AJ: Fortunes mixed with efreet coin flips at the weekend, second run through of Wrath of the Righteous

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